Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Startin' the New Year off in a Scrappy kind of way

It's New Years day here and the day is startin' off just fine.

The blue sky from early this morning has turned to a mucky shade of gray and the rain's just starting... so I'm praying that it's a good omen for the New Year!

We could sure use the rain here in this part of Oz (well most parts, actually) and I would gladly forgo summer entirely, if we could just get these dams and reservoirs around here topped up with water! Here's hopin' that the year starts out, and continues with what we all need, no matter where we may live !! I'm getting sick and tired of taking 4 minute showers and if it gets much worse, we'll be cut down to only having a shower every 2nd day - and that doesn't even bear thinking about.

Now, I was doing what I usually do every morning - sitting down with a nice fresh hot cup of coffee and reading through my favorite blogs, when I came across this Scrap Award from Gizzards and Calf Fries. (check her out, I know you'll thank me!) which she has ermmmm...kindly passed on to all her followers... and I'm happy to say that I'm one of 'em! So, I've been "Scrapped"

What I'm supposed to do ( and so are YOU... so if you think you're getting off easily, think again!) is list 10 tidbits about myself that you may not know. Sounds easy, right? Well, think again... again ! (See? I'm making you think twice about reading this darn blog of mine in the first place. I'll do it one way or the other!)

Either I'm going senile and can't remember sh** anymore, or I'm just so darned boring that I have nothing worth telling... but I'm gonna give it a go and see what happens.

Just don't hold it against me if you fall asleep with your face smooshed against the computer screen, okay?

1. I was in love with John Walton. You know the one - the father from "The Waltons". Not John-Boy, because every time I saw John-Boys' face, I just wanted to scratch that darn nasty arse, melanomic looking mole right off his face with my fingernail - and tell him to grow some cajones. You want to be treated like a man John-Boy? start acting like one. No wonder that no girls wanted to kiss you much. But John? Daddy John? I simply loved that twinkle in his eye, that cheeky grin and the strong yet loving way he treated all his children. He also had a cute butt. But I lost that "loving feeling" as I grew older - because he grew older. Yes, I guess I'm fickle.

2. I have never been in an actual fight, but I did throw a tub of margarine at someone once, in a fit of pique. I'm not telling who though... mainly because if I do and someone asks him about it, he will carry on and on and on like I did something bad. Sheeeesh, it barely grazed his ear, but he'll make it sound like he was hit with a brick at 2 paces. For goodness sakes... I'm a girl, and I couldn't hit the side of a barn if I was standing right in front of it. The margarine was still usable afterwards, is all I'm saying on that little matter.

3. I love cats. I have 5 of them - 4 grown girls and one boy kitten, plus I'm currently boarding another girl kitten for a friend. A friend who may never get another rental and her current landlord won't allow her to have a pet. So I've got 6, if you count them all. And I love them to pieces. But if you ever think of making me one of those funny kitty-litter cakes, do NOT do it. I will *urp*. I swear I will.

4. I've never had a ticket of any kind in my life. That was one of the advantages of living in a small town in a small county - and being married to a California Highway Patrol officer. The two tickets I probably should have gotten, were not actually given to me... because of who I was married to. Knowing my husband, I think they felt sorry for me.

5. I'm a Quaker... a Birthright Quaker, though they don't use that term much anymore. My family have been Quakers since The Society of Friends was first started. Going right back to the 17th century. My great-great-great (+ a few more greats) grandparents were long-time friends of William Penn, and helped to found one of the first Quaker Meeting houses on Ridley Creek in Bucks county Pennsylvania - before William Penn was even granted the Province of Pennsylvania. It's in my blood... and in my heart.

6. I have a short attention span. Either that, or I'm incredibly lazy - one or the other. Because 6 out of "10 things you didn't know about me" is my limit. I've run out of "things". The well is dry, my brain is fried, the tank is empty and my bucket has a hole in it. I'm done.

Now it's your turn. Every single one of you lucky people who follow my blog, have now been tagged. Copy the award, post it on your own blog and tell me and everyone else 10 things that we didn't know about you. Let me know when you've posted it, so I can come over and check it out. I check your blogs out daily anyway, but I'm just sayin...

Just in case you're thinkin' about chickening out, I've written all your names down, so there's no point in clicking that "stop following this blog" button. Do NOT do it.

C'mon, it'll be fun... And there is no booby prize, if your well runs dry too.

Update Update Update...

As Sherri, who is one of my trusted (yeah...trusted to blab) almost- family members, has so kindly reminded me, I have another "little known fact" to add to my list. It wasn't that I was tryin' to hide anything, because my life is an open book... but rather that I had a bit of a menopause moment. Yeah... "That's the ticket". I had a menopause moment. (name the man that played that character - I dare ya.) Either it was a menopause moment, or it was self-induced amnesia. You choose.

7. Yes...It's true. I was a groupie. I was young, I was free and as a good Quaker girl in the years of Haight Ashbury, I got a wild hair up my yahootie and took up with the band. The Y part of CSN&Y to be exact. I dated Neil Young's sound engineer for almost a year and even had a teensy tinesy photo on the album cover for the soundtrack of Neil's 1972 film, "Journey Through The Past"... as a hippie chick. Which virtually meant, I got to look like myself. No makeup or hair stylist was used for the photo shoot and I didn't even have to take any acting lessons. As that music great, Buck Owens so eloquently said : "And all I had to do was act naturally". If... after I get even with Sherri for even bringing this up again and I'm in a fairly good mood, I might post some photos of me looking errmmm, "under the weather". "Under the weather" being a euphemism for illegally self-medicated. Which is another euphemism, but I'm sure that you can figure it out.

After that last revelation, I now just want to crawl under a rock. (Thank you again, Sherri. I think you need to take something for that recurring cough.)


The W.O.W. factor said...

How funny! I loved Daddy John too! His rugged & weathered features, to his soft words and tender hands!! BUT....Good ol Sam Elliot? He's getting old too and I love him more each day!!! ;)
6??? that's all you've got? I'm sure there's more you're not telling! just go look in the sunny mirror again.......I dare ya!

Pam said...

I hope you are enjoying your first day of the year! How wonderful to be a Quaker from way back and be able to trace it like that! Also, I have some ideas on editing your letter, I'll send them to you tomorrow.

Sherri said...

coughcoughcough, you forgot to add you were a groupie....LMAOOOO

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Hi Taters! I'm giving this challenge a go! I'm up to number 6 so give me a little bit longer and then pop over to get to know me a bit better :)


Neas Nuttiness said...

I hope that you enjoyed your meal, and that it brings you everything that it represents. Now - will you send the leftovers to me?

Sherri said...

Oh snap! I'm in trouble now. You brought the bitchy red ink out...hahaha Now Katie, you know for a fact that I think's is cool that you were rollin with the band. There is no reason to be embarassed or ashamed. I think hanging with a band for almost a year would qualify you as being part of an entourage not a groupie. I do though have fun razzing you about it..hahaha The best thing is you have all those groovy pictures to prove it..hahaha I love you Katie

CindyDianne said...

What an interesting life! What an interesting person you are. Have you met Heidi? She's Mennonite, which is probably totally different than Quaker but I think you'll like each other and I thought I would introduce you to her, if you don't know her already.

Happy New Year.

The Wife said...

Holy Moly! I found me a rockstar groupie! I must see the picture when you feel up to it! ;o)

I couldn't stand John Boy either. Such a wuss. But I'm with WOW. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Sam Elliot. He could be ninty. I would close my eyes and just listen to his voice.

Thanks so much for playin' along! I loved learnin' more about ya!

CindyDianne said...

I don't remember saying anything about John Boy...


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