Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Bosch Tool Company

To whomever it may concern,

You may think that I'm nuts... and you may be totally correct in that assessment, but I recently wrote to your customer service department in the USA, to tell you of the wonderful experience I've recently had with your cute little Bosch Prio.

This may come as a surprise to you, but we women use tools too - albeit sometimes for a different reason than men - and we occasionally use them for different purposes than which they were primarily intended.

Alas, within mere hours of sending the email off to your customer service department, I received a return email, recommending contacting a representative of Robert Bosch Australia Pty. Ltd. here in Australia.

And that's where my quandary begins.

Yes, I do live in Australia, but as you could see from the blog link I sent you (detailing my recent wonderful experience with your product) my readership is largely US based, with a smattering of European and Asian Pacific readers. Oh... and one lone reader in Brazil.
Now that one lone reader in Brazil may have a handle on how to keep her feet totally soft as well as her body hair-free, with all the Brazilian waxing and buffing and all that stuff going on, but my extended readership in the US and various other countries have little or access to Brazilian techniques.
Nor does a large percentage of my extended readership need access to, Australian sanding tools.

Admittedly, some do, ( I have a wonderful group of Australian readers as well) but most don't... and with the difference in electricity and all, trying to plug an Australian tool into a electrical outlet in Duluth Minnesota or Hiawassee Georgia - well... honey, it just won't work.
I don't quite understand why, but I'm sure someone at your company knows.

See, as I explained in my initial email (keeping it to the recommended 1000 characters) I'm interested in having Bosch assist me with a little giveaway on my blog.
And seeing as how 92.8% of my readership is US based, it just made perfect sense, (to me at least) that when giving away products to readers who primarily live in the US, it's kind of helpful to at least have a product that's usable in their country.

So, with that in mind... and in all fairness and everything, maybe it would be best if we extended the products given away on my blog, to products that are usable in different countries, keeping in mind the different electrical cord/plug configurations and all. Or the electricity differences or whatever.
To tell you the truth, that stuff is just beyond me.

Now, taking into consideration the speed with which my initial email was read and responded to... and the recommendation that I contact the Australian branch of Bosch Tools, I'm beginning to think that my blog link went unread... and that saddens me.

I may not be in the same league as Pioneer Woman, but I have had 11,504 people read my blog since I first started 6 months ago. Like I said, I'm not in PW's league at all... but 11,504 readers is nothing to sneeze at.
And do you honestly think that it stops there? When an idea or a product is mentioned on a blog, friends tell friends... who then tell their friends... So the possibilities of getting the "word" out there, are endless.

I do (very sadly) suspect that my blog link went unread, and if so... well, you simply didn't see the potential for a line of power tools made primarily for women.
Made for women who have smaller hands, and in some cases, bigger imaginations than men when it comes to alternate uses for your products.

I'm sure you have engineers and whatnot who have done exhaustive studies and measurements of men's hands, coming up with a product that fits the typical mans hand.
Why not do the same for women?

And the possibilities? Oh my... the possibilities!
Most women do not venture into hardware stores alone. They go shopping with their men - or in some cases, with other women. In some cases, gaggles of women.
However, if I were to head into my local hardware store, in search of the perfect tool for sanding my rough, dry heels, chances are, I would have my man with me.

And when he sees me buy a cute little hand-held power tool for sanding my rough dry heels - my man, being a manly man, will have to "one-up" me.
So he will buy a tool that's bigger and badder than my tool.
It's human nature - at least where some men are concerned. My man being one of them.

So, theoretically, when I buy a tool, chances are, there will be at least two tools sold. One for me... and one for him. And I can almost guarantee you, his tool will be bigger and more expensive than mine.
And if a gaggle of women went into a hardware store looking for the perfect hand-held tool?
Oh my...the chances for multiple sales could be staggering!
Especially if those tools are shaped and sized to a woman's hand...
(and before I forget, the color is a HUGE consideration, when it comes to women as well.
Think pink.)

You have the potential here to make the difference to possibly thousands of women. And when your boss learns of your success, (how could he or she not.. with sales skyrocketing?) it could do nothing but amazing things for your possible "rise through the ranks".

That is, if you have a desire to rise through the ranks.

You may be content to simply put your 8 hours in and then head home to the family, or head home to the myriad of things that need doing around the house.
Maybe you're lucky to be single woman, and have the chance to go out with the girls for a night on the town.
Just think of the shoes you could wear, if you had smooth, silky heels... like mine!

So please, sit down ... take a moment to read the blog link I sent you ( I will enclose it again, seeing as how you may have deleted my last email) and please consider helping me sponsor a giveaway of the cute little "Bosch Prio" on my blog.

Two small products is all I'm asking for - no... make that four - keeping in mind the different electrical outlets / power wattage thingamajiggies... so that women everywhere are able to have the chance to win your wonderful, wonderful product... and to have heels that are as soft and smooth as mine are.

I've been contacted (both through my comments form and by private email) by women who are interested in purchasing your "palm-sized sander" -- The adorable little "Bosch Prio".
Now I'm sure that you've heard of the poor global economy - and how people are having to squeeze a nickle until it screams.
But women being women, no matter what our finances or our personal heartaches, we all want to feel and look our best.

I was contacted by one woman who said she was going to start saving her pennies to buy herself a Bosch Prio. But with the current economy, how feasible is that?
Another said that she used a drimmel to cut her toenails. (as do I for lack of a better tool - but only one toenail)
Yet another said she hadn't worn cute shoes in years - simply because of the dry cracked skin on her heels and the embarrassment it caused.

See? The need and the want is out there.
By giving away a few products on my blog, women will talk. Women (if they're not lucky enough to win the giveaway) will go out and purchase your product.
They will take their man or other women with them.

In the long run, you'll thank me for even asking you to sponsor a giveaway

Dear Bosch representative... we need a line of products tailored to a woman's needs.
A multi-purpose product that can be used around the house... but as a personal care product as well.
Think of the possibilities :
A product for removing dry and cracked skin - as well as paint on a windowsill.
A product for trimming our personal *lady gardens* - as well as the flowers on the front porch.
A product that gently exfoliates and gives us the skin of our youth back - as well as smoothing rough spots around the house.

The old saying that "No man is an island" needs to be updated to
"No woman likes to look like she's been living on a deserted island."

And I think you're just the company to do it.

By sponsoring a small "giveaway" on my blog, you could be doing a favor for thousands of women... as well as getting your name out there, to to a huge, un-tapped percentage of the population.

Just tell me that you'll think about it.
Think outside the square for just one minute, and I'm sure you'll see the endless possibilities!

Thanking you for your time and consideration...
And I'm truly looking forward to our future partnership.

(aka Tatersmama)

(the blog link I told you about :

plus, I'm also enclosing before and after photos of my heels, so you can see the amazing results of one lone woman "thinking outside the square")


Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh - My Super Spud Woman - You make me proud!
Think you can grease this thing with Crisco?

Frugal Maven said...

If that epistle doesn't galvanize them they don't deserve your business. After the brouhaha subsides over the sander/pedimagic heel fixer, maybe I will approach shop vac about how Travis McGee used to use said tool as a low-rent flowbee to cut my hair. We are all so inventive!

darsden said...

LOL be still my heart...a woman running power tools beside me..LOVE it!

Becky said...

I sure hope you can pull this off! I sure don't want any part of a brazilian wax and neither does the girl who does my brows. I sometimes use a weedwacker or bushhog on my legs though!!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

You rock .... way to go, girlfriend. I LOVE it! Do you think you might have a spot on HGTV or "This Old House"?

I can just see it now ... (me to friends)

"I heard about this first hand from the horses' mouth. Well, no, not a horse and definitely not a mouth ... it was her heel, noooo, Martha Jo not her HILL, it was her HEEL and it was a sander, yes, that's what I said, not SANDRA ... oh, Bosch ... forget it, okay?"

Jan Mader said...

I'd be offering you the job of CEO of the company in question...that is, if the company had any sense.

You go girl!!!

Bz said...

Wow... you are a mover and a shaker! :-) You know, really, it's people like you that move the world. I truly believe that.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

You go girl! And you tell them. They have no idea what they are missing out on obviously.


Robynn's Ravings said...

Go GET 'EM, Joan of Arc!!!! They better not bounce THIS letter! You know whereof you speak. Just takes someone to LISTEN!

Katidids said...

YOU THE WOman!!!! Can you imagine the safety warnings that would come with it! LOL, if an iron comes with directions "do not Iron while wearing garment"......that is a for one to the toilet paper company when all the plys are off....
OMG my word verif is your big girl panties on!

Homestay Mama said...

Great letter! Hope they read it and come around!

You posted a before picture, but did I miss the "after" pic?

Marjie said...

Dear Bosch Power Tool Dudes:

What Katie Said! In spades!

And did you know that a sawzall is perfect for cutting a frozen 3 pound block of spinach in half - just right for feeding about 6 people? Ah, the alternative uses for power tools - they make hubby bellow every time I head toward the tool closet!


Katie's friend Marjie
Who would also like the prio!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

ROFL MAO You are so funny my friend ... I certainly hope they are listening but if they don't , try one of the other companies.

Perhaps your followers should send an email asking where to buy the "Heel Smoother"?

My word - exactic

Andrea said...

You go girl! Great post...they would be nuts not try it out! :)


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