Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm such an addlepated doofus...

It's recently ( and repeatedly, I might add) been brought to my attention that I haven't filled any of you in on the additional and/or latest status of the house I bid on.

Several of you have commented on the fact that I haven't updated y'all at all since the post
"I'm still blue in the face"
And as well, a few folks ~namely Miz Becky @ Becky And Her Babies and Miz Nancy @ Southern Blessings ~ have sent me numerous emails... wanting to know what was going on regarding the little house in Murphys.

So I apologize for keeping you in the dark - especially after all your sweet prayers and good wishes.
I could have sworn that I said something on the blog, but I guess in fact I just posted it on facebook and shared it in a few private emails.
Me bad...
But I told you before, that I needed a minder - now didn't I?

Well, you can at least un-cross those fingers and toes and other assorted body parts now.
At least temporarily, anyway.

We're still waiting.

It seems that with the Christmas holidays and all, the real estate agent for the winning bidders has been a little slow in getting back to us.
Now, I don't really believe that it's because of all the houses that she's been selling for Christmas, so methinks that she's just not very "on the ball", as it were...
Although she did pop around to my son's house a few days back, asking him to show her the septic and leach fields, and now - on behalf of the owners - she wants to get a surveyor in.

So the waiting game continues.

But... I keep having this niggling thought in my head.
I told you that I was praying that the house would someday be mine, right?

Well, it seems to me that my losing the house was a pretty clear and resounding "no" on God's part ...
And even though there is still a chance that it can be mine, I keep thinking that God wouldn't have me lose out by $6,400 dollars, just so I could turn around and later pay a higher price.
I don't believe God works that way.

And even IF the owner and agent decide to take a loss, and sell it on to me for far less than they paid, if God really wanted me to have that particular house, why would he let the bidding go so high, knowing that I need every last penny for renovations?

If I was really really meant to have it... wouldn't it have gone for around $25,000 in the first place?
And wouldn't the other guy's agent have gotten a flat tire, or neck boils or something, on the way to the auction ... so that he couldn't outbid me?

So the "waiting game" continues... but I'm not sitting around on my cute little butt.

We're also looking at transportable homes, and Josh has found one that I'm absolutely drooling over. With a master bedroom suite, 2 additional bedrooms, a mini-bar and a wood-burning stove, as well as a huge deck. Room for guests, (and I hope to have a lot of 'em) as well as space for the grandsons to whoop it up a bit, while grummie sits on the old front porch swing and casts adoring glances at them.
When I don't have guests, that is.

These transportables are all homes that could easily be set up on a small portion of Josh and Becky's land for far less money than what this other place would potentially cost me. (including transport, as well as all set-up costs, such as permits and hook-ups, utilities and the like)

I could even place it basically 15 feet behind the other place (the one that I didn't get) and I would still be far enough away for privacy... but yet still near enough to get the occasional morning cup of coffee ~ personally hand-delivered by my lovely family.

So there ya have it ~ in a nutshell.

To be continued...
(eventually, anyway)


Pam said...

Thanks for *finally* letting us know!

The transportable home sounds pretty sweet, too though.

Becky said...

Like a manufactured home? That sounds really nice, spacious and beautiful. Thanks for the updte. It WILL happen! We will wait patiently with you!

Marjie said...

Well, I'm glad to finally know! I have been wondering, but not wanting to harass you and maybe depress you. And if your son has the transportable option for you, then, as the kids would say, "WOOT!"

farmlady said...

What ever will be will be... I know you will get here, come hell or high water, because I know how badly you want to come home... Even if you have to pitch a tent.
I do like the idea of a manufactured home. Some are sooo nice and they build them to regular housing standards these days, so they are really good in earthquakes.LOL! Just wanted to see if you are really serious about coming back. Earthquakes always stop the faint of heart.
Just get here.....

Homestay Mama said...

That is making much more sense! I've seen some manufactured homes that were very nice inside--and they build them to be very energy efficient. So I think you are on to something, there!!!

I guess I should go check FB more often, but I've been so dang busy, I'm lucky to read e-mails and my favorite blogs!

Momlady said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for whichever way it works out in your favour.

Anonymous said...

Still holding my thumbs though :-)

We really don´t have those transportable homes up here, so I have big difficulties imagining it at all :-) :-) But to be honest, it sure sounds as it was a great thing to buy!

Have a great day now!

Terry said...

I am so glad you posted this update.
It sounds like a much better deal this transportable home with coffee service too :)
I'm still praying just the same for all things to work out in the time that they need too.
Blessings of peace as you wait.
Hugs from Texas
Until next time
Happy Trails

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Sounds like things are falling into the right places...How ideal would that be! My parents live in a 'modular' home which is like a big double wide trailer. You would never know it though once you put a foundation and garden around it and the inside is HUGE! All the best Kate.

Nancy M. said...

I think it's great that you're looking at other options! I know whatever is meant to happen will! We just always want stuff on our own time, not His. Good luck!

Roslyn said...

Good to know you are still [maybe] in the running & that you have the option of the relocatable!

Graceful Threads said...

Hurry up and wait, thats the nature of house buying isnt it?


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