Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There ought to be a law...

You know... like they used to do with smoking?

There were smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants, motels, movie theaters...

You name it... smokers were separated from non-smokers.
And for good reason.

Now I'm on a mission.
They need to do the same thing with doctors' waiting rooms.
There should be a separate "coughing/sneezing/hacking your nasty-a** phlegm up" rooms.
For the safety and convenience of our other patients.

See, I don't get colds. I just don't.
I. Do. Not. Get. Colds.
But I've got one now.

Oh, I have been known to get the odd runny nose or sore throat, but the whole "I want my NyQuil" thing going on?

But I woke up this morning, and I've got a bloody stinking head cold going on.
No warning, no nothing.
And I thought... "how"?

And then it dawned on me.

I've spent the better part of a week now, in overheated waiting rooms, waiting to be prodded and poked and asked to dress and undress... whilst reading magazines so old, that I just now found out that Brad left Jennifer... for some silly bimbo named Angelina.
And while I was busy having all that fun, there's been a perpetual background noise of cough-ers and sneeze-ers and hack-ers.

Who have now all made me sick.

BUT... the good excellent part is, is that all that testing and torture they put me through was worth it in the long run.
Well, at least we think so.
There are still a couple of things that puzzle both the GP and the Internist, but it's nothing seriously serious... so we're now just kind of going to sit back and see what happens next.
The kidneys are showing signs of failure, but that seems to be miraculously reversing itself, or clearing or whatever... so it may just be a matter of twiddling our collective thumbs for awhile.

I would say that I've got my fingers crossed, but I can't cross my fingers and twiddle my thumbs at the same time.
I know.
Because I've tried.

Oh hell... I just realized.
I can't do either one.
I'll be too busy holding tissues, wiping my nose and eyes, and trying not to sneeze on people.

Yep... there ought to be a law, alright.

For the safety and convenience of our other patrons, we ask that you please refrain from coughing, sneezing or hacking up junk, whilst on these premises.
We thank you for your consideration.

Oh... and I want my NyQuil please.


joolzmac said...

Hi Kate

Glad things are looking okay for you. Ha, I gave up reading magazines in waiting rooms long ago (when I saw someone suffering from the flu, sneeze into one then put it back on the table....erk!)
I take my own if I know there will be a wait - and oh Lord, there always is! Bri and I waited 45 minutes to see the doctor the other day and that was for a 10.30 appointment. How do you get that far behind so early in the morning?? Anyhoo, I get her results back later today so I hope they turn something up (or not?).

Keep the fluids up, put Vicks Vaporub on a mens hanky and tie around your neck at bedtime and if you can, gargle 2 x Aspro Clear in warm water, then swallow. Hope your feeling better soon,

Cheers - Joolz

joolzmac said...

...and by fluids, I do not mean Bourbon!

Joolz :)

Kathy said...

I hope you feel better soon. I've been suffering from a cold for about a month now. I am one of those hackers and coughers. I can't seem to shake it. Guess I need to see the doctor myself.

Becky said...

At the pediatrician's office where Meagan used to go, there was a "well room" but no one was ever in it! Sorry about your nasty cold. I hate colds! Jack Daniels, lemon and honey make ya feel better, not sure how much it really helps! Vicks on the bottoms of your feet is supposed to be good, just wear socks unless you wanna go for a ride across the floor! Feel better soon!

Out Back said...

Hi Kate, I am so glad to read the better news about your kidneys.

Re colds, when I was doing FDC I very rarely caught anything either. The first year I did catch everything going around that the kids brought to care, but after that I managed to avoid illnesses while those around me were dropping like flies. I think your immune system kicks into action.

Doctors and hospitals are the worst places to catch germs. They are airborne just floating around in the nice warm air waiting for their next victim. I don't tend to touch things in the drs surgery other than the door and pen. As soon as I get to the car, its out with the disinfectant....

Hope you are feeling better soon, keep resting and looking after you.


Homestay Mama said...

OK, I'm letting out my breath now, a little anyway. You've been in my thoughts and prayers and I'm glad for a little good news!

But I'm sorry you succumbed to the old nasty cold! Rest and water, girl!



Roslyn said...

PTL Kate, I am SO relieved, now to praying for continued healing from ? whatever it was!
I don't get colds either!

Katidids said...

Wow, thats great news! About the kidneys that is LOL We play a game of " who can find the oldest magazine when in the Drs office. Keep lots of fluids going girl!

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

I hope things keep improving with your kidneys and I hope that blasted cold gets better real quick.

Sherri said...

I'm glad to hear that it's nothing to serious, what a big relief. As for the waiting room. I don't know about everywhere, but the kids pediatrician has 2 waiting rooms. One for sick patients and one for well patients. I asked the kids doctor one day why it was always so cold in there, he said the colder the office the less likely for germs to spread.

Pam said...

Catching up on my blog reading and I find that I had stuff to be worried about!!! But then a mere 5 minutes later I find out it's okay!! So thankful that you're fine!

Marjie said...

Glad things are looking up for you. Reduce salt and sugar to help your kidneys. Really. Hubby has some real kidney issues (email me and I'll tell you how to read your blood work if the lab sends it to you). First thing I learned is that salt harms kidneys. Next thing is that kidney problems can create or be created by diabetes. High blood pressure is also involved. I can go on all day, but did you want me to bore you to tears right now?

Nancy M. said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! Back in our old town the kids had a sick and well waiting room, but down here in the country there is only one.

I'm glad your news was good!

p.s. I can cross my fingers and twiddle my thumbs at the same time! I'm doing it for you!

Dave and Tami said...

Glad to hear you got some good news. While you are wiping your nose, the rest of us will be crossing our fingers and twiddling our thumbs for you. :) And I totally agree about the segregated waiting room thing.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I'm checking on NO ONE but you, my dear Katie friend. I am working 20-21 hours a day and I'm not even making a joke! This project has been amazing but you will love it and I hope you get to see it.

I HAD to find out what's going on and make sure you're okay. I'm so glad to find out that it's not life-threatening in the imminent sense and so hoping and praying that all can be reversed, as you say. It's probably the ABOMINABLE hours you keep and all the hard work you have to do ALL THE TIME.

Hey guess what? I was just running Nacho lines with one of our crew an hour ago and it so made me think of you and tell them our stupid stories.

Loving you and praying that you recover quickly. And over here they have masks and signs that ask people to wear them if they are coughing. I'm the only one I've ever seen with one of those things on. Next time, I'm wearing one to proTECT me from these germ-warfare attackers!

Libby's Library said...

Spud woman - you just need to start seeing a pediatrician...most of those have sick waiting rooms!


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