Friday, January 23, 2009

Rats! FOILED (never) again... and other things

You know how when you go to use your aluminum foil, Glad Wrap or waxed/greased paper the dang thing does it darndest to jump right out of the box and it ends up rolling all across the floor?
So you have to sweep everything off the kitchen table or benchtop/counter to make enough room to lay the mess out flat, so that you can attempt to roll it back on the tube? And you can never get it "just right" ever again, and it always wants to rip crookedly once it's been re-rolled?

Well, over on My Siberian Kitties this morning, I found out something I didn't know!
There are instructions on the end of the box... and I never even knew it! I mean, who reads a box of aluminum foil or Glad Wrap, looking for directions on how to use the stuff... right? We all know how to use it! It's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?

So when I read "My Siberian Kitties" post, I thought to myself, nahhhh... it must be something new they've just come up with.
So I did what you're all gonna do. I went and checked every single box in the drawer, and every single one of them had the same information. From the favorite brands, right down to the "no name" stuff I buy because I just don''t use much waxed paper, so why pay the high price of the good stuff?
It says, on the end of each and every box - clear as day :
Press Here To Lock End.
Don't just take my word for it though... go check it for yourself.
I'll wait.

See? I told you so!


Now don't you feel dumb? No? already knew this?
Please don't tell me that I was the only one who didn't know this!
Now... on to other stuff.
Just as stupid and just as inane... but I'm addicted to keeping you filled in on the boring in's & out's of my sad life.
The good folks in my town owe me big time. We're on stage 4 water restrictions here, due to the drought (and IMO, some pretty stupid decisions from our local council, but we won't go into that here) so we're not supposed to water our lawns or gardens and keep our showers down to 4 minutes a day. 4 minutes a day... YOU try it!
Well, last year, I lost 6 beautiful Birch trees due to lack of water, so I had them removed and I put drought-friendly trees and plants in their places. But even thought they may be drought resistant, they still need to be watered occasionally during their first season.
So baby did a bad, bad thing last night.
I watered certain plants and trees. I watered them with a bucket, but still...
Then I did a final 2 loads of laundry at 7pm last night (the rinse water goes on the lawn) and then I hung the laundry out to dry.
So what happened during the night?
It rained.
Thanks to ME !
If I hadn't watered and washed... we wouldn't have gotten the good soaking that we did.
I might even wash the car today and see what happens. :o)
Never mind... the water police will get me for sure.


Nancy M. said...

I never knew that either!!!

Sorry about the water restrictions, we had those before I moved to the country. I won't call the water police on you!

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one who didn't know about the directions! Wow! That's going to save me some time and space!!

You go, you water rebel!

Sooziebelle said...

Welllll ... it's like this. I never knew this either, so I went into my kitchen drawer and pulled out three boxes of wrap (then I wandered off to find my reading glasses!). The FIRST box, which is a box of aluminum foil that I have had for yonks, did NOT have the pressy-innie thingies on either side, and I thought "Ha! Foiled again!" (sorry couldn't resisit), but my NEW box of Glad foil, as well as my box of Glad cling wrap BOTH have the pressy-innie thingies!! Cool!

Having said that, I never have the problem of the tube flying out of the box, as I always just close the lid down on it ever so slightly when I am pulling it out ... so I am guessing the pressy-innie thingies are for people who have less advanced motor-skills ... kidding! (actually that would be me).

ANYHOW, and Miss Tatersmama, where DID you get that box of American Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap here in Australia and how much did it cost ya?? (inquiring minds and all that). Compared to the flimsy Aussie stuff, you could probably make a space suit out of the Reynold's Wrap! I reckon! :-D

Tatersmama said...

I brought the Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap back from the States last year, (6 of 'em) and it's on the list for my next "care package" as well.
Although that stuff is so darned sturdy that I've been washing it and re-using it, so I'm still on my first box...LOL!

Out Back said...

Thanks for letting me know, and yes I did go and check mine and yes they all have those little thingy's at the end.

See you weren't the only one who didn't know this. Now I know what they are I will use them in the future.

Thats what I like to see, recycling! Good on you.


Sherri said...

I must be an odd ball because I have known this for years. An you know how I know? I read the darn box....hahaha Not that I take the time out to actually stop and press them thingie's in though. I'm like Soozie, I just close the lid while I pull the foil out.

The Wife said...

You learn something new every day! Huh, I feel like such a man for not taking the time to read instructions!

You are such a water REBEL!

Homestay Mama said...

That was news to me also, and now I've got to go upstairs and see what's on the end of my aluminum foil box!

Sure could identify with the roll coming out of the box and rolling across the floor. You painted a good word picture there! LOL


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