Sunday, April 24, 2011

What I'm competing with...

The house down the street (2 doors down from mine) is coming up for auction next weekend, and I've been haunting the place, and I've been at every open house they've had so far. (3 and counting)

As well as haunting the poor real estate agent - and I'm afraid that he thinks that I really want to buy the place. But I'm also getting a bit worried that he thinks that I have designs on him, so I may have to control myself and fore go the next open house on Wednesday.

But what I really want is to get an idea of what this particular house has to offer, and what the possibilities are for achieving their asking price - or an even higher price - for my place.
You know... what kind of work, detailing, painting, etc that I would need to do to reach the same 'standard' as it were.
And to tell you the truth, I think I'm slightly ahead of the game on several counts. Maybe not all... but some, anyway.

Their place may offer three bedrooms, and I only have two... but my bedrooms are much, much bigger. And one of theirs - in my opinion anyway - well, it's not even really big enough to use as an office or a babies room. Put a baby crib and changing table in there, and the poor baby would have claustrophobia in no time. You honestly, couldn't swing a cat without getting fur in your mouth... even if you wanted to.

But both of my bedrooms are big, with one that's almost huge...(sadly, not mine) The biggest of my two bedrooms would easily fit 2 double beds with room left over, and my room, even with a queen sized bed in there, there's still has enough room left over to throw a small party. Well maybe an exceedingly small party, but it's still plenty roomy.

And although the yard down the street is neat and tidy, it's tiny... and the fences are so low that you couldn't walk outside naked without the neighbors seeing everything that God gave you. Not that I have any desire to walk around my backyard naked, but at least in mine, I could, if I really wanted to.
Mine is secluded, it's woodsy, and it's completely and utterly private. Lots of lovely little nooks and crannies and "rooms" that are secluded from the rest of the yard... if that makes any sense.

It's also weedy and overgrown (again) and it needs a bit of tidying up, but there's enough room for 6+ units if someone wanted to buy it for development.
I would hate to see that happen, to tell you the truth, but once it's sold and I'm back in California where I belong, what they do with it won't be my concern anymore.

I'll admit it...they have a much nicer kitchen - if pretty much dated - than I have, but with the Kit-Set kitchen I mentioned in my last post, I reckon we could bring that part of the house up to snuff fairly easily and cost efficiently.
As well as bringing my bathroom into the 20th century. ( I would say 21st century, but that may be reaching for the stars just a little too much.) Mine needs the shower cubicle replaced and a vanity put in at least, but that's fairly easily done. I'm not going to say cheaply done, because it won't be. (the shower unit needs to be custom made because it's slightly less than 'standard' size) But one or even 2 days work will bring it up nicely, I think.

All in all, both houses are pretty much comparable square-footage wise, but my bedrooms and my yard are much bigger than theirs...
So if they can ask (and get) $240k next weekend, I have pretty high hopes of realizing slightly more than that, when this place goes up for auction.

Lounge (living) room

Kitchen and dining area

The largest of the 3 bedrooms (and whoever took the photo was standing right against the wall... so it's pretty darn small. Nice walk-in closet though.)

Backyard... from corner to corner

It does present well, doesn't it?

The bathroom looks nice, but the tub is pretty small and shallow.

Kitchen looking into the dining area, with the lounge room right around the corner. (in the background.)

Backyard... again, from corner to corner.

Here is a great opportunity to acquire this neat and solid three bedroom brick veneer, which is perfectly positioned near primary & secondary schools, and all amenities. Comprising three bedrooms with built in robes, a good size lounge with gas heating throughout, and a spacious kitchen & meals area with slidingdoors out to the neat low maintenance yard. The single garage has workshop space and remote roller door, and the big bonus is direct house access into the living area. There is also side access into the yard with enough space for a trailer etc. Other features include secure front fence, aluminium windows, and plenty of potential to further improve.

Anyway, I have semi-high hopes... and I can't wait to see what price this place brings next weekend!


Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

PRAYIN' for ya!!!

Karen Deborah said...

well shucks mam location is a factor for certain sure coz that place would be lucky to bring $40,000 in my neck o the woods. guess um that'd be redneck...

I'd love to see your house. The main thing is to have stuff out which they did. I think they need some upper kitchen cabinets of shelving and at least to restretch the rug instead of leaving that big bump. your back yard IS amazing.
Send me some pics. I used to stage house with a realtor friend in Cali. I'll throw in my 2 cents if you you sell that place.
Updating kitchens and baths will ALWAYS give you a return, that is a big plus. Even changing out old knobs for new. Fresh paint is always a good thing and really if the people down the street would put a couple of grand into that place upgrading it, it wouldn't be sitting. A lot of people can't imagine what a place would look like with a few changes.
They want it move in ready even if they pay more!
Me I like to fix it myself because my man does all the work and I come up with the ideas.

We have a company called "bathroom fitters" that fits a new shower into the old one so no big tear down, do you have those? Might be a good option.

Did I say enough? should I just post this?

Homestay Mama said...

Hope you are feeling better, now. I've been missing your wit and humor.

Show us pics of your house and we'll give you more ideas than you probably want! :-)

When a house goes up for auction doesn't that mean it's been foreclosed on? I guess it must be different down under. How fast are houses selling there? Things are not moving much at all here in Seattle!

Looks like you'll make it home this year! Yaaay!

Kurichan said...

Kate--trust me when I say that you need to do very minimal work to get your price. Whatever Josh gets done when he gets his butt down here will suffice. Karen D--it is amazing the difference between the US and Oz when it comes to real estate. It is a whole different ball game. Kate--lets talk when it is time to do some real work, and you know Ralphy is more than happy to give you his opinions ;-) Your yard will definitely be a selling point. And you're right==a developer is likely to have his sights on your place, and again, you're right in that it won't be your problem once you are back "home!"

Marjie said...

It will be interesting to see what they get. I remember the pictures of your back yard, and it's much nicer. I'm sure you can get your front to present very nicely, and if memory serves, you have more greenery in the front, which is always a plus in my book!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! That price sounds so high! I guess the real estate market is better down there. I really hope you'll be able to sell yours for what you want!

Andrea said...

I have missed you my funny and sweet friend...I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Wish you lots of luck with house! :)

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Walking outside 'necked' in your own yard is definitely a plus! The house down the street looks 'sanitized' and impersonal to me. There is no explaining what sells a house ... and the pricing especially in today's market is difficult to say the least. Just know I'm sending good thoughts and hugs, looking forward to having ya back stateside soon!

Gramma 2 Many said...

my two cents worth: Stage!! Lights on in every room. Cinnamon in the oven.
Paint if needed and like Karen said, little changes like cabinet knobs. Every closet should be clean and organized so it does not look like you are short on storage space.
Sue is right, show us pictures of your house and all of us armchair experts will tell you just how to get it done:) Looking forward to my trip to Cali sometime soon:)

Robynn's Ravings said...

My first question is.....where are their cabinets in the kitchen? That bare wall over all the counter looks strange but maybe that's the way they do it down under. Being from here, I know you know what I mean. In the US, our kitchens are always walls of cupboards. Ok. I'm gonna keep reading.....


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