Friday, January 23, 2009

Neil Young in Concert

Guess who we're (the old guy, Miz K and myself) going to see in concert in Melbourne, next week?
Neil Young! (geez, I kinda gave it away with the title, didn't I? Duh Doodley!)
I haven't seen Neil in concert ... or otherwise ... since about 1973.
Lookie here! This one always gets to me. Still. Even after all these years.

We bought our tickets months and months ago... and I was beginning to wonder if the day would ever come... But we'll finally, finally, finally be heading to Melbourne next Wednesday.
I was always a fan and I introduced my guy to his music about 10 years ago, so now he's totally hooked as well. He's systematically bought anything and everything "Neil Young" related, but thankfully, he's held off on playing any CD's lately. I want to wait for the real thing.

There's history there for me... and for years I was totally ticked off with this guy on a personal level, but I guess I've mellowed with age - and the things that used to matter just don't matter any more.
The music has always moved me, because I've always known the cost and effort that goes into his songwriting... and as a musician, he's one of the best, enduring, all-round musicians that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

And Sherri ?
This one's for you.

Ppppbbbbbbttttt !


Kurichan said...

Looking forward to it! Can't wait! Sending my wishes to the cool-evening gods for Wed nite!

Tatersmama said...

I don't mind if it's a "little" warm, 'cause after all, I needs me some Dr Pepper.
And the music needs to be loud enough to cover the sound of my burping. *blushing*
Oh... did I forget to tell you that DP makes my burp?

Tatersmama said...

ME burp.

Out Back said...

I remember that song, can't say I remembered who sang it though, sorry!

Hope you have a ball on your big night out.


Andrea said...

Hope you have a great time at the concert!! :)

Sherri said...

Have a wonderful time Katie, I know you will. Be home a a decent time though, you know it's a school night ;)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Ive seen the needle and the damage done

A little part of it in everyone

But every junkies like a settin sun.

One of my very fav Neil Young songs...takes me back to a lot of jammin' days with musicians. Randy Frost, an incredible guitarist and vocalist could nail Neil's rendition and make you feel like you were with him, live and unplugged.

Good on you (as YOU would say) for scoring tickets and getting to go. Look forward to your post about it. (And thanks for helping me get out of bed....:~) )

The Wife said...

Take a spare set of panties cause I'm sure your's will end up on stage!

Tatersmama said...

ROFLMAO... I think at my age, if I were to throw my panties on stage, someone would yell

And yes Mother Sherri.
I will be home before curfew.
Yeah... right. ;-)

Pam said...

Oh, have fun! I haven't seen Neil Young in concert in years and years also. Have you seen his movie "Greendale"?

Sooziebelle said...

When I was in High School, "Rust Never Sleeps" had just come out and that was my first taste of Neil Young ... "Hey, hey, my my ... rock and roll can never die" and was captivated by that squeaky board that is his voice. Later in college, I played the grooves off both "After The Goldrush" and "Harvest". I am so amazed that he is still going, especially after that aneurysm a couple of years ago. He is very passionate about what he does.

I bet it will be an amazing concert! Is it outdoors? If so, please take a spray bottle, as it is supposed to be 39 in Melbourne! (which means that Neil won't be able to wear one of his flannel shirts? That would be a bummer!!)

Hope you have "heaps" of fun!

John Collins said...

Hi Tatersmama!

We must have gone to different schools together back in the 70s. I graduated from Temple City HS in California in 1976.

I came across your blog while researching articles for Let me know if you post a review after the show -- we'll link to it from the 2009 Tours page.

I'm only commenting to tell you -- I saw Neil last month in Philadelphia, and -- it was everything I'd hoped and expected and dreamed it would be. You are going to have a BLAST!


Frugal Maven said...

I'm still mad at my brother for taping over my Harvest cassette way back in the day. Before there were intellectual property rights and you could still tape over stuff. Lord I feel old. Thanks for bringing back that memory. Have a great time at the concert!


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