Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dinner last night...

This was kind of a variation on Crescent Roll Vegetarian Pizza, made with puff pastry.... and OMG! It was so Yummy!

Sweet Chili Sauce, capsicums (bell peppers) mushrooms, carrot broccoli,
sour cream and cream cheese

Puff pastry (2 sheets), mozzarella cheese (shredded)
grated, sliced or chopped veggies or your choice
I forgot to add the zucchini to the pic, but they're there, believe me!
You''ll see...

For some reason, the crust looks kind of pale, but it was actually a lovely golden brown.
And no... I didn't pinch the two sheets of pastry together too well, but it was no biggie.
We just planned on eating it... not photographing it.

Just look at all that healthy goodness!

Did I eat just this one slice? Are you joking?

The recipe is so simple!

  • Just use two sheets of puff pastry laid out on a baking tray... and sort of roll the edges to form a crust. (and pinch the seam in the middle better than I did!)
  • Bake at 350F for about 10-12 minutes until puffed and golden brown
  • Remove pastry from oven and allow to cool for a few minutes.
  • Mix together sour cream and cream cheese and add just a little milk to give it a spreadable consistency. ( I used half a tub of each and I should have used more)
  • Spread the sour cream/cream cheese mix thickly over the crust ( it will flake and look messy, but don't worry)
  • Add a thin layer of your shredded cheese ( any cheese will work, so have fun experimenting)
  • And then simple press your chopped, shredded or diced veggies into the filling
  • Drizzle with leftover sour cream/ cream cheese mix, thinned with a little sweet chili sauce
(as you can see from the close up pic, I didn't thin mine quite enough, but who cares?
It was a meal... not a display piece, and it tasted wonderful anyway!

The possibilities with this are endless!
Veggie pizza using raw veggies or cooked or leftover veggies, pizza with cooked meat toppings... even as the start of a dessert pizza!

The Old Guy wants to try a blueberry pizza for dessert tonight, using the sour cream/ cream cheese base and then adding some of the blueberries that are taking up precious room in my freezer - or you could add any of your favorite fruits, fruits and nuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream, etc!

This well and truly was YUMMY... and so easy to make!


Kurichan said...

yum--will have to give this a go!

Anonymous said...

I have something like this before, its great yummmmm!

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Oh YUM! That looks so so yummy and the dessert pizza sounds so good too..... I might just have to make one, I have pastry in the freezer for somthing else I had planned to make but ran out of time!

Anonymous said...

I love any food that looks like pizza.
I am going to try that one. Mmmm.
I am afraid my FarmMan will stick to his peas and cornbread though.
I guess that will leave more of the veggie pizza for me!

Have a great day.

Frugal Maven said...

Looks fantastic!

Becky said...

That does sound good, and the blueberry dessert sounds even better!

Nancy M. said...

Now you've gone and made me hungry! It looks so good!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

I want blueberries.

Out Back said...

This recipe sounds great, will give it a try this weekend.

Paula said...

I know i love this type of food. Yummo

Kristie Kay's Blog said...

this looks really good i need to try it and i want it to look just the best it is.

Tatersmama said...

Kurichan, Let me know what you think!
Marilyn, I think the original recipe called for packaged Crescent Rolls, but there's nothing like that here.
Narelle, From start to finish, we were eating in less than 15 minutes, so it's pretty QUICK!
Pam, Can I have some of FarmMan's cornbread? *drool*
Frugal Maven, It was so good that I did a variation last night...YUM!
Becky, I need to buy another package of pastry, ( I used it again last night) but I can't wait to try it!
Nancy, let me know what you think! Use pkg'ed Crescent Rolls if you can find them...
Rubies, If it's blueberries you want, blueberries you shall have!
Forget the chocolate!;-)
Tania, Just have fun with it and let me know what you think!
Paula, Me too! I LOVE flaky pastry and swear I could just eat it on it own!
Kristy Kay, This is quick and easy and I think you'll like it!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Katie this supercedes toast! THAT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Faithful said...

That is a great idea and looks fantastic. I'm soo gonna try the blueberries!

Treehouse Chef said...

This looks so delicious! I love making homemade pizza like this.

Homestay Mama said...

OK, my homestay students like pizza, so I've got to give this one a try! It looks absolutely fantastic!

Anita said...

This looks so yummy,and simple to make and that is what I love ..simple like me :)


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