Friday, January 16, 2009

Someone just shoot me please.

With all the weird "up and down" weather we've been having lately - with temps of 39C (102.2F) one day, and then down to 19C (66.2F) the next... and after 2 nights of sleeping with the fan blowing on me, I've come down with the mother of all chest colds.

I ache.
I'm burning up.
I cough dryly.
I'm flat as a tack.
I'm sobbing pitiously.
I'm sick.
I want my Momma.

Several people have recommended drinking whiskey, lemon and sugar or mixing up some ginger tea... but since I didn't have any whiskey or ginger on hand, I figured Tequila would do just as well.
Well....right? Alcohol is alcohol, isn't it?

Tequila (particularly José Cuervo Especial) is my drink of choice and I can (or I used to anyway, before I got old) easily handle a whole bottle of the stuff with little or no effects, while 3 or 4 glasses of wine, makes me want to dance nekkid on tabletops.

Not that I even think about drinking a whole bottle of Tequila anymore, (I outgrew that stage 2 or 3 decades ago) but I did have an inch or two left in the bottle from the last little get-together we had... about 3 years ago.

So, I just had a small shot glass of José, with a bit of sugar and lemon, and...

Woooooooo dawgies !
I sputtered
I hacked and gasped for air.
I fell asleep for 10 hours.

And you know what? I still feel like death warned over, but at least I was practically comatose for 10 hours and I don't remember a thing. I don't know that it actually cures a chest cold, but it sure makes you forget all your troubles.

I still want my Momma though.


Kurichan said...

Good on ya, Kate!! Hope you are feeling 100% soon!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you over the last few days and now I know why. Bless your heart. I hope you get to feeling better soon. And if tequila makes you sleep for 10 hours, I'd take another swig! Rest is the best thing for you! :)

Take care.

And when I'm sick, I always want my Mama, too. Cassie) said...

hot tea and honey will help.
Maybe you should call your Dr.
hope you feel better soon.

Out Back said...

Rest up and I hope you are feeling better soon.

It's quiet around here without you.


Tatersmama said...

Thanks, girls!
I'm feeling much better and even managed to find the energy to make a small jar of jam from my cherry plums.
I'm off for a "nana nap" now.

Andrea said...

We've missed you! Hope you are feeling better soon. I've been banned from tequila since the "incident" back in '98... :)

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm glad you posted - I was worried and getting ready to email you!
Rest up and have some chicken soup.

Sherri said...

ummm that's why your friends told ya to take whiskey and not tekillya hun....hahahaha
hope you feel better soon

Kathy said...

Hope you feel better soon. I had that crud a few months ago and it almost did me in. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of liquids.

The Wife said...

Poor thing! Hubby has the flu. I'm trying to keep myself disinfected! Hope you get to feelin' better soon!

Tatersmama said...

Now what little "incident" was that? C'mon...don't be a tease! hahaha ;-)
Lib, The old guy bought me some chicken soup yesterday, so I might have some for breakfast.:( There's nothing stopping you from emailing anyway, ya know!

Sherri, I must be gettin' old, eh?
I can't party like I used to. Tequila has well and truly turned into "Tekillya". ;)
Kathy and The Wife,
I think I'll survive, but the way I'm feeling this morning, I almost don't want to...
It's all I can do to rub Vicks on my chest and the soles of my feet. :(

Pam said...

My grandma used to make me hot toddies when I got sick. I would sleep like a baby.

Christine said...

I just found your blog - you're funny and I'm challenged by your faith...God has taken you down a hard road (though I know practically nothing of it) and I, for one, am inspired. HOWEVER to stick to the subject, I am oober impressed that you could ever drink a whole bottle of tequila - tequila affects me QUITE differently and here I am in my prime! Funny story though, and am glad you got some good sleep. Here's to being well soon! (It's hot tea, not tequila, in my cup!)


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