Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Can I please have a rain water tank for Christmas? A really BIG water tank?
I've been very good all year, (well, except for last night - but Cheryl did drink the last glass of wine in the bottle without offering to share) and although we don't get rain like this very often, I want to do my bit for the environment and save what we do get.

So can I please have a water tank? Pleeeeeeeese, pretty pretty please... with sugar on top?


(p.s. Kiss your reindeer's for me.)
(p.p.s. I also want some tea towels and a back scratcher.)
(p.p.p.s. BTW...Just how big is your sleigh? I might want to amend my list.)

We got rain last night. Lots of good soaking rain... and man, did we need it! It was lovely to keep waking up in the night and hear the steadiness of it ...and it kept lulling me back to sleep. Lulling me back after I kept getting up to.. errmmm... well, you know.
(It's hell being menopausal.)
Next year, I'm gonna ask Santa for an en suite, so I don't have to keep traipsing down the hall to use the loo.

These tubs and buckets were filled to the brim, from just what was falling from the SKY... no downspouts or run-off at all !! Wooo Hoooo !

I was gonna do a little dance of happiness that everything is thoroughly and completely soaked, but I was barefoot and my feet would have gotten wet. Plus I just had my shorty nightshirt on and if the neighbors had been peekin' over the fence... *blush*
Now all I need is some ducks !


Andrea said...

Don't you just love the smell of fresh rain? It's so full of possibilities!!! :)

Out Back said...

Beautiful rain, we had heaps yesterday as well, caused some flooding.

I have an award for you to collect over at my blog.


Geri said...

Sometimes there's nothing like a good downpour. Everything ends up all new and fresh.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

You know, it's going to be hot, dry and 36 degrees here in Perth today :( yuk!!

Taters I thank you for your comments and encouragement over at my blog.

I've shared more thoughts about God's love today. You're not alone struggling with what God thinks of you. It's hard to think He can love sinful, flawed people isn't it?

Have a great day:)

Sooziebelle said...

We got heaps and heaps of rain here in Northeast VIC over the weekend ... *yayyyy!* That was followed by lots of fog, and now the wind. It's great to have this right before the hottest part of the summer arrives ... though I think the farmers might have liked it to come a couple of months earlier.


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