Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where are you, person 12,000?

Well, it looks like we ( or rather "me"... but that sounds funny, so I'm usin' the Royal *we* here) hit the big 12,000 th visitor to my blog last night...

Now I DO have a semi-sneaking suspicion as to who it is, but you MUST come forward to claim your prize.
Because if you don't, I will simply eat the chocolate ermmm... keep the winning prize for myself.
(Not that there IS any chocolate involved, you understand... I'm just saying that to lure you out of the woodwork.)
Well, maybe there is... or maybe there isn't... but I'm going to keep you in suspense anyway.
Just like you're keepin' me in suspense.
How cruel.

You have until the end of the weekend to step up and announce to the entire world that YOU were the 12,000th visitor, or the prize will be awarded to the person who isn't ashamed to admit that they know me.
Or read my blog
Or whatever.


Homestay Mama said...

Oh shoot! I was going to come back often so I could be number 12,000. And then I missed it! :-(


Well, that's only 52 to wonder about now!

darsden said...

Yea me too...So whose it be, who's it be ...tell me is it me I need some chocolates :-))

Anonymous said...

How could I have missed it, my cheeks (and you know which ones!) are melted into the seat. My fingers were so busy typing and my eyes were a heavy, I most have dozed off!

Nancy M. said...

I don't think it was me, but I am definitely not ashamed to know you! I am sure whoever it was just didn't notice it was them that made it 12,000.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Hoestay Mama and I are on the same page...planed to come back several times a day, but forgot. I'll just take the loot, so that you don't have to wait around for #12,000!

Sherri said...

It wasn't meeeeee! I haven't been on for awhile because my kids have been hogging my laptop while their computer is being repaired. that and my allergies have been kicking my butt.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Not me, I visited earlier today. Besides, I've been a deadbeat lately!

Kurichan said...

Well, like I e-mailed you, I know I was 11,999 but I didn't cheat and go back to be 12,000!!!
(And I am not embarassed to know you, either... ;-))

Becky said...

I wasn't looking for the number so beats the heck outta me!

Tatersmama said...

Homestay Mama, So my dangling a carrot in front of you was a wasted effort eh? ;-)
darsden, From what i can tell, it was from Oz, and possible from Western Australia, so unless you've moved, I'm afraid it isn't you.
This time anyway! ;-)
Marilyn, Are your poor cheeks STILL glued to that seat? It's so cold here, that if I don't move around, I freeze right up!
Nancy, No...I'm pretty sure it was an Aussie, according to feedjit, but don't forget there is another giveaway coming up!
Libby, I would send you some Crisco, but I'm plumb out right now... *sigh*
How did the final driving thingie go?
Sherri, I've been wondering where you've been! Is the computer fixed now?
If you get a chance, could you tell Josh and Bec that my messenger isn't working at all right now, but that I LOVE them!
And you too, of course!
Robynn, ONE visit is all I'm worthy of? *sob*
Kurichan, I think I've narrowed it down, and it's an Aussie ISP, so it could be the person who owns the blog... or a visitor from there.*scratching my head*
You didn't really want Reeses PB cups anyway, did you??;-)
And I have to admit that I'm proud as punch to know YOU! ;-)
Becky, It's a good thing I copied it last night, because the feedjit page only holds about 40 visits anyway! I was too frazzled last night to count back through them!

Kurichan said...

PB CUPS?!?!? Send 'em over!!!!
So, your messenger is down??? That would explain no response from you, then....

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

It was MEEEE!!!

Just kidding. I dunno, lol. That was 72 ppl ago, though. You expect me to remember 72 ppl ago? Sheesh, like I can remember my own name some days?!?!?

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Hmmmm, you might have to re-set your number and we'll all keep a better watch :)
You're nearly at 12100......

I'm having a little give away at my blog too if you're interested - nothing edible though:)

Faithful said...

Dang It! I'm always a day late and a dollar short! If you only knew what bribes of PB cups would do around here! ~insert evil laugh~ Oh well, when is your next give-a-way?

Paula said...

Pretty sure it wasn't me since I was working as normal and don't think I even went to any of my blog sites. and I need that choc...oops no choc because I have been on a choc binge lately

A Joyful Chaos said...

congratulations to who ever it was. I had planned on being the one but got carried away with other things and now it's too late. (sobs softly)

Out Back said...

Was it me that was the 12,000visitor to your blog Tatersmama? I wouldn't have a clue. Quite possible I suppose because I check in on you several times a day to read your posts and comments. (see I really love your blog!!) Never check the counter though. I thought it might have been Narelle.

You made my day,


rubiesrnotpurple said...

As I said, I was pipped at the post. I'm trying to win the prize at Moments for Mum now. Wish me luck.


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