Saturday, May 30, 2009

A photo tag... and other stuff.

Kathy over at My New Beginnings, tagged me in a photo tag... and since I had no idea in the world what the 6th picture in my 6th folder was, this photo was a bit of a surprise to me.
Mainly because I don't remember saving it in the first place.
But I guess I did, or it wouldn't have been there, now would it?

This is just a pretty typical picture of a pretty typical day around here.
That's what I get to do for most of the day.... so is it any wonder I love my job?
(and doesn't my carpet look clean? It looks so clean, that I think I'll look at it through the lens of a camera more often!)

Here's what Kathy said about the photo tag:

You have been tagged. If you would care to play, open the sixth folder of "my photos" (your photos) and choose the sixth photo, post it on your blog and tell something about it. Then select 6 other bloggers to tag.

I'm going the lazy woman's way and choosing the first six bloggers on my current reading list, but if you haven't been chosen and want to join in anyway... well honey, just go for it!

I'm passing this tag on to:

Libby over at Neas Nuttiness

darsden over at RamblingsAboutWhy

Marilyn at Marilyn's Money

georgiafarmwoman at Life on a Southern Farm

And finally, Terry at Lady Liberty Patriot

Have fun!

Now there was other stuff, (hence the "and other stuff" in the title) but blogger has somehow in it's infinite wisdom, saved parts of yesterdays draft, but completely deleted others... so what can I say? It started flashing "cannot contact blogger" just about the time it went down... yet again. *sigh*
And now I've plumb I forgot what I wrote about in the first place.

Knowing me, it probably wasn't worth talking about anyway, but if I remember what I said, don't worry.
You'll be the first to know.

Anyway, I'm pushing this darn "publish post" button right now... before it has the chance to delete anything more - and screw me up again.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Okay - I'm in.

Hey - you never did say if you were able to bet Crisco at Costco...say that 5 times real fast!
Crisco at Costco
Crisco at Costco
Crisco at Costco
Crisco at Costco
Crisco at Costco

Tatersmama said...

Libby, I don't know yet... Costco doesn't open until July, but I've got my fingers crossed.
I DID however find some Aussie shortening in the refrigerated section of the grocery store the other day, so it might be worth checking out. Just for entertainment value, you understand.
Crisco at Costco
Crisco at Costco
Critso at crosso
Crickso ad Crosto
Crockso ack crotco
Hmmm....I wonder if I greased my tongue with Crisco, would it be any easier to say? ;-)

The Wife said...

I had to check out what my 6th picture in my 6th folder was just for kicks. It was the husband. Who wants to see that! ;)

Blogger always messes my comments up. Just when I have managed literary genius, it erases it. Then I lose all concept of what I had wrote and my window lickin' self appears before the world. It's a conspiracy, I know it!

Tatersmama said...

The Wife...
Ooooh... a photo of your hubby, you say?
I hereby tag you to post your 6th photo in your 6th folder!!!

I just hate it when I've hit my stride and get all erudite and genius-y and then blogger EATS the good stuff, leaving me to say cool stuff like "you know? and "ermmmm... well, you know"!

Anonymous said...

Gee Kate, could ya help me on this? Is this this 6th picture I posted on my blog? I even asked the little girl for help, Kristie, and she wasn't sure, of course you know I really am not very organized being a Redneck and all, so nothing is really in folders1 I only pretend to be good at the computer!

darsden said...

LOL that is pretty cool so I will play along and post what I find tomorrow. Thankyou for the tag and the link. I appreciate it :-)) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday evening.

Anonymous said...

Ok Kate I played Tag! Not really sure if it was right, but it was kinda fun!

Sooziebelle said...

I have to say that is a darned tasty-looking collection of plastic food you've got this Miss Tater!! I love the size of the roast chicken (or perhaps it's a spatchcock?) in relation to the peas!!

Clever idea, though ... the photo tag! Fun!

Hope your week is off to a good start and that your carpet stays clean all week!

Speaking of Crisco ... I was on a Yahoogroup a while back with some Aussies and they were talking about Chrisco (I think that is how you spell it) and I said, "No you can't get that here" ... LOL. And they explained to me that "Chrisco" is actually like a Christmas club where you put money in during the year and get a hamper of food stuffs before the holidays. (I get so easily confused sometimes!) Anyway just imagine getting a hamper full of cans of Crisco for Christmas for all your Christmas baking needs ... !!! And the note attached would say ... "Season's Greasings"!

Becky said...

Crisco at Costco, leave it to Libby! I have been having trouble reading blogs, they open up and then I get an error message from Internet Explorer and then it goes to an error page. So I have to start over again several times on some of the blogs, this has been going several days. You are such a delight to me, thanks for being you !

Tatersmama said...

Marilyn, You did just fine! Your girls are gorgeous... am I right in thinking that they take after their Mom? ;-)
darsden, I can't wait to see what you post tomorrow! Thanks for playing along. :-)
Sooziebelle, Yep, that's pretty tasty looking food, isn't it? I'm always amazed at the variety, and I need to buy a much biggerbox to hold it all!
Funnily enough, we have about 10 chickens, from hummingbird sized, right up to cooked goose - or maybe ostrich - and plenty of chicken legs, but strangely, there are no parts that went over the fence last!
Funny, that... ;-)
Becky, At least we still have email, if blogger isn't going to cooperate, eh?
And you're a blessing to me too, you know! :-)

Nancy M. said...

Interesting picture! I'm sorry that blogger is giving you such a fit! I am sure that whatever you had to say would have been very interesting!

Kathy said...

Good job Katie. Looks like a typical day in tatersmamaland.

Tatersmama said...

Nancy, That's the down side of getting older... I have CRS and it goes right out of my poor head if I don't write it down! LOL!
Kathy, It's like deja vu sometimes. I only had one little girl today and all she wanted to do was play pretend food. I drank enough pretend cups of "Wosey pee" (Rosey tea) that I had pretend bladder problems and will probably be pretend sleepless tonight!


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