Saturday, April 14, 2012

Packing my bags...

Ayup... I'm packing my bags here, because I"M COMING HOME!! Well, not for good at this 'exact' point in time, but we are going 'home' for a few short weeks in May, to get details and finances sorted out, prior to me getting home for good - hopefully by mid-to late summer.
The house here is ready to put on the market (except for replacing that damn vomit-pink pedestal sink in the bathroom) and all the mess and clutter from months of carpentry and painting is well and truly done and dusted.
My stuff has been (mostly) sorted through, tossed out, set aside for the Salvation Army, given away to friends or sold... and I'm kind of enjoying this 'clutter-free' existence!

In the past, when we've gone home we've only worried about taking a small-ish carry on bag each... but this time we're taking the small bags plus two huge 70 lb bags as well. Stuffed with things that I want to keep and think at this point, that can't live without... but Lord knows what the airport security people are going to think of some of it!
Wind chimes and photos, bird feeders and linens & laces, and even a couple of ancient and well-loved cast iron skillets.
Oh... and a book or two that I just can't bear to part with.
And my cookbooks...
And that cool vegetable peeler that's shaped like a carrot... the one with the cushy orange handle.
And... and... well heck... whatever else I can fit in the suitcases!

I thought at one point that I would find a moving company to move most of my stuff, but as my son pointed out, with the exhorbitant cost of shipping, I can buy "new furniture" cheaper over there, and then fill in the gaps with garage and yard sale finds.. And that will also give me the pleasure of picking out 'new stuff' as well - something I haven't been able to afford to do, in all the years I've been here!

I just want to get this all over and done with, so I can settle down and start living my life again... instead of feeling like I'm on a never ending roller coaster. Leaving The Old Guy is going to be one of the hardest things about it all, but I have his sworn promise that he'll be coming over a couple of times a year for a month or two at a time.

And if he doesn't, I'll be coming back to whoop his arse...


Reddirt Woman said...

Ahh, Sass. All the work and headaches will be coming to fruition. I know it will be hard leaving the old man and your friends but how many besides me are looking forward to kicking back with a big glass of iced tea solving the problems of the world, maybe going garage saling or fishin'? And you can always send out a wish list for all of us to watch for at flea markets, etc.

The roller coaster ride will be coming into the station before you know it! Then you can breathe.

Pam said...


Momlady said...

Glad to hear you are finally on your way and rid of the trouble maker. Hope you yourself are healed.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Oh, Katie,

I can't tell you how very, very much I've missed you - I, too, have be AWOL from blogging - too many reasons (excuses) to mention, but, hey, girl, YOU are coming home ... Yeaaaaaa!!! Sending hugs, laughter and a 'come own down' to you! Have a safe journey ... oh, don't joke with those TSA sorts ... not a good idea!!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

I can't thank you enough for linking this through Facebook. Ever since I quit blogging (and I'm getting ready to start up again) I don't get any updates because I'm not on my page.

I am SUPER excited for you to be going home...truly home. I think you're wise to take things that are dear to you and to leave behind the things that can be replaced. Can you believe this is actually happening???

Have a wonderful flight and may your home sell quickly so you can come back to California and get on with the next big chapter of your life. Col may just end up here and going home to visit Australia a few times a year. Ya never know!

Big hugs for a wonderful trip and all good things. You so deserve it, dearest Kate! XOXOX

Homestay Mama said...

It's May, so you must be in CA. I will be so happy when you are home to stay!!!


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