Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eat like a cat

I noticed something strange a few days ago and it got me to thinking.

I get up early,
and the first thing I do after heading to the little girls room
( if trying to run with your legs crossed and saying "oh cr**, oh cr** just let me get there in time", can really be considered "heading" - but I digress) is turn on the coffee maker and the computer.

It says a lot about the inadequacy of my percolator that the computer actually comes through for me first - and this region of Australia has the slowest Internet connection that I've ever seen. I almost have time to get my legs waxed and do a load of laundry before either one of them graces me with it's presence.

Anyway I'm digressing again....

While I'm getting my coffee cup ready, the cats are always twining' and rubbing around my legs, begging for something, so I usually give them a morning shot of milk, while I'm doing my cup.

Then I noticed something.

When I gave them my favorite milk - the organic non-homogenized milk,
or milk fresh from the farm,
they lapped it up like there was no tomorrow.

Yet when I gave them the regular cheap store-bought milk, they might have a lick or two,
but there was definitely no licking the bottom of the bowl like "this is so darn good ,that I want to finish every last drop" stuff going on.
And I usually had to pour what's left, down the drain.

With the organic milk, they lick that bowl so darn clean that I could almost put it straight back in the cupboard.
Not that I would - but I could and no one would even know the difference.
I mean, that bowl is that clean.

So, I mentioned it to my guy.
And he said "Well, maybe they know something we don't"

But maybe we do.

I gave up drinking regular milk - or rather using it in my coffee, years ago... because of the permeates that they add to store-bought milk.
Oh, it's still milk, but anything that has to be artificially blended, heat treated,
added to or altered for consistency and profitability, is not plain old "straight from the teat" milk as far as I'm concerned.

I thought it was just me and maybe a bit of an obsession with me... but obviously, it's not.
Even the cats can tell the difference.

So, my guy decides that maybe we should watch the cats and eat what they eat - because cats are so discerning.

Yeah right.

Have you ever seen a cat stalk and kill a moth?
Or a lizard?
They even like the tins of Jelly-meat, whatever in the heck that is.
Chicken necks, the fat off a steak or the skin off a chicken?
For gawd's sake.. they even lick each others bottoms.

Those are all things that I have absolutely no desire to eat...
let alone put anywhere near my mouth!

But I just find it interesting that they will choose organic,
totally unaltered milk over the store stuff.
Every single time.

It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Or maybe I'm just nuts.


Nancy M. said...

That is kind of funny about the cats choosing the organic milk. One of my cousins came over and drank some of my son's milk, which is organic. Then she said, man, I know why your baby likes his milk so much, now! It does taste a lot better!

Tatersmama said...

Not only does it taste good, but it makes the best butter! I love the stuff!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I don't think that I've ever had organic milk. I'm so cheap!

Pam said...

I've switched to organic milk from grass-fed cows, and I'll never go back. I agree with the cows!

Patty said...

great observation I would say. Our cats wait right next to the milking stand when we milk the goats, hoping for a squirt into their mouths, anxious for the warm milk, but they do not like store bought milk at all.

The W.O.W. factor said...

There are more ways than one to "skin a cat"...toss a bird, or mouse...or some other 'favorite' of theirs, into the store bought variety...maybe they'd drink it then. ..kidding..
But now chicken skin? My fav part of eating chicken, Steak fat? Cowboy scarfs up anyone's left behind!
I do know cats are more finicky than dogs for sure. Maybe it's their independant them the ability to pic 'n choose between gourmet or a chezy diner.

Tatersmama said...

It may not be cheap,(unless you can get it sraight from the farm) but I deserve the best. ;o) Especially since I don't have a life outside this darn house. Think of the money I've saved by simply not going to the movies in 10 years!

Pam, I had almost forgotten how good REAL milk tastes likem so I won't be going back either.

Patty... See? I KNEW it wasn't my imagination! I used to aim for my sister when I would milk the cows, so my grandpa banned me from the barn after that. I don't know why???

Barb, I eat all that stuff too, but I like to pretend that I eat healthy.... so don't tell anyone Shhhhh !
I once told "my guy" that the roast chicken I brought home from the store was "half-price" because all it's skin had fallen off.
My greasy lips gave me away. *snicker*


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