Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Snaps / or Snaps that Make Me Happy

It's the little things ...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sign, even though it's seen better (much better) days.  It came into the thrift store when I was working in Murphys CA, and it was just tossed in the garbage - as "unsellable"!  Can you believe that??  I'm not exactly sure of the dating on it, but I'm guessing at the very early 1950's.

An article in the Chicago Tribune says: 

"A total of 280 signs for Wall Drug still grace the highways and byways of South Dakota, with many more along America's roadsides for hundreds of miles. Other signs now are on every continent.
 In Feldkirch, Germany, one reads, "See the six-foot rabbit at Wall Drug."

This gorgeous cross was my Valentines present this year, from my honey... He knows me so well, and I love him for it. The bottom picture is a close-up of the detail, showing  the beautiful individually carved dogwood blossoms.

 ~ ~ ~ ~

 I just LOVE these old Tupperware bowls, that came with the house... don't you?  They're identical to the ones we had when we were kids, and every time  I use, them, I think of my Mama and our camping trips.  But back when I was young, I really had no appreciation for them, and always wanted to eat my breakfast cereal straight out of those little perforated Kellogg cereal boxes that you could split down the middle, and pour your milk in.  Unfortunately, my Mama didn't understand our need to be cool...

 ~ ~ ~ ~

 We went to a yard sale just up the road from us last fall, and even though I had drooled over the lady's button collection,  the buttons just plum slipped my mind when we went to pay up. (I think that fact that the lady GAVE me her 3 huge Boston Ferns, kind of got me side-tracked.)  Anyway, I forgot all about the buttons, until the woman showed up at my house a week or so later, saying "I know you loved these, so I brought them to you rather than send them to the thrift shop.

 Running my fingers through those buttons brings back so many memories of my Mama and my Nana... who always kept their buttons in old candy tins.  Being allowed to "play" in the buttons, is one of my most cherished memories of my Nana.

~ ~ ~ ~

 Another treasured find from the thrift store in Murphys CA.  I kept telling Shirley that some of the stuff she was tossing out was going to be valuable to someone, but she didn't agree.  Lucky me.  
There used to be bottle opener almost like it at the old bait shop in Clearlake Oaks when I was a kid, and if I concentrate, I can still smell that gas and oil mixture smell, as well as the odor of the "warm in the summer sun" bait.  Oh... I'm gonna cry.

~ ~ ~ ~

It's good to have friends! My friend Melissa gave me some of these canned goods on Saturday, and a few were left in the house when we bought it... and I was plum tickled to get them!  Kosher Dills, Bread and Butter Pickles, Pickled Beets, Peach Jelly, Peach Butter... and a whole lot more!

~ ~ ~ ~

See? I told you this house was old, and cobbled together.  And it's little things like this door in the dining room that make me love it so.
 ~ ~ ~ ~

 Aren't these canisters gorgeous??  I wish I had the whole set, but this was all that was left... Another junk store find.  I fell in love with these roosters as soon as I spied them hidden in a local  "treasure store".  (okay, technically it was a "junk store", but I calls 'em as I sees 'em)

And of course, my old egg basket... I've got pullets on order, so it won't be too much longer before I will have my chickens, and can put the basket to use again!

~ ~ ~ ~

 My Monty the Moose hanging over my kitchen sink.  
Which seems like kind of an odd place to hang him, but you tell me where Monty Mooses are best hung!  (there was a hook already there, so that in itself helped me make up my mind)



  Okay... I'll admit to it.  I have a "thing" for measuring cups... especially the glass ones.  But they all have a use, so when I run across one that I like, it gets added to the collection.  


 Yet another thrift store find!   It's only decorative at this point, (it's been gutted) and it's got a false front on it now...  I originally planned on using it for spice storage... but since the perfect place for it was between the living room and dining room, it's now just used as a place to keep pens and message paper nearer our proper phone.  Dan says he can "fix it" so it can be used as a phone again, but we'll have to wait and see.  I heard that pigs can fly too.

~ ~ ~ ~

My favorite-ever apple peeler...  This thing works so well, that  I will never peel apples by hand ever again!  And speaking of apples, we've got a couple of 2 and 3 year old apple trees on order for the yard!  Along with peaches, apricots, plums and fig trees - and whatever else I may come across!

~ ~ ~ ~

We're starting to think of spring around here!  A friend and I plan on doing a garden together at my house this year, so we've combined our 'stashes' and I think we're off to a good start!

I've got a whole bunch of heritage seeds as well, (I can't find them yet, but I'm pretty sure that they're in one of the freezers), so I think this is going to be one big arse garden this year!  Luckily, we have the space for it, and a couple of ideal locations as well.

~ ~ ~ ~

 I can't remember where I found this terrific little foot stool, but I fell in love with it. Our daughter saw it when I posted it on face book... and she claimed it.  But she'll have to wait until she comes to Georgia to visit us, and even then I'll have to think on it for a spell!
I haven't had much luck yet in dating it, but it doesn't really matter to me.  It does need a good clean, but I'm a little hesitant to do much to it.

 I don't know if this is clear enough to read, but there seems to be even more writing under all the dirt and grime.  But until I can actually date this piece, I won't be cleaning it... because I don't want to damage it.

~ ~ ~ ~

Okay, I told you this house was pretty old.  Well, here's a photo on my kitchen ceiling with it's (painted) yellow pine ceiling... The way the wood has altered over the years, and the way the knots in the wood have come out, this looks like someone just painted over a very large spider.  The ceiling is low enough that I can actually touch it... which makes this probably the only "spider" that I will willingly touch!

And what's a blog post, without the obligatory photos of food, and a couple of kitties? 

Cherry /Pineapple Dump cake that I found on The Pioneer Woman and that I made this morning.  Breakfast anyone? It's a keeper for sure, and so easy to make!  Add a little freshly whipped cream (or a good squirt of "squirty cream - which is my personal favorite) and you've got a fantastic quick and easy dessert! (or breakfast)

 My first attempt at fried Hominy... with bacon.  I loved it, and so did the Man of the house!  Paired with turkey and gravy (and bacon) and Hoppin John (with more bacon)
We love bacon in this house... what else can I say?   And I love saying "paired with".  It makes me feel decidedly cooker-ish!

Sausage Cheese Muffins, artfully presented, in my lovely "Temp-tations" mixing bowl. It's one of a set of 3, that I got off an online yard sale site for next to nuthin'!  I have 2 matching butter dishes and a gravy boat, so it's s good start on a future collection.  Did you notice I said "artfully"?  That's not a word you get to use very often!  Between "paired with" and "artfully", I think I'm on a fancy word roll!
~ ~ ~ ~

 And ... another measuring cup that was still in the sink when I took photos.   This is my favorite "small" one, not to mention my only green one.

Lucy Kitty... keeping Mom and Dad company, while we hunted for the first Morel mushrooms of the season.  We didn't find any mushrooms, but in my opinion,  finding mushrooms are just a bonus.  Especially when you get  to wander on your own property, to your hearts content.  I just love this place, and I thank God on a daily basis, that we are so very Blessed to actually live here!

Our Cookie... She followed us every step of the way, and every time Dad turned leaves over to look for mushrooms, Cookie had to check it all out before he did.

 There were several other cats who followed us on the walk,   (I mean... we have 8 inside/outside cats, so chances are  pretty good that we're never lonely when we're outside)  but the others all wandered off to do their own thing... while Lucy and Cookie stuck right with us. 


Robynn's Ravings said...

Thanks for taking us along on another home tour, Kate! Fun to see!

Momlady said...

I love finding old things that remind me of my childhood. While I don't collect them (I just don't have room) I do admire them. The Old Clarkesville Mill has a huge antique mall and every once in a while I wander through checking things out. I've been to one in Hiawassee also. Thank you for sharing. Don't know if I'll have a garden this year. I think there'll be lots of volunteers from last year. Would love to see pictures of your garden when you get it going.

Valerie said...

Monty the moose looks fine where he is. I'm at the other end of life's scale so I'm getting rid of stuff now, all the little goodies that attracted me in the first place and were considered by the family as 'clutter'. Clutter? Can you beat that awful word?

Kerry O'Gorman said...

thrift store treasures are the best! You never know what lies beneath the piles of so called 'junk' and I will always be on the lookout!


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