Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holding my breath...

Good news!

Well sort of good news anyway. It's really too early to crow or dance at this point... but I just can't stop myself from being excited!
I couldn't sleep last night, and when I got up this morning, I was still so excited, that I just couldn't settle - or even concentrate on much.

Which was borne out when I poured myself a cup of coffee... and somehow forgot to have a cup waiting!
Hot coffee went everywhere (none on me, thank goodness) but even while I was cleaning the mess up, I was grinning like a possum!

See, the little house adjoining my sons place in Murphys, has finally been listed as "in default" and will go to auction on the 10th of December!
I want it so bad that I can taste it... and my son and I have been busy making plans, transferring funds, and getting all our little ducks in a row, in anticipation of bidding on the big day!

Now there are several things "wrong" with the place, that we're hoping and praying will work to our advantage...
For one thing, the septic is actually across the boundary line, and it sits on on my daughter-in-laws property.
Which is illegal.
So if anyone else buys the property, they're going to insist that the septic be immediately removed - and placed elsewhere.
Only there really is no "elsewhere" that doesn't involve pumping the septic uphill - which would be a very costly maneuver all the way around.
Which would also cancel out any thoughts of them *getting a bargain*.

It's also butted up right against the DIL's driveway on the left hand side, and although that means nothing to me and I can live with the family driving past, it will hopefully be a deterrent to anyone else hoping to bid.

The house isn't in real good repair but it is liveable... and with my handy-dandy son right next door, a lot of the repairs and renovations can actually be done before I even leave here.
And they can be done on the cheap, since he refuses to accept any "labor costs" from his mama.
Good boy that he is...
And... if we can get the place cheap enough, we can put more money - money that would have been spent on the purchase price- into renovations.
Which would make it a "win-win" situation.

Sadly, the woman who owned the place was/is a druggie, and supposedly there's a lot of damage to the kitchen countertops (burn marks) as well as damage to other areas from her cooking her drugs and her just not giving a damn about upkeep.

Now, if this were regular circumstances and this person had lost her house or her job due to the poor ecomomy in California right now, and she just couldn't keep up the payments... my heart would be seriously hurting at the thought of gaining because of someone elses misfortune.

But the facts are, she borrowed a huge amount of money from the bank, and then never got around to making her repayments, or paying the property taxes on the property.
It all went on drugs.
I do still feel sorry for her though...

There've been people looking at the property since it was listed, so the other day my son took his noisiest dirt bike to the bottom of the drive and proceeded to vroom and squeal all along the fenceline and driveway... throwing up dirt and rocks and having a good ol' time.
Which may not be exactly "nice".... but it is something that he and the grandsons do on a regular basis anyway.
It's something I can live with... but it's hopefully something other people would kind of object to.
Now all we need to do is get some nice smelly hogs right along the fenceline... and maybe some empty beer kegs and shot gun shells scattered around...

But... if you're the praying kind, could you please say some prayers for me?
Could you pray that everything pans out the way we hope it will and we get the property... so that I can get back home, where I belong?


Marjie said...

Kitchen counters are cheap, if you don't insist on something fancy-pants like granite (which is too damn cold and needs to be resealed often anyway). And you would want new paint and such anyway, right? So if it's structurally sound, it's all good, Katie! I hope you get the house right next to your family; that would make life just grand back home in Murphys!

farmlady said...

Oh! I'm so excited for you. It will happen, it will happen.... it will happen.. yes, yes, yes.
Don't worry about how it looks. It's all cosmetics and a good coat of paint can do wonders. Lowes has pre-made counters. The thrift shops will know you on a first name basis. I might even have some things you can have.

Kathy said...

Oh Kate, I will pray that it works out for you. It sounds like this place is perfect for you. Keep us posted on how it works out.

Becky said...

Praying everything goes your way! The 10th is just around the corner. I would be a nervous wreck too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kurichan said...

It all sounds perfect--so we are wishing our best wishes for you, Kate! xoxoxox

Momlady said...

Wishing you every success and bright blessings.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

I have my toes, eyes and fingers crossed for you, Katie ... and I'm sending prayers up, as well, that you get this place. If it was meant to be ... it will be !!! That was hard for me to 'hear' recently, but now that the dust has settled, it's absolutely true. I'm excited and happy for you, dear friend. It's time to come HOME!!! And home is where your 'heart' is, sending prayer and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Everything is fare in love and war :-) and I would like to see buying a house is very much like a war :-) :-) :-)

Burn marks can be covered until the money is there to change counter :-) I hold my thumbs for You (as we do in Sweden for good luck)! I´ll even put in a prayer for You :-)

Have a great day!

Dave and Tami said...

Sounds like a bargain and a wonderful spot for you. Here's hoping it all works out just as you want. I'll say a prayer.

Homestay Mama said...

Am I the only one who saw 'red flags' when you mentioned that the owner (a druggie) cooked her drugs in the kitchen?????

Girlfriend, insist that house be professionally cleaned by a company that specializes in drug-contaminated homes before you ever plunk money down or set foot inside that house!

please check out this website--just one example of many more on the subject:

I know the real estate mantra is location, location, location. BUT no house is worth losing your health over even if the location is the greatest.

Praying earnestly for your health and safety....Hugs, Sue

Roslyn said...

Will be sending up prayers, Katie. Keep them noisy bikes running & borry a few of them thar hogs!
If you know of anyone in the business [of buying rehabs] get them to help you with the auction-dh pays someone to do it, they really know their stuff.

Nancy M. said...

Wow! That is so awesome! I'll be praying that it works out for you! It's so great that you've already got a handyman right next door to fix it up for you!

Tatersmama said...

Marjie... There’s nothing “fancy pants” about me, so I’m sure it will work out perfectly!
farmlady... Just think... we can even go thrift-shopping together – and stop in Moke Hill for lunch!!
Kathy... Thanks, darlin’! It is perfect (well sort of – lol!) and I’m so excited!!
Becky... Yup, not long now, so keep those fingers crossed – and Happy Thanksgiving to you too, sweet Sassy girl!
Kurichan... Maybe we’ll even be able to “close” at about the same time, eh? ;) How cool would that be?
Momlady... Thank you, so much, and I'm glad you stopped by!!
Fruitcake Sandy... Girl, you KNOW where my heart is! Please keep everything crossed. Well... you can have the ‘occasional’ break, I suppose. ;)
Christer... That’s exactly what I was thinking! Now, only time will tell, I guess! Thank you so much for the prayers!!
Dave and Tami... Thank you! You never know – with prayers and best wishes from around the world, we might just manage to pull this off! ;)
Homestay Mama... Thanks for the ‘heads-up”! You know that I’m already onto it, and we’re checking on cleaning crews as we speak! You’re a life-saver, and I appreciate all the links and info!!
Ros... "Borry them thar hogs"? You sound nothing like an Aussie... more like my mama!rofl! ;)
Nancy... Thanks darlin'! I knew I raised the boy!

Pam said...

Prayers for you sweetie! You deserve everything you hope for!

Ola said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed!Greetings:)


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