Monday, October 26, 2009

Eureka! I found it!

Well not exactly the bra that I was searching for...
But lookee here at what my friend Marilyn sent me !

Some one else lost their bra as well... This one!

but luckily, the other woman sure found hers!!

In the unlikeliest of places...

Okay... enough of that. But admit it... I heard you tittering!

Anyhoo, I got the eye exam done at Costco yesterday, and I was thrilled with the results - if not the procedure. My eyes are almost perfect, with no glaucoma, no pressure and no problems with the macula. My vision has even actually improved - I swear, because of the eye exercises that I do semi-regularly. And that was all good.

But I want to know when I became "my age".

The guy started off by saying "at your age, this time we're going to test for a few extra things, okay?"... but I sure as hell don't understand when I became "this age".

I really don't.

Yeah, I feel and act somewhat more mature than I used to, and I sure as heck look somewhat older than I used to, but if the truth be told, I don't really feel any different.

It kind of frustrates me that here I am, happily living my life and going about my business, and behind my back, body parts are inexplicably going down-hill to the point where I'm now considered to be in a special age bracket, warranting special tests and extra prodding.

Nowadays, it's special eye tests... getting the ol' mammy's grammed every time you turn around... and every time you mention anything at all to a person in a white coat, they seem to want to test for arthritis or bunions or liver spots or hemorrhoids some other "age-related" crap.

It makes me want to clam right up, and not say a word to anyone anymore. Yeah, right. Like I can keep my mouth shut?

But... the good news is that the complete eye exam with all the special new tests, with frames, lenses and all the other doo-dads that they did to me and gave to me, only cost me $178. all up.

My last pair of glasses, 4 years ago, with *buy one pair and get another one free* deal, cost me well and truly over 500 bucks! That's probably what aged me, right there. If I now have liver spots or hemorrhoids, it's probably thanks to the last eye doctor I saw.

So, with all the money I saved, I shopped.

I mean, I was as Costco, baby! What else is a girl supposed to do?


Marjie said...

A girl is supposed to shop at Costco, of course. Especially if she's just saved a bunch of money, whether by switching to Geico or by some other method. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. And the eye doctor gave me all the mumbo jumbo as to why our eyes get better at "your age" (or mine), and I asked him if he was really and truly out of high school yet. I swear he was 12 when he started working in that office.

Homestay Mama said...

Oh, dear! I haven't had my eyes checked in long while and at "my age," that could spell trouble with a capital T! Thanks for the reminder.

Staci said...

i need my eyes checked soo bad, i cant see at all at soo lazy about it....when i went for my physical for nursing school i was sooo embarassed when i couldnt read the letters.....i feel ya!!

farmlady said...

I HEAR YOU..., on all of this. When did I become the "at your age" woman? When did I start looking like a grandma to everyone? I never saw it coming.
Take good care of those eyes.

Bz said...

OMG ...had me there... with that lipstick kiss on a boob (I thought)... and I thought... that 'she's even pick that picture ... had me, I say!

Kurichan said...

So....was the guy who made such a rude comment Dave, the Canadian I have been talking with?


Tatersmama said...

Marjie, you know it, girl! There's nothing worse than a young twerp giving us the "line" when it comes to that stuff!
Homestay Mama, get IN there and get them checked! I mean it! It's quick and painless, so just do it, please?
Staci, did you just read what I wrote to Homestay Mama? Don't be a goose, girl! People want a nurse to be able to see their blood pressure reading, ya!
farmlady, I don't know. It just snuck up on us when we weren't looking, didn't it? *sigh*
Bz, I never even thought about the lipstick kiss, but I guess it does seem sort of odd, doesn't it? *blushin'*
Kurichan, YES! That was Dave! He wasn't really rude though... I just wish he hadn't said it...*sigh* Funnily enough, Col was being his usual dunderheaded self and not listening to a word I said, and I said to Dave, that it would be good to have an audiologist in-store, so that Mr No-hear here could have his hearing checked as well!

Tatersmama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh, Katie.....thanks for giving me a good belly laugh. And if you saw my belly, you'd know that's considerable. I NEEDED that just now. I'm out visiting because I NEED YOU!!

And I was blown away last night when Grizzly checked certain sites and told me that certain people supported me through those sites. You shouldn't have done that and I'm very, VERY touched. And appreciative. Thank you, Katie. You're one in a million.


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