Monday, August 2, 2010


There's been a lot going on around here lately, and by a lot, I mean a LOT.

We're still working on the details of the house in Murphys, so that's still kind of up in the air... I'm working on scheduling renovations on this place..
And I had the appraiser in the other day to give me a ball park figure.
Now the figure wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but with the kitchen and bathroom re-do's and some new carpet, that should change considerably.

But with the Ch-ch-changes part?

That's me trying to talk with my fingernails in my mouth... and my teeth chattering because I'm scared spitless.

See, I took a stupid giant step the other day, and I resigned my position as carer with ermm... my employer.
Effective on the 16th of August.
Like 7 days from now.
Just a few days before my birthday, actually - and kind of early birthday present to myself.
I like idiotic presents.

Now, I'm taking a giant leap of faith... But because I have faith, I know that God will catch me, before he lets me fall flat on my face.
I hope.
God? Are you listening?

I was a little nervous about telling my 'parents' that I was quitting, but do you know what?
Almost every single parent but one asked me if I would consider continuing care - only doing it privately.

So I've quit my job... but I'll still be working.
Only this time on my terms, and with the best possible outcomes for my children in mind.
Less money, but far less stress - and that's a good thing.

But to tell you the truth?

As glad as I am to see some of these ch-ch-changes, I feel like this right now.


Libby's Library said...

Oh my dearest Crisco Cohort...sending peaceful and calming vibes your way, along with prayers for all that you are in need of!

Out Back said...

Good on you Kate...

I think a lot of carers will be taking this option sooner or later because too much is expected of Day Carers. It is way too stressful.

You will do well...


Homestay Mama said...

You're going to be OK, Katie. It sounds like you are doing the right thing! I'll be praying!



Kathy said...

Sending up a prayer or two for your plans to work out for you. I don't quite know what all is involved but I know a big decision like this is very scary. God will have your back!

Marjie said...

I hope you told Ms. Bird-Brain from the previous post to go pound sand. And since you're working on going home, you'll be fine.

And you know what? The first thing people do when they move into a new house is paint and change whatever they can to make it theirs, so think about how much cosmetics will cost against what they will gain you in increased value, OK? Yeah, it's me, old Practical.

Anonymous said...


Nancy M. said...

I know everything is going to work out for you Kate! Don't be so scared! He'll be there for you! I wish you the best of everything! You are the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I have looked and felt just like that many a time.

It will be amazing how good you will feel very soon.
I quit my job about 4 years ago(weekly pay check job that is) to stay on the farm. I can't say there isn't times I miss the money and benefits but I am so happier and more at peace with myself now. Life is too short to be unhappy and more money just isn't happiness sometimes.

If I hadn't quit my job, my husband and I wouldn't have started the HenPals Chicken Nest Box business. It just all came together, like it was meant to be!

I know you made the right decision and everything will come together.
Have a great day.

diney said...

Sounds like a big decision but it must be the right one if it means less stress? Who needs that.


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