Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Say a prayer!

I have another post pre-scheduled to come up shortly, but I'm so excited here, that I can barely sit still!

See, I posted on face book last night about seriously looking for a house near where my son lives... and I think I may have already hit pay dirt!!

Looking for a place from $25,000-$90,000 in the Murphys/Douglas Flat area - NON Murphys Diggings. Can anyone help?

Now, I'm not going to say much more (I don't want to put my cart before the horse, or count my proverbial chickens before they hatch, or any of that stuff... and then go and jinx everything, ya know?) but I got a message from my son late last night, about the most perfectly located, ready-to-move-in-except-the-kitchen-needs-some-minor-work, ideal place.... and it's so much better - and more perfect - than anything I could have dreamed of!

We drove by this place almost every time we went out, and you know how you look at a place and think "oooohhh... if only that was my place"?
Well, I did it with this place... never ever dreaming that there was any hope in hell of ever living there.
Now I'm trying not to get too excited, but I can't help feeling that things may finally be falling into place for me!!

So, if you're so inclined... please say a little prayer for me.
And if you're not into praying, well... I'm more than happy with all the crossed fingers and toes I can get!


diney said...

I really do keep fingers and toes crossed for you - how fantastic if it works out - and I'm sure that my finger and toe crossing will help!

Libby's Library said...

No worries here - lots and lots and lots of praying going on!
Love ya Spud Woman.

Dave and Tami said...

I go for the praying option, and I'll be glad to include you and your house situation. Sounds like a blessing in the making.

Marjie said...

Good luck. Keep those plans going. After long enough on the other side of the world, I know you want to go home.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Hey Katie girl, toes, fingers, legs, eyes all crossed with a couple of prayers and a genuflection thrown in for good measure. Sending only good, positive, uplifting Karma !!!

HermitJim said...

My friend, you know I'm wishing the best for you! A little prayer never hurts, and I'm enclosing all the good thoughts I can of charge!

Sherri said...

On French Gulch? If so where? Towards town? Or the other way?

Homestay Mama said...

That sounds wonderful, Tatersmama! Gramma2Many and I better start saving our $ real fast! Sounds like that get-together we'd like might happen this year instead of next!

Of course I'll be praying for you!

Out Back said...

Wishing you all the luck you need to nail this house Kate.

I am excited for you too!!


A Peculiar Person said...

I'll be praying for you.

I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to get your thoughts on some of my recent posts.

God Bless!

farmlady said...

Oh Katie. It's one step closer and it's in the right direction.
I'm wishing you so many good thoughts with all fingers crossed.


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