Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shhhh... don't wake the kids.

Because if we do, my day will start a little earlier than I want it to... and my sanity hangs in the balance, I'm tellin' ya.
So let's just whisper, okay?
Lean close, so I don't have to raise my voice.

This is the final week of school holidays, and we're actually into "hump day" today, but I think that term is a bit relative, considering what starts tomorrow night.
I've been up to my eyeballs in kids for a week and a half now, and although I have to admit that they've all been excellent, I've just about reached the end of my tether, you know what I mean?

Cooking, cleaning, tidying, scrubbing, replacing toilet paper 27 times a day, emptying the garbage bin twice or even thrice a day, breaking up arguments over a lousy plastic tractor and cow...
I want on the computer, no I want on the computer, it's my turn now.Taters... Clinton is laying on the floor again and he snatched the balloon off Jesse and can I have some of that chocolate cake we made?

Whine, whine whine... And that's more me, than it is the kids...

I'm tellin' ya, my get up and go has got up and went.

And what's coming tomorrow night?
OMG, I don't know if I'll survive the coming days!
Well, I will, because I do... but surviving with my sanity intact, is something else altogether.

Tomorrow night, I get a family of 5 children, and I get them for FOUR (oops, I forgot we're whispering ) four bloody days, while the parents head to Queensland to see the dying grandpa.
They're all good kids, excellent kids in fact... but because they're kids, they act like kids.
And they need to be tended to, and fed on a semi-regular basis.
For four bloody days!!!

Thankfully, my part-time-permanent care child leaves at 5 o'clock Thursday night, to be put into a respite facility for a couple of days... so that's one less hungry mouth to worry about.

And then I'll no sooner get this looong nerve-wracking, yet joyous weekend over and done with, and my regular work-week will start all over again.
Minus school aged kids of course., so less cooking in the kitchen and less changing of toilet rolls...

Lord 'ave mercy...

Send help.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Well Taters - I've told you time and time again that you can just put all this behind you...just come and live with me!

Bacon - Crisco - Clean Sheets and Towels. No boogies (cept'n your own)and me for company 24//7!

Ha-ha my verification word is:
Au sili me, you ain'n never gonna leave the Old Gut!

Neas Nuttiness said...


Paula said...

I will trade you...your week for one old man who forgot where the toilet was and made enough mess for three people to clean up.......God help me kids sound good about now.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Katie I hear ya! I don't like school hols one little bit - not even a little! Well I do like not running Mr 7 to school and back everyday but that's all..... we're only into day 3 of 2 weeks (sob).

Hugs to you!

Sherri said...

NO THANK YOU! Oops sorry, forgot to whisper. Even though I seem to have more patience with my own kids then I do others (my mom was so wrong about that one) I've been a bit short tempered with mine because they all seem to act like 3yr olds at times. They don't want to help clean anything up (even though it's their mess) and they are quit capable of doing so. They want to stay up all night and sleep all day. I'm ready for school to start again!

Nancy M. said...

Sorry, wish I could help ya! It sounds as though it could be worse, though. Even if I did come I would have to bring 2 whiny children with me, no make that 3, I'd probably have to bring the husband too!

Becky said...

That Libby is always good for a laugh! The Old Gut, I laughed and laughed. Sorry you are having such a time! Wish we all could help you! Maybe a cup of chamomile tea might help, mine would have to have a little whiskey in it! Maybe just the whiskey! I love ya!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

The things we do ... well you do - the things you do! I stopped doing it a long time ago.

What's a little more crazy between friends? You know we'll still love you.

The Wife said...

I would love to come help but I have an appointment to have my teeth drilled sans numbing medication. ;o)

Terry said...

Oh my sweet Tater Girlfriend you do get into the most awful situations !
What are we to do with you ?
Hmmmm,well I guess we will send in the calgon by the gallon so you can lock yourself in the bathroom for oh say 5 minutes if your lucky .
Maybe the old guy can sneek you in a thermos of something cool and refreshing to drink :)
oops did I forget to tell you it was spiked for courage ??
I guess bottom line is we'll love you and let you vent after it's all over and done with .
Same bat channel,same bat time as last week ?
Seriously God be with you and give you the patience to tune out the noise and the stamina to do what a girl has gotta do to get by in this world.
Happy Trails

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh, I feel like I should be all holy and everything and tell you that if I was there I'd rush right over and help you but I'd be lyin' which would cancel out the holy thing and all. But I would hogtie you in the middle of the night and we'd run away and spend a week at the beach!

And Libby?? I'M busting a gut readin' your GUT remark! Oh, that one has me snorting!!!! I'm WITH ya, Becky!!

Kurichan said...

don't know how ya do it, Kate...but glad it's you and not me! ;-p
ha ha

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I don't like you anymore. I got my first daycare girl at 5:40 this morning, and my next one comes later & SHE stays til 11:30 tonight. You best sympathise before I start yelling & wake those midgets!

Tatersmama said...

Libby, Get the bed made up. I'm leaving tonight! The bacon and Crisco sounds nice, but it was your company 24/7 that decided me!
The Old GUT? Honey, you don't know how right you are! lol!
Paula, Oh dear... that's all I can say. You poor darlin'.
Narelle, I even had an inspection yesterday - but it went great! Though my boss did ask me if I was grayer than the last time she saw me...LOL!
Sherri, tsk tsk tsk. Do you have a wooden spoon? I hear it works wonders...lol!
Go on strike... that's what I used to do. If you don't pick up or do your chores, I don't cook.
Why? Because now "I" don't feel like it! (it works a charm, though it may take a day or two to sink in)
Nancy, Stay home...lol! But then again, your guy is handier around the house than mine is, so maybe something would rub off on the old guy. ;-)
Becky, Oh hun, why waste the tea bag or the cup? I'll just drink straight out of the bottle. Less clean-up that way! ;-)
Rubies, I KNOW you do! Because, quite frankly, what's not to love?
Now the "true" test of friendship is if you come visit me in the looney bin!
The Wife, Funnnnny! Do you mind if I join you? ;-) LMAO!
(btw, you owe me a new keyboard...lol!)
Terry, Calgon, take me awayyyyyyy!
Or we could just bypass the Calgon entirely, and I could just soak in that lovely spiked stuff! I used to drink the bathwater when I was a kid, so maybe I'll remember how to do it! LOL! ;-)
Robynn, I'll go big out my bathers and sunscreen and I'll even supply the rope!!!
The doors open and it's the second door on the left.
No...I take it back! I'm the third door on the left - the second one is the bathroom! Ah well, could you just give it a quick scrub on the way? ;-)
Kurichan, Now do you understand the grey hair, bitten nails and shaking hands? Oh... and the fat arse from eating comfort foods? LOL!
Michaela, I SYMPATHISE! (ooops...shhhh!) ;-) That makes for an awfully long day, doesn't it? My poor sleep-befuddled brain is saying thats almost 18 hours! You poor, poor baby! *hugs*
At least mine sleep over, and it makes it a little easier...
Girl, you ROCK!

Marjie said...

Rent a dog. One of those sheep dogs who can herd them into the yard and keep them corralled. Heave a basket of sandwiches out there for them and tell them it's an extended picnic!

OK, maybe not. Good luck with this. With your own kids, at least you can break out the wooden spoon!

Homestay Mama said...

I couldn't do what you do! I'd be in the loony bin already. So, I'll stick to hosting international students. But I had to chuckle...I still have to replace the toilet paper in their bathrooms--not quite as often as you, though! LOL

Pam said...

I'm trying to figure out your school age kids schedules. How long were they off? Do you still have summer vacation, even though it's cold there, right?

bringing up boys said...

I can't help you, I have OPK Syndrome, That is... I don't like Other Peoples Kids! Well, maybe you should take a holiday as well. Washington State is nice this time of year!

Faithful said...

HOLY COW! I mean.. holy cow..Ok.. Mrs T.Mama..I'm saying good-bye to the woman I've come to know and love ...cuz you will not be the same woman in 4 daze! What is your secret, Wonderwoman? Do you have a set of re-chargable batteries? My grandchildren can put me into the ground after 2 days! Neas Nuttiness..load up on the bacon and crisco ..after this week..she'll need to be on her way!!

Jan Mader said...

You truly are a saint!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Just checkin' on ya darlin' to see if you're still alive!!!!

Irene said...

Hi Katie
Sounds like you have been having fun(???)I haven't been around due to having a bad cold and didn't want to share it with you or kids.
Sorry to tell you but Calgon is no longer on the supermarket sheleves (I looked)and your not allowed to use the old wooden spoon on kids anymore.

Treehouse Chef said...

You are awesome! I could never do what you do!!!!!!!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Hey Katie,

Haven't heard from you in a while ... after the four days with the 'kids' did you survive? My hat's off to ya ...you are a better woman than I!

Bz said...

Okay... I've been "shushhhhing" (being quiet) this whole time. I sure hope all is well your way.


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