Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi honey's... I'm home!

The old guy and I got back from our trip to Melbourne a few hours ago, but I've been busy putting things away, sucking up to my cats (none of which are talking to me right now) and having a couple of cold showers and just trying to cool down.

"Trying" being the operative word here.

It's hot as hades here in Western Victoria right now and the air con has been battling to cool things down. It seems we're breaking temp records right left and center and if it gets as hot today as they've predicted it will get, this is the hottest and longest heatwave in Melbourne's history.

If the weather predictions are correct, it will be the first time since records began in 1855 that the city has had three consecutive days of temperatures above 43C. (109.4)

It hit 44.2 (111.56F) at 2:47 this afternoon just as we were going to the grocery store to get milk and bread... and my shoes were sticking to the bitumen just walking across the parking lot. Literally sticking.
Like if I didn't keep my toes curled, those shoes would have been left behind, leaving me to walk on boiling lava...
But it dropped to 43.6 just a few minutes ago, so hopefully it'll keep on dropping and I won't have to sleep on the cool linoleum - or in the bathtub - tonight.

I'll tell y'all about the trip to Melbourne to see Miz K and Neil Young, but it's gonna have to wait a bit... It's just too darn hot in here to keep the computer running.
I'll try and fill you in a little later tonight - when it cools down a mite, okay?

And besides... right now I need another cold shower.


Homestay Mama said...

I guess global warming is affecting only the southern half of the world. :-)

Up here and across the USA we're getting an unusual streak of cold weather!

111 degrees is hot! I'd be melting all over the lineoleum if it were me!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Tater Tater Percolater! Sounds like you're boiling! Yikes. So glad you're home and can't wait to hear all about Neil Young. We will have your kind of weather come summer. I HATE it. I belong away up north.

Dana said...

Welcome back! The weather sounds horrific but it's 18 degrees here in Ky so I might be willing to trade. Amazing how the cats hold a grudge isn't it? Of course I would be mad, too if my staff took off for a few days. Hope you cool down a bit!

Staci said...

glad your back lady!! And thanks for your uplifting comment!!

Sherri said...

I'm glad your home, we missed you. Did you have fun? Wish I could say I didn't know what your going through with the heat, but I do. We've actually been having temps in the lower 80's here. Wish it could be like this all year round. I'm not looking forward to 120 degree's this summer. What's the opposite of a snow bird? Because what ever it is that's what I'm becoming :)

Libby's Library said...

I be that I know what's contributing to the heat..did you and the old man pick up some Crisco? Hee-hee.

Becky said...

I didn't know ya'll got so hot down there. Missed that in geography class way back when! The other day it was 80,muggy and very humid. Saturday am it will be in the 30's again. No wonder I stay sick all the time, don't know how to dress. Should I wear an overcoat and boots with my thong bikini??? said... is cold calling for flurries in the mountains, hard to imagine the heat in your part of the world.

Andrea said...

Glad you are back! It's hard to imagine how hot it is there when we are buried under massive amounts of snow here!!! :) I'm a little envious....I must admit.

Nancy M. said...

Wow! It's so weird reading about how hot it is there when it's so cold here. I don't think it's ever gotten that hot here. Try to stay cool!


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