Monday, November 23, 2009

Just shoot me


Woke yesterday morning at unGodly hour (3:10) with massive migraine headache.
Took tablets and drank copious amounts of coffee, because needed to go to Costco with a friend, to buy party foods for her birthday.

During hour and twenty minute drive, regretted drinking copious amounts of coffee, and that truck is not equipped with vomitorium.
Took more tablets.
Later, felt somewhat better, and had a lovely dinner of Caesar salad, finished with Rocky Road ice cream.

Went to bed early, rather than watch Two and a Half Men on telly, with sunglasses on.
Not Two and a Half Men wearing sunglasses... me.
Because flickering telly light hurts my head.

Woke this morning at 2am, with head again threatening to split and spill brains all over pillow.

Got up, took more tablets and am again in the process of drinking copious amounts of coffee.
But thankful for having toilet nearby this time.
For various reasons.

Then lightbulb in head went off. Creating even more pain.

Chocolate. Chocolate in Rocky Road ice cream.
Which I ate, 2 nights running.
Cheap chocolate causes me to have migraines.

Which causes me to speak in short, terse sentences.
Like this.

So I ask you again...
Please shoot me.



Sherri said...

Hope you feel better soon :)

farmlady said...

"They shoot horses don't they?"... to put them out of their miser, BUT NOT HUMANS.
Humans are suppose to know better....

What are we going to do with you.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh bless you... chocolate is a horror story for me too... hate that waking in the night split skull feeling. Are you drinking water??? I have cut the amount of headaches in half by drinking lots of water each day. Cutting down on caffeine ( am I REALLY annoying you yet... don't you just hate smart arses who know it all...) and not eating too much sugar at one sitting.
Big cuddles. It'll go soon. xxxx

Tatersmama said...

Sherri. I'm trying. Really I am.
I probably will, but oh... the waiting game is killing me!
Farmlady. I have arse the size of horses arse. Does that count? I put the ice cream down the sink, but don't make me dispose of my Tootsie Rolls, please!!
Ladybird World Mother, aka "smart arse who knows it all", please don't tell me that caffeine makes it worse!!! I can't afford the extremely expensive cafergot tablets, so figured the coffee might help. Oh dear.
Cuddles do help - so thank you.;-)

Nancy M. said...

Oh, I'm sorry! I do hope you feel better soon! Remember from now on, splurge on the good chocolate!

Becky said...

Bang! of course it was a blank! Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your turkey and all the fixins on Thanksgiving! Love ya!

Pam said...

Oh you poor thing! Darn that cheap chocolate. Just another reason why you deserve the best.

The Wife said...

I would be dead if cheap chocolate reacted with my body! Death by chocolate, hey, doesn't sound to bad!

Hope you get to feelin' better real soon! I've had a killer neck pain. Finally took a muscle relaxer. Told the husband if he finds me in the floor, just leave me. ;o)

Reddirt Woman said...

No more cheap chocolate! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Homestay Mama said...

Cheap chocolate and migraines, eh? I'm so sorry! If only I lived closer, I'd have gladly taken that Rocky Road temptation off your hands and spared you the migraine! Rocky Road is my lifetime favorite!

Kurichan said...

so sorry to hear your woes---didn't even realize your crap-dom when I was chatting online with ya...hope you are feeling better soon! mmm....rocky road...haven't had that in years....

Marjie said...

Yeah, I've spent about 48 hours in close proximity to my porcelain throne. I've eaten nothing in that time, just drinking water. Good luck to you; I'm hoping a couple more pounds fall off so I can eat copious amounts of pumpkin pie on Thursday. I believe one entire pie will have my name on it. And I had the splittting headache thing last Thursday and Friday; you have my deep, super sympathy there, too.

HermitJim said...

I hope you get better real soon, my friend. If you don't...can I have your pie?

Just asking...just asking!

Robynn's Ravings said...

OH KATIE!!!!! I'm so SORRY!!!! WHY oh WHY do we forget these things but I do, too. I got into MSG last week and forgot to even THINK about the possiblity. I hope you're better today because migraine is a WITCH with a hammer!

Love you and sending you toast - under the door.

Bz said...

No, I won't! ("just shoot you") You can't make me! You're too much of a breath of fresh air! ...and I LIKE fresh air.
And speaking of cheap chocolate... if Tim Tams are 'cheap chocolate' and you have some laying around the house, I'll handle the postage.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh my dear spudnik...I do so hope that you are feeling better! Maybe you should try rubbing some Crisco on your neck and forehead. It couldn't hurt and it might just help. My hubby has had a migraine for a week now...but he won't let me near him with the big C.


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