Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Industrial strength beautifying...

You know that nasty, dry, cracked skin you get on your heels, from wearing slip-on's and flip flops during the summer?

That painful, horrible, unsightly skin that catches on everything and grabs at your sheets in the night, so that when you turn over, you end up wrapping yourself up like a Mummy in a B-grade movie?

Well, I'm here to tell you that I wear slip-on's year-round, and my heels had nothing on horse hooves. I could have by-passed shoes altogether... and just nailed some iron on my feet.

But I didn't want to do that, for several reasons.
Mainly because wearing horse shoes would make me look like an ass.

So I bought one of those cute little cheese-grater type callus removers.

It didn't work

I bought pumice stones, I bought razor trimmers and creams and lotions and potions and heel balm.... I bought just about every product I could find.
And although some of them worked somewhat, none of them worked completely.

Until I had a brainstorm.
See, I had been sanding my window sills outside, getting ready to paint... and the little hand-held sander I was using, was doing a great job of sanding the flakes of paint as well as the little bumps off the window sills.

You see where I'm going... right?
I thought, " Why not?"

So yes... I used it on my heels, and once again, my heels are as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom.
Pink, smooth, healthy looking and soft as silk.

This is one fantastic little sucker, and before you start thinking OMG, this woman is nuts for using something like an industrial strength power tool on her heels... let me tell you how it works.
This isn't one of those nasty-arse orbital or belt sanders that use sandpaper.
It's a hand held, re-chargeable, vibrating sander with removable, plastic-y velcro pads, that just jiggle at an incredibly high speed, but doesn't hurt at all.
It sands... but it's gentle at the same time.
I swear.

I tried it on my hand first - mainly because my mama didn't raise no fools... but it just vibrated... and I felt it, but it didn't hurt at all.

So I used it on my heels, and the end result is... those cracked dry heels I have been fighting all summer long, are now a thing of the past.

Bosch Prio, I love you !!

(pssssst... Anyone want to buy a miniature cheese-grater?)


rubiesrnotpurple said...

My heels are attrocious. Riles is always rubbing them saying "sore, mummy, sore".
I want a power tool!

Homestay Mama said...

What a great idea! I could sure use one of those right now! This just might catch on!

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Urgh I also suffer with heels like that!

My MIL gets FIL to sand hers too!!! Quite a sight!

I bought a chiropedy sponge from the chemist (a weird hard but holey, black soap sized bar) that you wet, rub soap onto and then scrub your feet with it. I think it's mostly used for corns and callouses. It works well for me but I have to use it everyday.

Nancy M. said...

I wear slip-ons all the time too! So, I totally understand your problem. I was a little scared when you showed me a power tool! But, I trust you, if you say it's safe and it works, I'll believe you! My hubby always wants new power tools, I could tell him it was for him, right?

Paula said...

I didn't know we all suffered with these dry icky heels. I have the weird hard holey soap bar thing too and she is right that will work if you use it in the shower all the time. The other thing I use is the pedi the one shaped like an egg and you can take the top off and throw away the dead skin. Yuck.

Happy sanding.

Katidids said...

Great Idea!...Us flip flop girls gotta "sand together" I also file my nails on concrete! They are so hard I cant use a file so concrete and then the drimel too when we trim the birds claws...we trim mine to.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I want to see an after photo...and I have to ask - how come your haven't rubbed those heels down, with CRISCO?

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Actually my friend went to the podiatrist and that's what he used on her heels. Apparently it does work well.

Just be careful you don't do too much sanding, nothing more painful than heels that have been over sanded. OUch!


Becky said...

I think if you use Crisco or vaseline from here on out and wear socks at night, it will keep your heels baby soft. I was going to buy the new cheese grater from Dr Scholl but will now invest in one of those sanders, maybe!! Gotta have my samdals and flip flops!!

Becky said...

NEWSFLASH------that tool must be only in Australia and the UK. It's not even sold on Ebay or Amazon,com. I'm gonna have to save up my pennies,nickels and dimes then send you money to buy me one. This while take me awhile!!! By then maybe they will sold here in the good ole USA!

Tatersmama said...

Rubies, Ooooh lovely...does he do foot massages too? It's never too early to train them, you know. ;-)
But man it DOES hurt when your heels start cracking!!!
Homestay Mama, Maybe I should contact Bosch and tell them there's a market for cute little pink sanders - we would all buy one!
Narelle, tell me more! Do you know the name of it? It sort of sounds like a pumice stone??? I'll have to check the chemist and see. I haven't seen one yet, but maybe I don't know what I'm looking for?
Nancy M. Hey, why don't you just go out and buy your guy one - and then use it yourself.
;-) Guys are always happy to have more power tools, and I won't tell, if you won't! lol!
Paula, I didn't realize that we ALL had the same problem either! I've probably spent more money on things for my feet than I have for my face... so now I can concentrate on something else for a change!
Ugh... isn't that skin disgusting???
Katidids, You too? I think I like you, girl! I have to use the drimmel on one toenail and it's a pain in the patootie. The nail grew thicker after surgery on my foot years ago, and a nail clipper can't even touch it.
We need to talk to someone and get a line of pretty pink products going for us girls!
Libby, Funny you mentioned it... I DID rub them down with Crisco last night, then put the Old Guys heavy socks on !! Now, if I can get him to take a picture of mt feet, I can prove to you how good that little baby worked! ;-)
Muddy Boot Dreams, Really? Then I saved myself some money! I think I would have been embarrassed to go to the podiarist though. *blushing*
Once I got the worst off, I lightened up on the pressure, 'cause I was afraid of hurting myself, but this thing seems fairly safe and not rough at all.

Becky, Ah, a girl after my own heart! Gotta have those slip-ons! Hun, I DID use Crisco last night and my feet feel fantastic this morning! LOL!

Try your local hardware store. I used the Old Guys Bosch, but I'm sure there are other palm-sized sanders out there. This one is a recharagble one, but corded would work too - maybe just not as versatile.

Staci said...

OMG you crack me up girl....ill have to recommend that to my hubby, he has those the WORST and scrapes my legs at night...i hate it!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Now, what you do, is you slightly reformulate, repackage, and call it a beauty aid professional heel sander and voila! You're rich and you're chartering a cruise ship to bring us all to Australia! Genius should be rewarded with tons of bloggy friends gathered around your oh-so-smooth feet!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Send me a plane ticket - I'll bring the Crisco!

I'll clean and cook - just don't expect me to rub anything, if you get my drift;-)

joolzmac said...

I bought myself a PedEgg and it works for me. It is a very fine 'grater' but it is gentle and sloughs away the thick dead skin. I am using is about once a week now and my heels are nearly back to normal. I wear slip-ons/thongs from October thru April and always suffer painful cracked heels. PedEgg is worth the $25-30 outlay.

Cheers - Joolz

Faithful said...

Fantastic idea! My hubby's podiatrist told him to use sandpaper on his re-ocurring foot callus, too. But now I'm investing in a hand sander.. for real! thanks!

Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

that is hilarious!

Jadehollow said...

Thank you for stopping by an becoming a follower..
I look forward to getting to know you.
Good Luck on the Giveaway!

Bz said...

There's nothing better than the real life stuff to crack people up. I can only imagine that year round exposed feet do get that rough feeling.
Say.... TOTALLY off topic AND one you may have already posted on that I may have missed... but on your sidebar, at the top left, where it says "home" ...okay, (naive/dumb question)... you don't live at "Murphy's Hotel", do you? If not, I'd be curious the significance of it??
p.s. Haven't forgot about the Lizard shirt pic.

Treehouse Chef said...

I too have cracked heals because I love wearing mules year round. I usually get a pedicure every two months,but my heals quickly feel rough between visits. Crisco and vaseline do not work! So, I will give this a try!

Together We Save said...

That is awesome. I so need this. My feet are gross.

Susan said...

I know what you mean. My heels get pretty rough so Hubby bought me a ped egg...waste of money. This is a fantastic idea...Ha who would of thought...a power tool... I want one too!


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