Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A wee bit anti-climatic - but I GOT IT!

Well... it's official!!! I got the house!

I think I did anyway. Because to tell you the truth, I'm still sort of still holding my breath, until the actual keys are in our hot little hands...

Lordy... you have no idea how hard it is doing real estate business long-distance, especially when the sellers are major p.i.t.a's and seem to relish knocking you for a loop every few days.

We made an offer... they countered.
We made another offer and they refused it, putting more stipulations and roadblocks in our way. So we offered again... and they countered again.
Finally, at long last, I guess they got tired of the whole "back-and-forth-ing" we were doing.... and they accepted the final offer.
At much more than we should have paid, if they hadn't been total idiots about the whole thing in the first place. I mean... what kind of people bid - and buy - a house totally unseen by either themselves or their agent? And then realized that they just bought a hell of a big pig in a poke - and then later expect 'us' to help them profit from their stupidity.

And it didn't help at all that for some reason my son has a life that doesn't entirely revolve around me. He's been kept busy with the grandson's, and getting engaged to our wonderful Becky, on top of opening a new shop in Angels and working late, late nights at the hotel... all while attempting to have a life of his own. Factor in the time difference and his working hours... and it was nigh unto impossible actually having a conversation about things, so we had to rely on missed messages and chats that went along the lines of:

Son: Are you there, Mom? Mom? Well, I guess not, so I'll talk to you later. Gonna get some sleep now. xoxoxo

Me: I'M HERE I"M HERE!! Dang... well, send me a message next time you're on, okay? Love you!

Yet in spite of it all, and the headaches that it caused, my wonderful son was willing to run himself into the ground for his mama and her dream... and he'll be amply supplied with green onion cakes and love in the years to come, let me tell you!

Anyway, enough blathering.... Just feast your eyes on this sweet little sentence!

Sale Pending MLS# 555xxx - 725 Sq Ft. - 0.36 Acres
2 Beds, 1 Baths - Bring your skills
Invest in your future

Not that you'll exactly be feasting your eyes on the house itself, but let me tell ya... it is just what I wanted! And the eventual squatter damage actually worked to my advantage, since I now have a basically clean slate to work with - and a son who can perform miracles with just a handful of tools and a little ingenuity!!

Diamond in the rough

Living room/kitchen area which will be turned into a kitchen/dining area

Garage... which will be turned into a step-down living room, with an additional bedroom and laundry room.

From the current living room (which will soon be a dining area)

Notice the lack of half the cupboards, swamp cooler - and even the kitchen sink?

It's my "home sweet home"... and it's going to be fun sharing the changes with you as they happen. And yeah... most people would call it a dump, but to me, it's perfect in every way because we can renovate/landscape and put our own spin on things!
And to tell you the truth, if you look at the first picture, you can almost see my son's driveway right at the back left corner of the house - so it's all about "location, location, location" baby!!.


Pam said...

Congratulations!!!!! I can't wait to see you turn it into a home!

B-Jo said...

AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for you! I'd love to come help too! Diamonds in the ruff are what we've always taken on! So when is moving date???

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Wow congratulations! It does look like you've got some work to do but it will be great when it's done and living so close to your son will be wonderful.

When is the big move? Are you going over alone? So glad things have worked out for you.

joolzmac said...

I'm so pleased for you! I do hope when you get over there and get established, you'll blog about the renovation and making of your 'home, sweet home'! We Aussies will be sad to see you go.

Cheers - Joolz

Sherri said...

Josh did wonders with the inside of mom and dads house. Getting rid of the old dark paneling and sheet rocking it and brightening it up. If you know where to look, you could probably see my brothers trailer behind the house in the first picture :)

farmlady said...

Oh, the wonderful possibilities. I'm so happy for you.
This is going to be a charming little home for you.
So.... when are you coming home for good. Soon I hope.

Dawn said...

Will be watching to see the changes. Hope you have lots of fundoing it

Homestay Mama said...

How exciting! I can definitely see possibilities in this house. I'm happy for you Katie!

Out Back said...

I am very pleased to hear of your fantastic news Kate.

Hope you will keep in touch, Australia is gonna miss you...

Best wishes to you as you start on your whole new adventure :)


Kathy said...

Congratulations Kate...I'm so happy for you.

Tami said...

Congratulations! It looks like a wonderful place. And to be next door to your son....heaven!

Bz said...

Wow! REALLY ARE coming back to this continent! (not that I doubted, but... well... whoever knows when it comes to folks you meet online)... :-)!
I am excited for you. Yes, LOCATION is where it's all at -no pun intended.
Was neat seeing the place and I can see where you have so many possibilities... she's a cute place. Good on ya!

Marjie said...

Katie, darlin, it's an adorable little house, and just the right size for one lady! I'm so happy for you!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

YAY! It looks adorable...I can see all the potential in the world here. So happy for you...livin' the dream soon!


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