Thursday, April 8, 2010

MADDER than a cut snake right about now!

Well, I'm even madder than that, but I'm doing my level best not to swear.
Which is takin' some serious, serious self-control right about now, I'm telling you!

Y'all remember my friend LeeLouBelle? The one with the questionable dress-sense and some pretty funny ways... but she has a heart of gold?
You know... the one who cherishes me?
Yeah... that one.

Well... she makes me sick.
And figuratively.

See, she came around on Easter day, and when I opened the door, she gave me one of her big ol' trademark hugs and a kiss.
And after about 5 minutes, then proceeded to tell me that she's had the flu.... but she's over the worst of it now.
While coughing and sputtering and using a pair of old underpants to blow her nose.

I quickly chased her outside and made her stay there, took a cup of coffee out to her and sat as far away from her as I could.
But then while I went inside to use the toilet, she came in the back door, went to the sink and then proceeded to use MY coffee cup to get a drink of water, while laying her snotty old underpants on the counter top.

And the reason she had used my cup was because it was already dirty... and because she didn't want to waste the disposable Dixie cups I keep near the sink for the kids to use.
#&@*% hell, Lee !!!!

So what did I wake up with this morning?
A runny nose, sore throat, and muscles that feel like they've been beat with a baseball bat.

I hate some people.
I seriously do.

I'm supposed to be getting on that plane to California in less than 24 hours... and I feel like death warmed over this morning.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Counting down...

I started this post a few days ago... and then it went clean out of my head.
So I'll just finish it, and kinda bring it up to date, okay?

Well, we're almost ready to head out to California, but it seems the closer it gets, the more I realize I have some seriously serious stuff left to do before we can go anywhere.

*Like pay bills. Not too many, thank goodness, because I've paid most of them ahead and only need to make token payments...
Got 'er done, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'm not totally broke right about now. :)
Plus the Old Guy added enough to make sure the mortgage was covered, just in case ... which is a huge load off my mind. Five weeks off work, means five weeks without pay, so it's been a little nerve-wracking.

*Cart a ton of change to the bank to get it changed into $$'s. And I mean a ton of change. We're gonna have to use one of those furniture dolly thingies... just to carry it. Which kinda makes me proud, when I think that Jenny and I did all this in about 4 or 5 months, just by throwing all our spare change in a tin.
Got this one done too... We could only carry small-ish amounts in numerous cloth grocery bags, and I swear my arms are still out of the sockets, from trying to lug it into the bank! It took awhile for them to count it, but we were pretty darn close on our guesstimation, so we'll head to Travel ex this morning to get it all changed into American $$'s. It seems they had a run on American currency yesterday, so the guy said they didn't have enough on hand, and we would need to come back today.

*Get my hair colored and cut. (that's this morning, thank goodness, because I'm sick and tired of looking like a 1950's hausfrau on an extremely bad hair day.)
Well, I am now beautiful. Well, as close as I get, anyway. Cool color, and a great cut, so I should be semi-hassle free for the next few weeks. All I need to do to look fantabulous is to stand with my head hanging upside down ,while burning my ears and the back of my neck with the blow dryer, while trying to avoid letting the intake thingie suck up the towels...
And within about 5 minutes, I look like I just walked out of a windstorm beauty parlor.
Thank goodness for mousse, is all I can say.

*Clean the roof gutters. The Old Guy has been promising to do it for almost 6 months now... but I just pray that he does it before the last minute like he did last time. And that he doesn't dump it all in the garbage bin, because I'll need the garbage bin to clean out the fridge.
I need to show more appreciation for the Old Guy. He did show up to clean the gutters, with days to spare. Unfortunately, he showed up just as it was getting dark, and because he couldn't see what he was doing, he proceeded to throw down handfuls of dirt and leaves on my recently beautifully done hair. He then proceeded to fill my garbage bin with all the dirt and leaves that weren't stuck in my hair, leaving me no room for cleaning out the fridge before we go.
I knew he would do this...
Shoulda gotten the flashlight, I know.

* Clean out the fridge.
Not done yet. Because I have no room in the stinkin' bin!!!
The garbage goes out tonight, so I'll be dancing around in the bin trying to make room. Or sneak around to the neighbors bins, after dark.
And if you tell on me, I'll categorically deny it.

*Cancel the milk delivery.
Done. Next year, the milkman will take his holidays at the same time I take mine, because he loses loads of money whenever I'm gone.
But at least someone will miss me.

*Make up the beds for the house-sitter and her daughter.
Got 'er done... I made up the sofa bed, as well as the big bed in the children's playroom.
They got Toy Story sheets as well as my favorite Cowboy print ones... but they're done anyway.
Yeee Haw !

*Cancel the garbage bin cleaner for the duration.
Done as well. Plus, the guy offered to keep an eye on things while he's doing his regular run, and because he's a big bad-ass, looking guy,(but he's actually as sweet as a lamb) it's eased my mind somewhat. I'll have all the neighbors keeping an eye on things, so I shouldn't have any worries.
The more eyes the better, I figure.

I have managed to get the cats food organized, and even went to the trouble to buy plastic plates for their feeds... so the sitter can just throw them away. But now the thought of leaving my babies for 3 whole weeks, has me all teary.
And now that the cats can see stockpiles of their favorite cans, they've been begging like they haven't been allowed to eat anything in a week!
I will remain strong.... I will remain strong....

And my room is clean (Well, mostly anyway. At least I can see the floor again.)... thanks to Jen and her 2 days of hard labor. And best of all, no bodies were discovered.
Then she proceeded to crap it up again, by bringing her suitcase and storing it right where I walk!

But as for the rest of the stuff that needs to be done? Oh my... where does the time go?

We now leave day after tomorrow (Saturday April 10), and I've been like a cat on a hot tin roof for the last few days... but I think I'm getting there.
I think, anyway.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

It's 6 days until we fly... and I'm doing my damnedest not to eat the grandsons Easter Bilbies before we go!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm in the mood !

I'm in the mood for COOKIN'!!

And that's sayin' something.
It really is. Well nowadays, anyway.

See, I've always loved to cook and bake, but with this tiny little piece of crappola Easy-Bake oven I have, as well as only one burner working out of two... well, I just lost interest in serious cooking.
Because it was too hard.
So we've relied on the crock pot, barbecue or the microwave for far too long, and I seriously miss cooking.
I really do.

So now that I'm on vacation for five lovely, lovely long weeks, ( just in case you missed that bit, I'll say it again....
I'm on vacation for five lovely, lovely long weeks!!!)
my head is simply spinning with recipes.

Especially my favorites.
Stuff like Lasagna... clam chowder with green onion cakes... pot roast with all the trimmings... cornbread... Denver omelets... ham and biscuits with red eye gravy... po'boys... chili rellanos... waffles, topped with walnuts and maple syrup... Southern Fried chicken (yard bird to y'all), turnip greens and cornbread...even Josh's favorite TV watching snack - hot buttered Cheerios.

It's ALL good!

Well, not necessarily all good for you, but hey... how often do I get the chance to cook for my little family?

So all bets are off, as far as I'm concerned!

Plus, I've got a list of favorite recipes that I've learned to love, that I haven't had the chance to try out on them yet... Salads and soups ... casseroles and roasts... desserts that are gonna knock their socks off...

I'm gonna be cooking my sweet little pea-pickin' heart out!

That is, in between the stuff that's on my 'want' list.
Like Taco Bell, and Denny's breakfasts, Der Weinerschnitzel and cheeseburgers on the grill...

Ahhh...Let the good times roll!

And I'll just roll along with it...


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