Sunday, August 15, 2010

I don't get no respect.

In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, "I don't get no respect."

I spent most of the morning cleaning house, including moving all the furniture, vacuuming the floor, vacuuming the furniture (hey, I've got cats) washing the walls, and then plumping and re-arranging the pillows neatly on the sofa.

Once I was done, I poured myself a cup of coffee, and went in to sit down and have a bit of a break before tackling the bathroom, and this is what I found.

Hey.. are we comfy there?

No, I mean it. Answer me. Are we comfy there, Bear Butt?

Is this the way you found the pillows, or have you done a little bit of re-arranging of your own? Hmmm?

Never mind. I'll just go sit in the chair.

Oh cheeses... I don't get no respect!

And just FYI? Please think twice before you go and name one of your animals something cutesy or "original".
It creates some funny looks and a whole lot of embarrassment. Especially when you're at the animal doctors and the vet comes out and says to you:

Kate? You can bring your Bear Butt in now.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

We have rules in our house that are strictly enforced: 1. Removal of sleeping cats from ANY furniture is forbidden. 2. If one has a cat on their lap they do not have to get up for ANY reason except if the house is on fire. This includes bathroom breaks and or snack re enforcement. Said chores, when possible will be performed by any member of the household without a cat on their lap. Anyone disobeying these rules will be forced to swallow one large fur ball.

farmlady said...

You cats must be emailing my Corgis. They are doing the same thing. I told them they need to share the couch. They don't listen. That's when they get politely moved. Yes, I know it's mean, but life is not fair and dogs and cats are,well.... dogs and cats.
After all....who cleans the place up?
You deserve the best seat in the house.

Roslyn said...

"ILLEGAL= illicit, prohibited or not authorized by law."
I couldn't have said it clearer or better, Kate. As an expat Aus./naturalized US citizen I am proud of both of my countries and their historical record around the world & I am deeply disturbed at the current political correctness in both countries and the issue of ILLEGAL immigration that is bankrupting both countries. AZ prisons are FILLED with ILLEGALS who have committed further crimes after entering in the country ILLEGALLY. The problems are too numerous to list. Thank you for posting more about this very important issue & for your stand for each of us to be respected in our opinions..

Ola said...

And do you still have a place to seat?:)

Sherri said...

hahaha Katie
I know somebody who named their cat Shit Head.

Marjie said...

Your pictures, dear friend, are why Thor does not sit on the furniture. Except in the kids' playroom, when the kids are already on the sofas; but he skulks off when I appear in the room. He knows the rules.

Have men been propositioning you when vets talk about your Bear Butt?

Staci said...

cute kittys!! BTW i love opening this blog and seeing this design...i still love it after all this time...

thanks for keepin it! ;) sorry ive been MIA, been in school....sigh

Anita said...

LOL made my day :)

Chocolate Cat said...

Did you not know, Dogs have masters, Cats have support staff!!! We have this magnet on our fridge to remind us should we complain that it is their house, we are merely there to look after their every need!!!

Nancy M. said...

I'm sure they appreciated the nice fluffy pillows you fluffed for them! They are doing my favorite thing, napping, lol!

Karen Deborah said...

you are hilarious! love it!

R. J. said...

We are lucky the cats let us share their quarters.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

LOL :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet they think you have a very special relationship with your vet!

The hair here is epic, too. I think both dogs lost their undercoats and now I could wEAVE a coat!

Pam said...


Terry said...

I just finished with the vacum,we have had dust storms this week and I just can't get rid of the sand .
I finally got it every time the doors open someone tracks in what I just swept out !
Not to mention what the wind blows in .
Loved your post and I must bear in mind the whole naming pets advice :)
Take care now.
Blessings of joy to you and yours
Until next time
Happy Trails

Margaret said...

I can just imagine the looks you get with a cat's name like that. Reminds of the wors from the Cats musical.

Bustednuckles said...

Don't make me laugh. I had a cat named B*ch, the vet sent a reminder to my Grandmother addressed to Bitch, insert last name here. She was not impressed. I had a cat named Sh*t head, one named F*ck head, one named C*ck bite too.
It's a blast calling your cat late at night in a loud voice. Lots of porch lights come on.

Irregular Kiki said...

veeeeery cute.


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