Monday, December 8, 2008

Where's the time going to?

Lawdy lawdy Miz Claudie... what's happened to this month? Time's a-flyin' and I haven't gotten anything started for Christmas and time's runnin' out.

This last week has just flown by and I don't know where it went. Last Wednesday was my citizenship ceremony (my 2nd and thank goodness, final attempt at it) and the day had been so hectic that I barely finished work and had to make a mad dash for the Council chambers. I was in such a rush due to a late pick-up, that I never had time to shower, change my clothes or even purtify myself. And lawdy... I really needed some serious purtifying.

I took my oath in the same jeans that I had been wearing all day... with snot on the seat and baby spit-up on the shoulder of my blouse. (I must of looked like an idiot, with a scarf draped strategically around my shoulders... in the heat) My one and only citizenship ceremony and I refused to take a camera with us, since there was no way I wanted photos of myself looking like a complete dag. ( henceforth, I will specialize in nature photographs only, because I always look like a dag. That's just me. Sadly.) We didn't even go out to eat after the swearing in, because I was just too dad-gummed tired to do anything. And if I pass up food or a chance to eat out, you know I'm tired.

Thursday night was our "all carers must attend" general meeting, so I attended. Against my wishes, I want you to know. I think I did anyway. I remember at one point starting to nod-off and doing that little *snort* that we all do when we're falling asleep. Don't we? Oh please... tell me we all do it and I'm not just a freak.
At least the meeting was short and I was back home and in my jammies within an hour and a half. Because I passed on the stale bickies and coffee portion of the evening and just walked out. They probably never even missed me.

Friday was a day off work for me, but it wasn't a pleasant way to have a day off. And I cried. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

I got my young family options child after school (he's part-time permanent, so see if you can figure that one out, because I certainly can't) and after several days of respite care in a respite facility... man, he was in a foul mood. And they had been feeding him apples. This is a child with autism... and let's just say that apples do him NO good whatsoever. Mood, attention and the stinkin' nappies... oh my. There is nothing worse than finally getting a child to bed and an hour later, he has to be gotten up, showered and changed and the house thoroughly aired. *urp*

Saturday was a good day. I have to admit that. Saturday was a good day. I was tired as heck, but it did me a world of good to work out in the yard and get something accomplished. I managed to get some geranium starts planted, got the lavender cut back and got those in pots for starting as well and just had a relaxing day. Except for the nappies. Because one apple can mean days of cow-poos, let me tell ya. And for some strange reason, I've decided to gag when I change those nappies. Dirty nappies have never bothered me, but it must because I've been terminally tired from last week.

I attempted.... and attempted hard to get a sitter for my boy on Sunday, so I could go to the market in Creswick and see Miz K again, but no one would cooperate with me. Fancy that. I give and I give and I give... and when it's my turn to ask for a favor, no one has the time.
There was no way I was gonna put this young boy in the car for a long drive and then have to deal with his melt-downs once he saw the crowds, so Sunday ended up being pretty much as "do-nothing" day. I was disappointed that we didn't get to the market, but the "down day" was nice anyway.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful (thank you Jesus) but I have 2 cats to get to the vet's first thing this morning. They're both gonna be "anatomically altered" and I feel like a heel. I know it's stupid, but I feel like a complete and utter heel for taking their right to procreate away from them. I really do. Now I know it's gotta be done and that I'm doing the right thing, but still...
So, none of the cats have had any food or water since last night at 9... and of course they're all starvin' Marvin's this morning. Meowing piteously. Piteously, I tell ya. Looking at me with those big blue eyes. Green eyes. Blue and green eyes in the same face. Yellow eyes. (uh-huh I have a lot of cats) Weaving in and out of my legs, giving my feet kitty smooches and meowing.

Yep... I feel like a heel.

I plan on getting Wally and Bear in their carry case this morning, putting them outside on the veranda and feeding the others while Walls and Bear aren't looking. Oh it's cruel and it's breaking my heart, but it's got to be done. I just can't stand the noise any longer.

A quick trip to the vets to drop mother and son off and then I'll come back home, start working... (thankfully I only have 2 children today) and I will stress my head off until this afternoon. See, Wally ( the mommy cat) is a special case. She's blind, has a bad heart (you can hear the murmur) and she has always been severely anemic. Yeah... giving birth is hard on her, I know that... but I'm seriously stressing about the effect the anesthetic will have on her. Even the vet said that if she were his cat, he would think twice about surgery, so it's a scary thought that my Wally may not make it.
So if you're a praying kind of person, please pray that my girl comes through the surgery okay.

That's it... I'm going outside and I'm going to start biting my fingernails again. These cats crying for their breakfast is breaking my heart.
Only 2 more hours to go...


Out Back said...

Good luck with your day tatersmama, and I hope your cats come through their surgery okay.

You have had a busy week.

Congratulations on your citizenship, does that now mean you are one of us (aussie)?

This job does tire us out, and you do way more than I. I only work Tues - Fri 8.00-5.30. I did try some other options like night time, weekend and respite but I can't handle too much stress. Not good for my family either.

Fingers crossed for your little kitties.

p.s. I am not allowed cats as hubby is allergic or so he says!


Tatersmama said...

OMGosh.. do you have any idea how much these 2 kitties are going to cost me today? Little Bear wasn't bad, because he's just a straight-forward snip job, but my Wally... whew doggies!
With special fluids, special anesthetic, heart monitoring and all the rest, I could almost make a mortgage payment!

Thanks for the crossed fingers... it makes me feel better, it really does. >^o o^<

Sherri said...

Congrat's on your citizenship coughtraitorcough...j/k LMAO Miguel finally became a citizen here this summer after living here for the past 42 yrs. (and yes legally)Finally huh? Ok I'm assumning nappies are diapers? All I have to say to that is better you then me. I'm so glad my kids are way past that, hell, I have trouble picking up the dog crap in the yard without gagging...hahahaha I try to tell myself it's all in my head (it really is) but that still doesn't work..hahaha Anyway. congrats and get some rest girl

Tatersmama said...

Sherri, if I had had to give up my US citizenship like they used to have to do, I never would have done it. But this way, I have TWO passports to lose or misplace.
Oh joy.

Out Back.. Yep! I'm an official Aussie now!! Funny thing is... I don't feel any different. :-)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Ok..maybe I'm a tad dense, but do you run a daycare?
And good going on the citizenship! I take it that means you are all 'over' being homesick?? ;)

Kristine said...

Kate--Welcome to the Club of dual Aussie/US citizenship! Now get your passport so you have it handy! You will be amazed at how quick the process is here! ;-) Hugs!

Pam said...

Congrats on the citizenship! I hope your kitties did well, especially the one that needed all the special care.


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