Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And pffttt... it's gone!

Last night while lying in bed, I wrote a "funny as" blog post in my head.
It was so good, and so funny, that I layed there chuckling my head off... until I fell asleep.
With a big goofy smile on my face.

But this morning; It's gone. Not one teeny weeney iota of that post remains. I can't remember what I was thinking about... or why I even thought it was so funny.

I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I've got a LOT of catching up to do with my blogging, reading and writing etc, but I think that once I get home for good, that things will start to settle down.  I hope so anyway, because I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (interesting image, eh?) for far too long.

Anyway, the house here in Oz is now SOLD, and it'a just a matter of weeks before I'm out of here - and back home where I belong!  But getting ready to go?  Man 'o man.. this isn't a typical "throw all your junk in boxes, load it onto a truck, or have some nice studly moving men do it for you, and then deal with the mess again on the other end.

Oh no...  nothing like that at ALL!

I'm having to go through everything, and sort, toss, sell, give-away,  or set aside so I can go back in a day or two and say "what in the heck was I thinking.... I'm not packing that crap!"  Yeas, I love those Pyrex dishes, but they do have Pyrex in the US.  I love that CD, but I haven't listened to it in yonks, so if I miss it too much, I'll buy another - cheaper - copy in California.
My aim is to fit everything I want to keep into 3 large suitcases, (and maybe ship a box or two by mail) but everything else GOES!
And after almost 16 years, I've got more stuff, than a porcupine's got quills.

The way this house sold amazes me, but then again, it doesn't.
See... I put the house on the market and we had ONE open house.  There were several potential buyers, but most of them wanted to dicker on the price, or ask for terms (like 30 day close) that I didn't want to agree to.
So I put it in God's hands.
Lord, I'm getting frazzled here, so I'm giving it to you... let THY will, not my will, be done.

Then last Tuesday, I had a candle party (Lord knows why, because I've got about as much need of candles at this point in time, as a fish has need of a bicycle)... with about a dozen women milling around.  As one of the women was leaving at about 9:30, she was approached by a man who asked if she was the owner of this house.  She sent him in to me, and he asked me if he could have a quick look through the house because he was out of town over the weekend when we had the open house.. Now, for some reason - even though it was late - I agreed - and I took him on a quick tour.  He started asking questions about price, terms, etc, but I referred him to my agent, and gave him the agents business card... so he could contact the agent himself. 
I have to admit that I was slightly creeped out, even though the guy was nice enough.  He was just so eager... you know what I mean?

Anyway, the next morning, I got an early call from the agent, saying that this man had called him at 10:30 the night before, and that he was requesting a showing at around noon. 
Sure... no problem.  I know the drill.  Vacate the house for approximately 30 minutes, until the agent gives me a phone call telling me the coast is clear again - and I can come back home.
We decided to drive over to a friends house to kill time... but before we even got there, the agent rang me and asked how soon I could get back, because the guy had made an offer - an offer I was gonna LOVE!
And man... DID I!

He offered almost my full price, with my terms of a 60 day close, and in addition, he wanted to buy the fridge, washing machine, TV, VCR and other assorted stuff - that I was seriously dreading the thought of  trying to get rid of!!
So all-in-all, I ended up making several thousand more than I was actually asking - and now I don't have to worry about selling or disposing of a lot of the larger items!!


Check 'er out!

Classic 60's Weatherboard


I've been battling with Blogger for days now, and I keep losing posts, I can't find "saved" posts and photos are disappearing on me.

So rather than another long-winded and "somewhat" engaging post that might just decide to fly off into the ether, leaving me even more confused than I already am, I'll just leave you with this :

That means MY HOUSE!  I'm coming home!!


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