Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm still blue in the face...

Remember that post a few weeks back, when I asked you to pray that I get my little house, so that I could move back home... Home to where I belong?
Where my heart is?
This one... remember?

Well, thanks to one of you not praying quite hard enough, it didn't come to pass.
No... I'm joking.
So I take that back - it's not your fault at all.
None of yous'. It's actually the fault of some cashed up - 'we have more money than sense' - idiot from a local community.
Valley Springs to be exact.

Now if you're from Valley Springs - or happen to know someone who is - I apologise for the disparaging comment... knowing full well that not all Valley Springers are idiots.
Just some of 'em.
Or one in particular, anyway. No, make that two...

The day of the auction dawned full of hope and happiness... and with all our little ducks in a row..

Prayers said. Check

Laptop charged and waiting to communicate words of joy and congratulations with a "she's been holding her breath for so long that she's now turned a delightful shade of purple" Mama in Australia... Check.

Cashiers check made out to the maximum bid amount... which was approximately double what we figured that it needed it to be... Check.

Celebratory beverage on hand, waiting to be used to ermm... celebrate when the auction was done. Check.

So... with said little ducks all in a row, I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning, planning on being on the computer at 4am, well in advance of the 10am start of the bidding. (there's 5 hours difference between California and here, basically meaning that as I'm eating my breakfast, they're just sitting down to lunch there.)
The plan was that I would turn on old Bessie here at approximately 4:30, but because of the aforementioned sleepless night, I had been sitting here and eyeing the clock and saying "c'mon, c'mon, c'mon".... from about 3am onwards.
Planning things in my head.

Planning the new kitchen that I wanted installed, looking over all the photos of the house, and mentally re-landscaping the yard and garden, and choosing new posts for the porch - which would need to be replaced asap.

So I waited happily...
And waited...
And waited...

Only to receive the following message from my son's friend (and real estate agent) Donovan:

4 bidders, cutoff hit, 56,4. Sorry.


I didn't get it???
I didn't get it!
Oh sh**, oh sh**, oh sh**!

Then ensued some fast and furious messages back and forth:

Donovan: Wanna offer 65 to winner? From josh.

Me: can we do that?

Donovan: If you have money its time to offer it, yes we can if want. Yes or no?

Me: Yes! No! Yes! I mean No! That high?

Donovan: What do want to offer at max.

Me: Make it 60. Are they aware of the illegal septic that will need to be removed from the neighboring property immediately, or of the drug-using squatters that are currently in residence and trashing the place as we speak ... or the fact that a haz-mat cleaning team will need to be brought in because of the druggies?

Me again: Hello? Are you still there? Hello?? HELLO? Donovan? Josh? Where ARE you?? Talk to me! I'm going crazy here... what's going ON???

At this point, whimpering unashamedly, (as well as rather piteously) I decided that since I had left it all in the hands of God... maybe He knew better than I did.
After all, he knew what I was asking for, because dozens of people had been adding their prayers to mine... and this seemed like a pretty clear "no" on his part.
So I would just buck up immediately, take a deep breath, square my shoulders and realize that my dream wasn't necessarily what God had planned for me - and let it go.
HIS will...not my will be done.

Okay, so goodbye, sweet dream...

Goodbye, dreams of my son walking a mere 70 feet, to bring his mama a cup of coffee in the mornings...
Goodbye, dreams of my grandsons joyfully running down the driveway to spend time with their loving Grummie...
Goodbye, all thoughts of the beautiful walnut kitchen cabinets with white imitation-granite counter tops that were the exact configuration and layout that we needed... that Josh had found on craigslist for only $1,000.
Sob... sniff sniff...

And then I heard a "ping" !!!
Josh was on 'instant chat' on face book...

It seems that the agent who had bid for their client (the winning client - damn them) had never so much as looked at the house. And neither had the client so much as looked at the house - or property - bidding solely and wholly on the place as an investment property.
More fools them, eh?

Once they (the real estate agent and buyer) found out that there were humongous drawbacks - as well as expenses - associated with the property, it's been intimated that the client may not be as interested as they thought they were.
Unfortunately, they signed an agreement with the county prior to bidding, that meant that they were legally required to go through with the sale...
But they may very well offer the property to us for their buying price... plus the real estate agent fees involved.

They'll let us know this week.
You know..."may very well offer" doesn't sound entirely optimistic, but it's the best we can hope for at this point.

So I posted a status update on face book:
UPDATE! It's not over 'til the fat lady sings, so I may not have lost the property in Murphys after all !!! More later...

To which my son commented back: "she may be singin' within' the week, lets just hope we can afford the concert tickets"

So the wait continues...


Terry said...

Oh honey I have been wondering what happened but was kind of just waiting on you to share .
Life is so strange just when we think its all about to work out calmly along comes another bolt of lightning and sap we find ourselves sitting on our backside with burn marks .
Wondering how we didn't see it coming with clear blue skies .
Just don't give up your dream but trust that God knows how to make your dream come true for not only you but your family as well .
Things will work out .You just don't give up but open yourself up to thinking beyond what you can see .
Big hugs sweetie !
Take care now
Until Next Time
Happy Trails

Nancy M. said...

I saw your FB message. I'm still praying that it's going to work out for you! {{HUGS}}

Roslyn said...

OMGosh I hope & pray it still works out so your dream can be fulfilled-but I can also pray that IF it doesn't God has something better.
Hugs, hang in there sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about this! But to be honest that sounds as they most likely will give You the chance to buy it! Naturally they don´t want to make it sound as if they gladly will sell it too You, because then You might try to bring down the price some :-)
So I will keep on holding my thumbs and put You in my prayers :-)

Have a great day now!

Marjie said...

Dammit! What kind of idiot buys a property without ever even looking into it? It's called "Due Diligence", Moron!

Dave and Tami said...

I'm so sorry that the house deal didn't work out on the first try. I'll continue to pray for the second chance. Your attitude of putting God's will first is wonderful and an inspiration to your readers. May He bless you with the house of your dreams or something even better.

Becky said...

Hang in there! Ya know we all praying for you to get back home. I'm chubby, should I sing too??? I had to sing Moon River for my piano recital, does that count?? I was in 7th grade, it's been awhile!Love you! Hugs!!

Bz said...

One of my "mantras": "What will be, will be."
Yeah, I know... duh...
All the while everything bodily possible is crossed.

Homestay Mama said...

Let's see--if they don't want that house after all and decide to sell it, aren't they responsible for correcting it's problems--the septic for one--before putting it on the market? I don't think I'd look too eager to take it off their hands, if I were you. What I'm trying to say is maybe God let them buy it so they (not you) will have to pay to fix it and bring it up to code. Maybe God is making sure you get a nice little house with it's problems already corrected before you buy it--and maybe you won't have to pay too much more for it than what you were originally going to bid. You know what I mean?

Karen Deborah said...

Oh wow. I am just getting caught up. Are you still wanting the property? I hope you get it for exactly what they paid. No profit here. If your still in the market I'll pray some more. That's about all I have been good for lately. Getting better slowly. love you.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Yep. This is my fault. I've not been on blogs and I missed the fb update. So I didn't know and I didn't pray and there you go and I'm SORRY! But I'll be prayin' now and looking forward to GOOD CHRISTMAS NEWS. I want this for you and I DON'T want it for THEM! It's wrong - plain and simple. But, like you, I'll trust that God knows best no matter what. Just hope that this is what He wants!

Crossing everything that will move that far and on me, that's quite a bit. Oh, except my legs. Those are too fat.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Kate, what is it about our lives ... why can't something ... at least ONE something go as we hoped, prayed, planned ??? I read the following phrase on an email and am taking comfort from it, perhaps you will also. 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.' Still got everything crossed (except the legs, like Robynn!) Sending hugs and positive 'vibes' The fat lady ain't singing ....

p.s. OMGosh, my word veri is asamBEAR ... you know how I feel about bears!!! Could this be a 'sign'???

Gramma 2 Many said...

How did an entire week go by and I did not see this!! I have been wondering and was going to send you a private message. Gads!! Am I slow or what? I will pay much closer attention in the following days. If I do not comment, maybe you are going to have to poke me and wake me up!!
Biting my nails until I hear.

Anonymous said...

I just want to wish You a Very Merry Christmas, or as we say here in Sweden a Good Yule!



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