Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's talk shh...ugar

Warning Will Robinson !
There's a picture of poop down there!

I was considerate enough to move it waaaaay down to the bottom of the page for those of you ( well actually, it's probably all of you) who have absolutely no desire to look at poop/feces/faeces/scat/excrement or droppings of any kind.

While I was having a wander around the yard this morning, I came across this little "poop"... right?
Laying right there at the edge of the pathway. And because I had absolutely no idea of what could have produced it, I went googling.
Did you know that there's a dearth of information on anything animal, lizard, snake or rodent poo related, out there? No pictures of what I was looking for - and even descriptions were few and far between. What's the world coming to, eh?

It's not that I have any overwhelming desire to look at pictures of "deposits" per se... it's more that I want to know what or who left it. Who was in my yard? Is it dangerous or friendly? Do I need to worry because of the children, or should I just bury the stuff and forget I ever saw it?
I have a problem doing that, though. Burying it and forgetting, I mean.
Not the worrying part. I do that constantly, because my charges (my daycare children) are important to me and I would hate to think that there is something out there lurking, waiting to pounce. Or bite... or even infect them with something. I just can't risk it.

Is it snake? Because if it is, I would then be afraid. Very afraid. Snakes in Australia aren't known for their nice-ness and most of them are poisonous.
Is it rat? Maybe (slightly) better than snake, but way high up there when it come to the "ewwww factor"
Is it rabbit? No.. it's not a pellet exactly.
Is it possum? Who knows? I've never had the pleasure of seeing possum poo.
Is it frog or toad droppings? Now, neither one of them are a worry... and it would be rather cool to just know that there's one lurking about.
Is it lizard? *sigh* I just don't have a clue. Big lizard? Little lizard? Biting/attacking lizard or just a quiet, gumming his prey to death, lizard?

Your mission , should you choose to accept it, is to scroll on down and see if you can give me a hand with identifying this poo plop.

I put an Australian 5 cent piece next to it (an Aussie 5 cent piece is comparable in size to an American dime) so you can get an idea of the size. It's about one and a half inches long, (3.81cms) and looks broken or bent. The coin is still out there ...because I don't have any idea if the "depositer" is still lurking in the nearby bushes or not.

If you've followed along this far... and can give me a hand in identifying what's left this poo pellet in my yard...
All I can say is, "Bless you" !


Out Back said...

Not sure about this one. Could be a snake/lizard (blue tongue lizard, do you get these where you live?) poop. You could check for snake tracks if there is any soil nearby.

We have had 2 small Brown snakes, in the daycare yard(young ones, must be a nesting of them nearby!) Lucky there wasn't dc children here at the time.

I am tending to think lizard as it looks similar to the single-back lizard's calling card that on occasion has been left here while eating my vegies!

You asked in my comments, where I get the time for simple pleasures. Well I learnt a long time ago not to put my hand up for care in school holidays. I like to spend this time with my family. I have had no children in care since Christmas eve. I start again next Thursday.

This time of year is always quiet as far as daycare is concerned.

I hope you find the pooping culprit soon.


Sherri said...

ok now you say the five cent piece is comparable to a dime but the poo is about 1 or so long. So I'm assuming that this nickle is larger then a dime, because I checked and a dime is small..lol When you googled this poo did you type small animal poo and look for images?..lol It looks to big to be rat poo, and rat poo like mouse poo is more of a cylinder shape and not like this. How big are Wallabys and are they in your neck of the woods? Could this be a poo of a charge? Maybe it slipped out of a diaper...lol Maybe you should get ahold of an animal specialist have them come out and check it out, if it's anything to be worried about they can set humain traps throughout the yard. Good Luck

The W.O.W. factor said...

Leave it you Ms Tater...to come up with some "poo" to send us all into a world of wonder! PeeYew!
Now...in AZ, we had many, many large toads...left their "Poo" everywhere! It was kind of on the 'dry looking' side because they ate bugs I think...
Do as I did last summer, I had an invasion of insects in my garden...swarmed and gobbled by the masses. I have some frozen in a jar in my freezer to take to an extension agent when and if I ever get to town, for hopefully an identification.
(Of course, at Christmas..when the kids discovered them, they were wondering if I was going to cook and serve them those crunchies for Christmas dinner...*wink...)

Sooziebelle said...

I wonder if it was a little dog? I don't know ... but I have seen little dogs leave poos like this. I would be really interested to find out what it "belongs" to. Too bad you couldn't scoop it up and send it to a scatologist in the mail or something!

We have a bunch of lizards under our verandah and in our garden but I have never seen any of their droppings.

Wouldn't you hate to think there was something lurking out in the garden though, with kids around. Good luck with it!


Tatersmama said...

Tania, I think I'm going to start giving school holidays a miss too - at least part of them. It's just too much of a hassle and I'm dreading the next several weeks.

Sherri, I was going to call the animal people, but I would have felt pretty foolish asking someone to come and look at my poo. Well, not MY poo, but you know what I mean. I would have though, if I hadn't come up with an answer.

Barb... You have toad poo in your FREEZER? Just remind me to pick up some KFC when we come to visit you, okay?
No "extra crunchy" either!

Sooziebelle... Can you imagine becoming a scatologist in the first place? Let alone have people ringing you up and asking you to "name that sh** "??

Pam said...

Sorry I can't help you with your poo explorations. But just yesterday, I can't remember what I was doing, but the phrase "danger Will Robinson" kept going through my head. It's funny how these things stay in our brain.

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! Tater Tater did the Punkin Ater? NO not Toad Poo! You doof! I told you to put your "secret" Poo in the freezer as I did my "secret" insects...until the Wise Mizer can Identify!!
You need a nap!!! ..want me to take one for ya?


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