Sunday, March 29, 2015

Face Book vs Blogging

Or Junk food vs Home cooking.

Like most of y’all, I like to have the occasional fast food meal or even some junk food now and then.  It’s nice.  It’s a treat.  Okay, so maybe it’s not too healthy, and it’s not exactly nutritious, and I probably eat a little more of it than I should…but we’re not going there, right now.

Look, I enjoy face book.  I really do.  I’ve made some great friends, kept in touch with others, and enjoyed their posts, and laughed, cried, and shuddered at the shared meme’s and all that.
I’ve prayed for folks, and high-five'd them when high-fives are needed, and I’ve actually remembered birthdays, for a change.  
 Okay… so face book reminded me of the birthdays, but I’ve always said that I need a keeper. 
And FB became “it”.


It came with a price.

My blogging fell by the wayside, and at first, it wasn’t too bad.
I didn’t miss it too much.
But slowly and insidiously, it crept up on me, that something was missing in my life.

Go figure… with an almost brand new husband whom I absolutely adore, 9 kitties that make me smile, and who warm my heart on a daily basis, 2 dogs that cause me to smile, laugh, cry and occasionally curse because I've fallen and can't get up… and 4 adorable chickens that know how to lay eggs to beat the band. 
Not to mention my new-to-me little house that I now know will never be finished, or even completely livable.  Or even vaguely photograph-able… by Better Homes and Gardens magazine,  or any other magazine for that matter.
Unless it's MAD..
So, really…who has room for anything more than that, in their lives?

I do.

My blogging was “my” thing.
A place where I could vent, share, share pictures, open up, bitch, moan and question my sanity – and the sanity of half the entire human race. 
And then I got to share it with complete and total strangers and a few good friends.   
Bloggers or not.
Some of whom then questioned my sanity, and then others who knew me well enough to know that there was really nothing left to question.

It didn’t solve any world problems, and it’s not ever going to… but it gives me a much needed outlet for the bits and pieces of “stuff” that lodge in my brain.
Kind of like pieces of broccoli lodged in my teeth. 
It may be a little unsightly, but it’s proof that I do indeed eat my veggies.

Okay, so that analogy makes absolutely no sense, but this is my blog… so deal with it.

Once I got back into this blogging, (and then figured out what seems to be a whole new set of blog set-up and posting criteria) one of the very first things I did, was check my Blog List.

For you non-blogging people, that’s the list that shows all the recent posts by other bloggers that I follow – and the blogs that they write.
Now, there are millions of blogs out there, but I had my favorites pared right down to the crème de la crème of the blogging world.
In my eyes, anyway.

So imagine my chagrin when I realized that about half of all my old blogging buddies have basically quit blogging as well.
“Last posted 2 years ago”
“Last posted 8 months ago”
"this blog cannot be found".
It was almost enough to break my heart, because I LOVED those blogs - and the folks who wrote them.
So when I ran across a few of my favorite bloggers, and they still had fairly recent posts, or were still posting  regularly, I practically fell to my knees with joy.
I could have kissed the computers they wrote on.
I could have kissed them.
I could have done a nekkid *happy dance*.
I could have gone to jail.

Okay, so maybe with some of us, blogging was just a phase.
Maybe with some of us, more important things ended up taking us away from something that we loved, but then again, maybe that was the one “something” that we were actually good at, or that brought us joy.
Something that I for one… needed to do.
Not that I'm actually "good" at it, but it's a wonderful outlet for me.

I may not be funny like some, or as educational or as crafty as others, but the simple act of putting my thoughts down on paper screen, did my heart a world of good.

So I’m back.  I may not post as regularly as before, because of all the aforementioned husband/animal issues, but I pinky swear that I will make a darn good attempt to continue to find time for this much needed outlet.
 Man cannot live by facebook alone, and I for one, am ready for something a little heartier and "stick to your ribs" than FB.

                  I'm ready for some "home cookin' "again.

If you’re a past blogger, and you're on my list (you know who you are) won’t you please consider throwing a   bone blog post, our way, again?

Because, you’ve been missed.

AND... I've still got that "Feedjit" thing on my page.
So I'll know, if you even just poke your head in, and then don't bother to comment.
So do me a favor and at least say something.
My sanity and the future of my blog may depend on it.

But no pressures, of course.  

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsmith


Robynn's Ravings said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again. I felt the EXACT same way when I popped in to my old blog and revisited my favorites list only to find so many gone. I was truly sad. But I was one of them.

I gave it up because it was getting too weird out there and I didn't want to trail my life out anymore for perfect strangers so, that's why I took most of it to Facebook. But I can see by my posts that many of them would be better blogged about. But literally NO ONE comes to read anymore if I post and they don't comment like the old days. If they visit, they still comment on FB.

So, who knows if I'll ever go back to it but I'm SERIOUSLY glad you did and you have no idea how thrilled I was to see your green and purple and that you hadn't changed it! I NEEDED the old days and your format looking the same was like a balm to me so, THANK YOU! And write on, Kate!

Momlady said...

I've run into the same thing with those I followed. I was sad when I didn't see you as I always enjoyed your posts. I laughed with you and cried with you. I don't post that often since it seems no one reads it but, as you said, it's a great place to vent...which I do occasionally. Welcome back!!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Are you spying on me?! I swear to God that this morning I was thinking..."I should post something..." and even though the loss of Griffin has me in the duldrums, I think, like you, that I need this blogging thing. After I went to Paris I decided to take a break and it was much needed for sure. I dont get out much anywhere too exciting these days but can at least revisit some places and things I've done right?!
I noticed that like Robynns Ravings people dont seem to come visit my blog or comment anymore but maybe thats because I dont write as much as I used to.
Seems like the chaos of peoples lives only allow for a quick bite now....BUT we need to make time for that sit down dinner indeed! Thanks Katie for reminding me of the importance of down time.
I've gone out to search for some new blogs because some of my faves have gone away too. I find it very inspiring to read and see other lands and opinions and art. So here we go!

Roslyn said...

You are too comical and have been SO very missed the past year or so Katie, I cannot tell you how good it is to have you back in blogland.
FB is ok for some people & those who really love it seem not so much to be bloggers -as for me I rarely poke my head in on FB, someone os always asking me "did you SEE blank blank blank on FB?"
No of course I didn't because I also turned off those annoying notifications that swamped my inbox!
So welcome back dear lady! Welcome back & I promise I will bug you if you fall off the blog wagon again!
As forMe, I am a blogger!

Bz said...

OMLord... ...I have a list of 'favorites' 50 long that I go to at night. I only go to 4 of them. and for some STRARGE reason, I clicked on you.... hadn't clicked on the link for ?? a year and half maybe... and there you are. My favorite CA removed Aussie... or its it Aussie removed CA.... whatever, maybe you'll get it.
I've read somewhere that we can save out blogs to books with comments included. I would love to know if I can.
Tatersmama... wow... we still have the colorful gecko shirt. My son wore it when my daughter outgrew it. And the damn vegemite still sits on our lazy-Suzan... stuff probably never rots :-)
Wow, was good reading you. I'll never forget you and canned dog food being served up yummy-like.
Hope you are well.
p.s. OH! I got to meet "Robynn's Ravings"... she and her LOVLEY family actually came ot our house. She is one class act there- kids are just beautiful humans.


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