Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Planned parenthood

On Monday the 18th at 2:30pm, I'm having a baby!

Well, not exactly a baby, but a 16 year old boy... A boy who needs a family and security and a whole lotta lovin' - so it's basically the same thing, isn't it?

I'm already envisioning constant feeds, being kept awake at night, and a perpetual stinkin' mess around here.
Although I'm just grateful that there won't be any burping going on.
Oh wait... this is a 16 year old boy... so I guess that there will probably be plenty of burping and bottom burping going on.

Yay me.

Anyway, with him coming in just 5 days, I'm down to the wire here as far as preparations go.
He'll need a bed, clothing, and food and all the stuff that a 16 year old thinks is necessary for his well-being.
Like an X-Box and access to a computer because he considers himself to be a face book addict.
And especially, a never ending supply of food.

It just kind of breaks my heart to think of a young man getting to the age of 16 and basically having nothing that he can call his own... you know what I mean?
No stuff of his own, other than what basically fits in a backpack...
And although life isn't about - or shouldn't be about - what we have or don't have as far as things go, I still think that what we own in life - our stuff - sort of defines us as being "us".

I had the caseworker out here last week, and he shared some of Mr.B's history... as well as a form that Mr. B had filled out all by himself, listing his needs and wants and likes and dislikes... And I swear, after reading that list, I was on the verge of tears.

Now, this is a boy "classified" as having an intellectual disability, but if that list and the things he had written on that list are anything to go by, he's well ahead of the average 16 year old when it comes to explaining things, and having insights into his own personality.

This boy knows his limitations... but he also knows how to communicate the reasons that he sometimes acts the way he does... and from what little I've read, he has amazing insight into the issues that he faces.

I have high hopes for this placement working out, and I think that we just might be damned good for one another.

And the best part of having an almost fully grown boy?
No diapers.
Unless they're saving that one as a surprise...


Marjie said...

You are a darling! Having gone through four 16 year old boys myself, I don't know that I could voluntarily take in one that didn't already know the rules of the kingdom, so to speak. Nah, he wouldn't like it anyway; no X-box or anything like it, and no facebook for anyone not yet in college. Damn, I'm a meanie!

Becky said...

Australian angel, yep that's you allright! I think the 2 of you will be really good for each other. I have to ask though, what happens when time to come back to the USA?

Dave and Tami said...

Congratulations on your new arrival! You must have a heart the size of Texas and you deserve showers of blessings for taking this young man into your home.

Roslyn said...

You are so brave, but maybe this 16yr.old boy is different in a good way!

Kerry O'Gorman said... dirty diapers for you! Sounds like a lucky pairing, you two...I just wrote about 'stuff' as well and it is sad to think that boy has no 'stuff'...maybe its time for him to start finding 'stuff' through you!

Bz said...

Please, oh please be careful. As a licensed psychotherapist, I can say .... oh heck, just be careful. Not that you NEED to be w/ this young man ... you just never know ...especially if they have been 'wounded' emotionally.
Yup, I agree w/ the other commenter... a heart the size of TX.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hello, I am a newcomer to your blog - dropped in from HermitJim's cite. I just read your latest post and several others and do applaud your efforts to help children and do wish you all the best in helping this young man. I wish you both all the best and am sure you will both gain much. An earlier post about a parent's comment about the robin bird feeder was amusing in that it showed her intolerance. I will be back. Please do feel free to drop in for a visit at our blog site anytime.

Karen Deborah said...

awh so you decided. Having just had a major problem from computer addiction that scares me. But I know you will give him love and maybe he's never had that before. Bless you!


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