Friday, January 19, 2018

It's a slippery slope


Things have (mostly) settled down for us, since our move to Georgia in mid- 2016.  Even though with one thing or another, it took us much longer than expected.  Mainly, because I suffered a debilitating knee injury a few months after moving - resulting in a heck of a lot of things falling by the wayside. The main one being unpacking.  I did get a lot of "immediately necessary" things unpacked, like clothes and foodstuffs etc., but a lot of the "bonus items" like my trusty Yaktrax and  some of my favorite kitchen pretties, have yet to be found.
And man, let me tell you.... I needed those Yaktrax in the worst way, a few days back!

I may still be missing so much of my stuff.... but I do have chickens again!  Our current flock consists of 7 beautiful girls, and a cranky but lovable rooster, and oh the joy they bring me!  I could literally sit out by their chicken yard and just watch them acting all chicken-y for hours every day.... in spite of our current "well below freezing" temps!  I have to admit that at this time of year, feeding, watering, and letting them out of the coop first thing in the morning isn't my favorite thing to do... but it's all so worth it, when they decide to come outside for a little visit and natter with me, before starting their day! 
 Or maybe with them, it's just about the meal-worms.  I dunno...
My watching, and learning their rhythm as they go about their day, has shown me my own rhythm.  Some things are important on a daily basis, and some things simply aren't.

Nowadays, most mornings start out  with me cooking them a warm breakfast of oatmeal and greens, and of course their water is changed out daily, or as often as needed - especially since the freezing temps now turns their water bowl into a solid block of ice within a few hours.

So... mid-afternoon, two days ago, I grabbed a fresh water bowl and a jug of water and headed down the steep driveway on my way to replenish their water... and just to spend some time watching them.  We had had some light powdery snow for a few days, but it had mostly all melted off, so I didn't think twice about the condition of the cement on the driveway.
But I should have.
About halfway down the driveway, I slipped on a patch of ice, and proceeded to slide downhill for the next 15-20 feet.  I dropped the water jug as I tried (and failed) to break my fall, and it went spinning and sliding downhill faster than I did - and somehow it stopped by the garage door, ending up in a upright position.
Now, all I could think of as I got closer and closer to that bottle of water, was that this felt like a human game of bowling, and I was about to steeee-rike!

As I laid there halfway down that slippery slope, one car driving past the house slowed down, and then honked before continuing on their way.  Another stopped, and asked me if I was okay, and being the polite person that I am, I laid there on the ice, and said "oh, yes I'm fine, but thank you for stopping".... and off they drove.  Once they were gone, I continued to lay there, freezing my arse off... but since I was on a slope, and everything was iced over, I had no way to get back up on my own.
So I proceeded to bellow for my husband.
Time, after time, after time.  

I was making enough noise bellowing for my husband, that the young girl who lives on the other side of our creek (about an acre or so away) came out and yelled up the hill at me, asking if I was alright.  Still in my "nice girl polite-mode", I again said "yes - I'm fine, but thank you!".  

But my husband - who was no more than 50 feet away inside the house, heard nothing.  No cars stopping, or slowing down, no horn honking... no yelled conversations from either the driver of the the truck who stopped, or the girl across the creek.  Nothing... Nada.... Zip!

So at this point, figuring that no familial help is forthcoming, and knowing that I can not get to a standing position on my own... my next move was to do an "elephant seal maneuver" and flop across the ice until I reached the grass.
And that worked.

It was probably as unsightly and ridiculous looking as could be... but I finally managed to crawl back UP the driveway, by using the frozen grass at the edge of the driveway as a handhold.    Once I got to somewhat more level ground, I managed to stand upright, and I limped back into the house.  Limping, because even though I had landed HARD on my left side, my right ankle was the only thing that hurt - and it hurt bad!!   
At that point, anyway.
 By the next day, I felt (and looked) like I had been beat all over with a baseball bat, but I was thankful that no real damage had been done.
To anything other than my pride, that is. 

And you know what my husbands reaction was, when I came inside, limping and crying and dramatically telling him about my fall?  
The first words out of his mouth were "why weren't you wearing your Yax Trax? 

I may never find my old Yaktrax, but you can bet your bottom dollar, that I now have a new pair saved on my wish-list!! 


Robynn's Ravings said...

He's the epitome of helpfulness and compassion! Get HIM unpacking and finding those YTs and if they can't be found? Push the "complete my order" button!!

Momlady said...

So sorry to hear of the slide. I slipped and fell on the steps down to my pond a few years back, partially broke a bone in my leg and had to walk back to the house to call 911 (yes I had my phone with me but they would have had a hard time finding me) so I know how frustrating it can be. There's a store in Blairsville called Alexanders and it might carry those YT's. They seem to have everything there. Hope the chickens didn't laugh at you .

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

There was this "funny" video on FB of this man trying to move a trash can down the driveway covered in ice. Slipping and sliding and isn't this hilarious? No. It wasn't. Having had some unpleasant experiences on ice-covered surfaces -- not as bad as yours though, I was not laughing. And certainly not laughing at your predicament. You are very lucky. I have a pair of slip-cleats not exactly like yours but similar -- and yeah, don't leave home without them!


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