Friday, September 14, 2018

My "AHA" moment.

And it only took me 5 years....

You see, my husband has no sense of smell.
Zero.  Nada.  Zilch. 

So when I say "honey, it's been so hot and humid... the garbage can in the kitchen smells nasty, so could you change it for me, while I finish doing the laundry?"

I get: "I don't smell anything... I think it can last another few days"...

 and he doesn't touch it.

When I say "Honey, Frankie's cat box needs changing - can you do it for me, while I cook supper?" 

I get:  "I can't smell it, I think it can last another day or so."

Even though you can see "kitty tootsies rolls" right on top!

When I say "Babe, your  Levi's smell like manky old grease and oil, snot and blood and whatever else you've wiped on them this week... why don't you throw them in the hamper so that I can wash them?"

I get:   I can't smell a thing. And besides, I don't want to waste water.
And he'll wear them for another week.  
(but he'll shower every night and change his t-shirt daily, because he says it smells of perspiration.  Go figure.)

In the middle of the night, when I say, " Honey,I smell a skunk, and the dogs are carrying on like we've been invaded... could you go look?"

I get:  "I don't smell anything.  You KNOW I have no sense of smell" 

.... and he'll roll over, go back to sleep and leave me to deal with it .

So tonight, when he asks what's for supper, I'm just going to say...

I'm not hungry.  I think it can wait until tomorrow.

1 comment:

Momlady said...

I think you should. Maybe, just maybe, he'll do when you ask him to. Right now I have to deal with a pesky squirrel on my porch.


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