Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I haven't disappeared

I've just been busy... as well as feeling a titch under the weather.
Probably thanks to the weather.
One day it's lovely and the next it's rolling fog... or constant drizzle.

And speaking of weather, this is definitely going to be the year I invest in a dryer.

Not that this is my house, but you get what I'm sayin'... right?

I've been arguing with myself over it,
because there's a huge part of me that hates the energy-wasters
and I love drying clothes on the line.

But no matter how many times I list the pros and cons...
(and the cons always win)
I still hate living with my tiny dining area looking like that picture.


darsden said...

I love my sheets on the line. They just smell so fresh. But my clothes I don't like the stiffness.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

I have a neat idea ... send some 'drizzles' our way (central Texas) we are still having drought conditions here. But I agree, I love the smell of clothes that have been hung out on the line. We just got a he (high efficiency) washer and dryer ... they are wonderful!! I am glad to know that you have not disappeared.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Go for the dryer. You can use it when you need it and hang when you don't. Life. It should have options!

The Wife said...

Maybe a cheap dryer? That way you don't feel to bad about buying it and you won't feel to bad about not using it all the time? I'm a cheap kinda girl myself!

The Wife said...

Hey my WV was that like Head Miser! I said I was cheap but that's going a little far Blogger!

Sherri said...

I love the smell, but can't stand scratchy clothes and towels. Down here it gets so hot in the summer that by the time you've hung the last piece of clothing it's time to take them down, they don't even get a chance to get that fresh smell. I have learned though that if you fluff dry your towels for a few minutes before hanging them, there not so scratchy.

Andrea said...

I love clothes drying on the line, too! But you cannot argue the convenience of a dryer...go for it! :)

joolzmac said...

Hi Tatersmama

A tumble dryer is a must in my house. I work each day so to be able to dry our 'smalls' instead of hanging them all out is great. I do have a line under our pergola now so I hang towels out until they are nearly dry then fluff them in the dryer for about 15 mins. I also have a drying rack for windcheaters and track pants. Chinese laundry is such a good look!

Hope your feeling better soon

Cheers - Joolz

Out Back said...

I consider myself lucky as I don't need a dryer.

1. I have a clothes line hanging under the verandah.

2. The lack of rain in this area.

3. The best although it can look untidy is clothes drying in front of the wood fire.

I do have a normal clothes line and there is nothing better than the smell of fresh clothes.

I add bi carb soda to my wash water as it acts as a water softener and safer for the environment.

My poor brain.

Have a great day and I hope you feel a better soon.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Get a dryer!
We invested in one just after our second son was born and it is wonderful! I just can't dry clothes for 4 people fast enough in the winter.
Just 'cos you have one, doesn't mean you have to use it all the time, just use it when you have to :)

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

oh and I hope you're feeling better and not quite so busy today :)

Treehouse Chef said...

Where do you find all of these funny photos! I like line-dryed clothes myself.

Anonymous said...

Kate, that is too funny! My husband wouls crap if he saw that! He shakes his head about the clothes line.

Katidids said...

I hang mine also but just till they Almost dry, then I tumble for about 5 mim...makes a big differnce..and the new dryers do not suck as much energy as the old....your worth it!

Reddirt Woman said...

I don't think there is anything nicer than sheets dried out on the line in the sunshine... but i don't have a clothesline now. I'm going to try to get one put in before summer... of course, if it keeps raining like it has been, I wouldn't be able to use a clothesline now anyway.

Hope you get out from under the weather...


Nancy M. said...

I've been feeling bad too! I hope we'll both feel better soon! I would definitely get a dryer. I try to usually dry my clothes on the racks like you, but sometimes I need it dry faster, so I am glad to have the dryer as backup.

Bz said...

You know, Tmama... I'm a tightwad... cheap.... I pinch a penny until Lincoln cries... well, this is what I've been told. I prefer to say that I'm FRUGAL.
ANYhow, I am learning ...and I'm not even that 'old'... I am learning that Life is short and some things are okay to buy to make the time here that we have a little more enjoyable.
I think you should JUST DO IT! Go get that dryer. You will be glad you did it.
Oh, and I'm sure glad you haven't disappeared... I did start to wonder about my generous Aussie friend.
Another oh... do hope you feel up soon. Eat a bag of chocolate Tim Tams all in one sitting... it IS okay (I did it in about two sittings ONLY because I made myself). They say the flavinoids (sp?) in chocolate is a mood lifter.

Rick said...

Buy a dryer. You'll thank me for that advice later.

Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog Tater Mom. I am honored - truly.

Stay "tooned" and God bless,


The Old Dairy said...

First of all I hope you are feeling better...
Second how come you get rain??????
Third just go and buy the darn thing woman....
Fourth O.K drizzle but hey it's better than what I got..LOL

Kurichan said...

I've told you before that I am a dryer gal!!! Growing up in AZ, we simply didn't hang things out on the line for fear they would fall apart with the atomic heat! I grew up always hanging shirts and other more delicate clothing on hangers on a rack indoors---and the whites, towels, jeans, etc in the dryer. So when I moved to Melbourne a dryer was just about my 1st purchase! There was no way I was gonna start wearing crunchy undies and use scratchy towels!!! I must use my Bounce sheets!!! So go out there and buy your dryer so that when Costco opens here and has Bounce you will be ready!!!! :-)

Silver said...

yeah.. i'll say - go for the dryer too..

life will make a lot more sense. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love hanging clothes on the line too. My dryer was out of commission all winter. I dryed clothes on racks just like those, over the vent.

Now my dryer is fixed and it is nice to throw those wet clothes in there on my busy days.

Have a great day.

Terry said...

Get well wishes for you sweetie !
Go for the dryer when you must but do not forsake the old clothes line.It is still the best .
Maybe you can have both .
Take care.
Happy trails

Tatersmama said...

darsden, I love the smell of line-dried too, but we get enough wind that they aren't stiff at all...
Friutcake Sandy, I put a bucket in the mail.;-) We're in serious drought conditions too, and I don't mind the rain at ALL - I just wish it would do more than just drizzle!
Robynn, I think that's what I'm going to do. I do a LOT of washing because of the kids and I just can't have it hanging around in the way all day. Dryer for wet days, the line for dry days...
The Wife,aka headmizer (*snort*) I saw one in the paper for under $300, and if I don't use it often, it should last me for years.
Sherri, I know what you're sayin'. I love my sheets crisp, but scratchy towels? No way!!
We get maybe 5 days a year when the clothes dry that fast, and I use every minute of the day, believe me!!!
Andrea, Yeah... I think I'll go for the convenience, but I'm thinking of getting another airing rack as well.. and I can still dry a lot of it undercover.
The dryer for big stuff and the rack for smaller things.
Joolz, I've made up my mind! A drier, it is!
Thank you...I feel somewhat better this morning, so fingers crossed that the under-the-weather-ness is just about done. ;-)
Out Back, Lucky you! I'm almost tempted to build a veranda on... More for me, than for the clothes drying though!
The kids will not leave ANYTHING alone, it it's within reach here! And I've found *smears* more than once!
Narelle, FOUR people? Hun I do enough sheets and towels and bibs and face-washers for an entire army! That's not even counting *my* stuff!
I need a maid, I think!
Thanks sweetie! Today's a busy one with 2 interviews, but things will calm down by 2pm I think. ;-)
Treehouse Chef, I'm addicted to google images! LOL! just type in
------ photos (strange cat/ laundry/mad-woman photos) and Bob's yur uncle!
Marilyn, that's not MY house... I swear!!!
Mine may be close... but it's not that bad! ;-)
Katidids, Yeah, I AM, aren't I? ;-)
Just think of all the extra blogging time I would have if I wasn't fiddling around with wet clothes! ;-)
Reddirt Woman, I'll only be using the dang thing when I HAVE to, because I just love the smell of line dried! But with 3 and 4 sets of sheets a day, ass't towels, bibs and whatnot for the kids, it's just too hard to do it alll on the line between rain showers!
Nancy, We're a lot alike, you and I! I hope your'e feeling better as well, because with kids, who has the TIME to feel under the weather? ;-)
Bz, I've just been busy doing laundry... because it never ends around here. Plus, I've only been running at half speed so it seems like the faster I go, the behinder I get! Honey, there's nothing wrong with being ermmm... *frugal*
You know what? I haven't bought Tim Tams for myself in ages, and I think it's about time I did, don't you??
Risk, It seems that great minds think alike, and y'all have totally convinced me! I had a browse around your site, and I have to say I'm VERY impressed!
I would LOVE for you to do something for my son for his birthday!
The Old Dairy, Yes, I'm feeling much better...Thanks!
Hun we aren't getting *real* rain yet. It's nothing more than irritating drizzle, but fingers crossed that this is the year the drought breaks!
Kurichan, Honey, it does my heart good to know that you aren't heading off to work in crunchy undies! And now I'm relieved to know that won't have to "listen" to your drawers next weekend! ;-)
Okay,I'm convinced. No more crackley knickies for me!
Silver, WILL it? That's all I've needed to do? ;-)
I will be pricing them this weekend, so fingers crossed I can find something within my budget!
Pam, I will make my life a lot easier, let me tell you! Just for those days that I need it, but it has GOT to be done this year! If I trip over this drying rack one more time, I'm going to lose the plot!
THANK you! I asm feeling somewhat better. :-)
I'll never give up my old clothes line, but it sure would be nice to have an alternative!

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Hey Kate - I was just talking about MY stuff! I'd *forgotten* about the day care washing!!

Get a dryer! You're making me tired just thinking about all that washing! I used to hate seeing my tiny house filled with laundry too. It's much easier now trust me!

Have we all convinced you yet??

Homestay Mama said...

Get a dryer, dear Tatersmama! You deserve a laundry break!


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