Saturday, December 20, 2008

Give me a Dominecker !

Well, it looks like we're going to get a little bit of sunshine today and as much I've been loving this rain and drizzle... because it just feels more Christmas-y to me, I do have to admit that those blue skies look pretty darn good right now.

I went out in the yard this morning with my first cup of coffee, to have a bit of a wander around like I usually do...just looking at all the growing things, listening to the birds in the trees and spying out the beautiful spider webs that appear magically overnight... and guess what I heard!


Yep, someone in the neighborhood has a rooster and I figure that if there's a rooster, there's gotta be hens, right? In the 'burbs! Suddenly, the suburbs feel slightly less 'burb-like and it's a wonderful feeling!

And that's when I decided what I really want for Christmas. I want chickens.

Dear Santa,
I want some chickens please.

I want Domineckers... I want Orpingtons... I want Leghorns... I want Plymouth Rocks... I want Sea-brights.
I want laying hens and roosters that crow at the crack of dawn.
(Well, the neighbors probably wouldn't like the rooster noises, but hey, do I complain about them firing up their motorcycles and boat engines on a Sunday morning? Noooo... I don't... and fair is fair, isn't that right?)

We have a great farmers market about 45 minutes from here and they always have a great selection of poultry and livestock, so I've been drooling and dreaming for ages about getting a nice little chicken yard going. But because this is the 'burbs here where I live, I've been a little bit hesitant.
But now I'm feeling decidedly childish and I want to stamp my foot and say "well, if they can have chickens, I want some too ! Me too, me too" !

Just think... They could eat my slugs and snails and nasty little bugs and scratch around the garden. They could supply me with chicken poo. They could soothe my ears with their soft cluck cluck clucking noises.
And they could supply me with eggs !
Farm fresh eggs that come from contented, happy chickens.
There's nothing better!

My guy is gonna think I've gone crazy (again), but he also knows me well enough by now.
When I start researchin' and googling and phoning around for what I want, it's gonna be a done deal.
No doubt about it.

I want chickens.


Katydid said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Tatersmama. I post on my blog quite often. Just click on HOME next time.
About my punkins and herbs. My herbs did pretty well. I got lots of fresh basil, sage, and dill weed. My pumpkins however not so good. I planted them too early. So the hot sun got to most of them even though I watered daily. Next year,....! I planted gourds and they did very well but before I could harvest them a varmit ate alot of them. Still I salvaged a few.
Drop in again at Katydids Kountry!

Katydid said...

Oh, I was going to say that I hope you can get some chickens. Domineckers are beautiful. I have a D. hen but got rid of the rooster. He was a meanie to my big Red rooster.
I have 19 hens and 1 rooster. Now averaging 4 eggs a day. 12 of hens are young pullets and have not started laying yet.
I ordered my chicks from McMurray Hatchery. Google and find if you are interested in ordering. The minimum order on chicks is 24 and they give you an extra 1.

Sherri said...

Well shoot Kate wish I could help. Wish I could come down for a Christmas visit, I'd wear some knicker's and then you'd have a Dominick in some knickers for Christmas...hahaha :D~

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that Santa brings you some chickens! Bwuck! Bwuck!

When I taught 3rd grade someone on our grade level had the brilliant idea of hatching chickens in our classrooms. Our grade level applied for a local grant, and we got the eggs, bought incubators, and suddenly seven classrooms had baby chicks hatching all over the place! The students loved it, but after a couple of days with the smell of chickens, we were ready to send them to a farm!! :)

Good luck!

Tatersmama said...

Katydid, I'm in Australia (we're just coming into summer btw), but I've been checking into chicken suppliers all day, so hopefully something will work out! And I WILL be back to visit you again!

Sherri, L'dMAO at the thought of a Dominick in knickers, but I'm afraid it would only work if you were a chook. Not an old boiler. *snort*
Are you going to Murphy's for Christmas?

Tatertales, Luckily I have a HUGE yard, so they would be waaaaay down the back behind a picket fence, so hopefully, the smell won't bother me. I can't say what the neighbor behind me would think though! If they complained, I could always offer them some eggs, eh?

Andrea said...

I love the idea of you having chickens!!!! Hope you get some! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you called them "Domineckers".
When I had called them that folks was saying "what is a dominecker".lol..
I do enjoy our chickens and fresh eggs and I am sure Santa is listening to your wish.
and...fair is fair.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Nancy M. said...

I hope you can get you some chickens. I really enjoy watching mine run around the yard and really enjoy fresh eggs.


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