Sunday, December 28, 2008

You think KC and the Sunshine Band is bad?

Well, guess who was dumb enough to teach the kids " The Name Game" song?
Yep, yours truly.... and I seriously, seriously regret it.

All I've heard all morning is " Tater, we can we sing the "banana-fana" song?"

Jack, Jack, bo-back,
Banana-fana fo-fack

Tater Tater, bo-bater
Banana-fana fo-fater

Hey, At least I don't have any children named Alice, Tucker, Chuck, Buck, Huck, Bart, Art, Mitch, Rich or Richie.... or I don't know how I would explain it to the parents. *snort*

C'mon... tell me that you remember the song !


Sherri said...

oh how funny, wonder how long it will be before they start sing those other names...hahahaha

Out Back said...

Too funny.... I bet your dc kids love coming to your house and don't want to go home!

Jack, fack, nickel ack
Fan fack, bubble back

Kelly, welly, nickel elly
fan felly, bubble belly

This is one I remember from my younger days.


Kathy said...

I sure do remember that one. My kids learned it at an early age too.

Tatersmama said...

If they start in with the "banana-fana" pleading again today, I swear, I'm gonna sedate the little darlin's ! Is that legal?

Andrea said...

Your blog always makes me smile....and even laugh out loud sometimes (like this time!) :)


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