Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was wonderful!

Well, we had a lovely, low-key, laid-back Christmas around here, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Now when I say "laid-back', I mean it... to the point that the Old Guy spent most of Christmas morning at his house, painting the lounge room.
As you do, when you've been a bachelor for most of your life and never really got into the swing of all things Christmas.

But that's okay with me, because when you've lost two children and the other one is a million miles away, the quiet contemplation time on Christmas morning is ideal, as far as I'm concerned.

We ended up going to a friends for Christmas dinner late in the day, and it too was low-key and laid-back... so all in all, it was a perfect day!

I didn't put up a tree this year, because with a constantly changing houseful of kids and 6 cats running amok, I learned a long time ago that it just isn't worth the hassles.
But there were still plenty of decorations and signs of Christmas around the place, and to tell you the truth, it was one of the best, most relaxing Christmas' that I've spent, in a long, long time!

May the rest of the Christmas season be joyous and bright for you, and may 2010 find you healthy, happy and prosperous !!


Becky said...

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas Day! You deserved a relaxing day. I tried some chocolate wine at my sister's and then I was relaxed too! Looked like chocolate milk only had a BANG to it! Pretty good stuff, didn't taste like wine at all.

The Wife said...

Sometimes a simple quiet day is the best thing you can ask for. Glad you enjoyed yourself and relaxed.

Nancy M. said...

I'm glad you had a great day. I love sitting around relaxing! My tree kept getting undecorated by my two year old, so I probably shouldn't have put one up, either.

joolzmac said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and just what you needed.

I was blessed to have all my family with me (except for one nephew, his wife and 3 kids) - I have 4 sisters, 5 brothers in law, 2 sisters in law, 11 nieces & nephews, and they have 15 little kids between them! We also had 6 others from their extended families join us. What a day - I was screaming for bed by 10pm! It was lovely to hear my 79 year old Mum quietly say, while surveying the chaos with a smile on her face, "I made this family".

Enjoy the break before we get stuck into another year,


Homestay Mama said...

Ahh, yours sounds like a very sane Christmas to me!

Mine was rather chaotic...I played the piano for the Christmas Eve service at Church and spent Christmas Day with old-time friends. Today I had a second Christmas dinner at my house with a different group of friends. Tomorrow I'll be playing the piano for our service at the nursing home and afterwards passing out teddy bears, socks, etc. to the residents. Monday I head back to work. I haven't relaxed yet--and it doesn't look like I'll get the chance to do so anytime soon!

So, like I said, your Christmas sounds very sane--simple and satisfying, too!

farmlady said...

You are my shinning example of resilience. Losing children is something I would not recover from. There is always sadness in life that fills the inner spaces of the heart, but you have filled your heart with love and humor too. You, my friend, show us how to continue on...
May the New Year bring you wonderful new adventures and many blessings.

Treehouse Chef said...

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Those laid-back contemplative moments are wonderful. The old guy sounds like the male members in my family.


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