Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been busy, busy, busy...

I haven't posted since the end of last week, because it's been a busy couple of days around here... But I'm glad to say that things are slowly coming together - and that I'm maintaining my sanity... (well, that part is highly debatable) but I have gotten a lot accomplished lately.

Last week, I had kids off sick and kids coming in sick, only to be sent back home again, so by the end of the week, I was ready for a break.
Saturday was flat out, with moving my dearly beloved old lounge suite out, and moving the new one in, while trying to explain to the Old Guy and his buddies why vacuuming the floor while there was no furniture in here, was so important.
Not that it all got done, but it wasn't for lack of trying... let me tell you!

Now... my old lounge suite had well and truly reached it's use-by date, (I used to have a day care child with pica.. and honest to goodness... she ate holes in my arm chairs - not to mention just about everything else she could get her little chompers around!) but I totally lucked out by finding a fantastic new suite on eBay, for next to nothing!
Well, it's actually second hand, but it's new to me anyway... Only 3 years old and in excellent condition!
it was cheap as chips, which is always a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

Sunday, we managed to meet up in Daylesford with the Devine Miz D, (better known as Raspberry Twits, but I won't go into the reasons for that) and we had a lovely, lovely, relaxing day out... which was something we both needed. Just kind of a girls day out, but towing the poor Old Guy along, mainly for chauffeuring purposes... and paying for things.

While we were waiting for Miz D to show up, ( we got there quicker than we planned and had almost an hour to kill - or so we thought) the Old Guy and I had a fantastic breakfast at some little cafe... and I figured that I could probably reproduce it myself.
And.. although it makes me blush to tell you this, I have to admit that my Huevos Rojas turned out even better than what we paid a mini-fortune for!
Mine may not look quite as pretty as the restaurant meal did, but oh my goodness... as far as flavor goes?
Mine beats it... Hands down!

Huevos Rojas

Maggie May, looking as sweet as pie...
I had to throw this one in, because as I was taking pics of the old couch,
she just sat there looking too cute to pass by.
Just look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

The old, much loved, but gettin' quite nasty lounge suite...
(those blankets are to hide the chewed spots - of which there were many!)

But I'm going to miss my old pillows, because they just don't go with the new couch.
*sobbing mightily*

I have to say I loved that old set... I loved the style, I loved the color and I loved just about everything about it.
But a cream colored lounge suite, when I have a house full of kids?
Kind of silly, innit?

But the style on this new baby?
I love it too, because it's so solid and chunky!
It just fits me, ya know?

Which probably says more than I want you to know about the size of my arse, but there ya go...


Paula said...

A woman has to have ass room. That is all I am going to say about that.

Terry said...

Wow Sweetie that is one cool new set of furniture.
It does look so comfy too !
I am so thrilled for you.
I know hubby and I need to replace ours but it is on a long list of to be done :)
I love your style .
May you enjoy it for many many years before it starts to wear out.
Your dish looks scrumptious .
The ole guy is very lucky you cook,you clean,you have a fantastic sense of humor :)
Anyway congrats on the new furniture and have a super week.
Happy Trails

justjoycee said...

Those Huevos Rojas look sooo good. My hub will like them. The kitty is so cute, and the furniture looks great. We always find wonderful used furniture here in Miami.

Have a great week.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

I've missed you. The furniture looks great ... but you had me at Huevos Rojas ... here in Texas just about anything can be covered with ketchup and pass muster. I like yours better and we eat such wonderful 'breakfasts' for dinner/supper quite often. Have a great week ...

Katidids said...

Don't cha love E-bay! great looking set!

Does the Old Guy understand what the vacume is for LOL!

Becky said...

Is it kid-proof? That dish looks pretty good and I love Ebay!Did you to go far to pick get the new furniture?

Becky said...

P.S. Love the ktty, she looks might sweet! Must take after you!

Marjie said...

Love the new lounge set. Great colors. Nice kittycat, too.

And I relinquished any claim to sanity years ago. It makes things so much simpler.

Marjie said...

Oh, and you must have missed my post a couple of weeks back where I moved every single stick of furniture on the downstairs floor of the house and vacuumed under it. My sons thought I was nuts, too. My old guy has learned to shut up.

Homestay Mama said...

Everything looks so good--the Huevos Rojas, your Maggie May, and your new lounge suite (your old one looked good, too!)

Your Huevos Rojas look like something my homestay students would enjoy. So, since yours were 'hands down' better than the restaurant's, please make it again and take pictures of the steps so the rest of us can have a try at it. OK? Pretty please? :-)


Kathy said...

I like it!! I was just wondering as I was reading your blog....do you speak with an Aussie accent now? just curious since Madonna has an English accent after living in England.

Nancy M. said...

I'm glad you were able to get you some new furniture. It looks nice and comfy!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

You know I don't like eggs! Sob!

Looks like I've been outed Farnsie. Everyone who knows me is gonna be wondering.

I'm so glad you got your furniture sorted - I was stressing (and cussing) for you.

My word - promp ... which is pretty much how I fall onto my couch. *promp* Ahhhh!

pam said...

Don't you love when you find a bargain and it's just what you were looking for.

I love Maggie May, she said that you don't showcase her nearly enough.

Jan Mader said...

Love the furniture. Ebay is the best!

I can almost taste your Huevos Rojas.

You know, I was just thinking...This week (on my blog for writers) I posted about journaling.

You have got to have one to the best journals I've ever read...if you consider a blog a journal! Actually your journal/blog should be a book!!!!

Faithful said...

What is it Christmas around there? Girls vacations..new furnure..breakfasts out...no more dust bunnies under the sofas? You lucky girl! Even Maggie May looks delighted.

ps.. you know you are gonna have to share that recipe..don't cha? Looks too good to be real!

Faithful said...

What is it Christmas around there? Girls vacations..new furnure..breakfasts out...no more dust bunnies under the sofas? You lucky girl! Even Maggie May looks delighted.

ps.. you know you are gonna have to share that recipe..don't cha? Looks too good to be real!

Bz said...

Love the look of the new furniture- really looks great. And WHAT a cute kitty- lovely blues she has and the triangle patch of color over her nose. Oh, and of course, the plate of food you got there!... I am SO hungry (even though I just got done eating a bowl of TWO different kinds of ice cream)... NOW I'm hankering for THAT plate of food- looks ABSOLUTELY yummy.
Well, better get... say, it's gotta be on this end, but the striped background persisted throughout the text (had to highlight it to read)- wasn't on the photos. Haven't seen anyone else mention it ... Arrghhh, our darn computer.
Take care.
Ha! ...word veri: "ached" ...my stomache ached for a plate of food like yours!

Andrea said...

What a sweet pic of Maggie May! Everyone seems to be so busy these days...I've noticed lots of bloggers not posting as frequently as in tehe winter (me included!). Love the new furniture! Paula's comment cracked me right up!!! :)

Roslyn said...

New lounging furniture is always a challenge-will it fit is it comfy & can we afford it!
Anything Huevos with hot sauce/jalapenas my DH will probably love! Looks good.

Homestay Mama said...

Come on over to my place where I've left you a little something


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