Thursday, January 1, 2009

Look to your left...

See my "followers" section in the sidebar? Those are all women who bring me joy - in one way or another, every single day.
There's nothin' better than waking in the morning, turning the computer on while the coffee perks... and then sitting down with a steaming cuppa and the company of some good friends.

If you haven't already met them, please go check them out ...Because I know you'll like them too!
(and why not become followers, while you're at it? I want you to feel the joy too !)


The W.O.W. factor said...

And a good Day to you!
I agree! I walk past my 'puter each morn, turn it on, THEN make coffee...they all "come to me" at the same time (I swear by my Bunn~coffee in 3 minutes!) and sit down to visit! Somedays tho, the day escapes me and Cowboy is wondering where's dinner? Oh well...where are you Sam Elliot??

Sherri said...

I must admit, your blog is the first thing I check when I get on the internet. Not or to check to see how much snow Arnold has ( I check yours. I look forward to reading your posts. Starting off with a good laugh sure makes my day go by easier. My family is so lucky to have you and Josh in our lives. I love you

umm W.O.W. would that be a Bunn 2 burner like mine? Don't you just love it?!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh Great - now I've got 13 more places I'll need to visit each day. My family doesn't really need clean clothes and hot meals do they?

Tatersmama said...

What a way to start the day, eh? I find that my day goes soooo much easier when I start out with some human companionship. Not that the kids aren't human, but there are definitely times when that's debatable!
Bunn? Don't I wish! It took me 7 years to even find a percolater over here, because instant is what most everyone uses. blech.
Now Sam Elliot... I think he's on his way over for a ....cuppa. Yeah, a cuppa. *drools*

Hey Sherri, it's good to see that you're getting that obsessive/complulsive thing with motherlode and arnoldweather under control! I still check 'em daily though - just not first thing anymore. I'm so proud of myself! And hey, it's MY family who got lucky... 'cause it does my heart good to see how much Josh loves Bec and my boys!

Clean clothes and hot meals? Nahhh... I don't know what you're talking about. ;-) My guy hasn't had a hot meal all week and he knows better than to expect one on my weekends off! Plus, he does his own laundry... wooooo hooooo!

Paula said...

Happy New Year! I loved the earlier post ... the groupie one! :-) I so enjoy learning more about my fellow bloggers! Here's to a great 2009!

Sherri said...

It's not an OCD it's just being home sick. You see we originally came down here for a visit well, it's been a long damn visit because I've been here for almost 19 years. Now your blog, that's an OCD...hahaha

The W.O.W. factor said... my Bunn is not a two burner...but I make one pot, dump in the thermos thing and make another! The thermos thing I bring into my computer room so I don't have to leave here until it's empty..maybe an hour or 2 later! :)
Tater Katie....put one on your wish list for say...Valentines day! I couldn't live without mine! And they last longer than any other brands!

Sherri said...

W.O.W. maybe you should move your desk into the bathroom use the toilet as your chair, you'd be all set then....hahahaha


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