Thursday, August 27, 2009

The good... and the bad.

Hey, I'm still walking on air, where Costco is concerned!

See, when we were at the grand opening of Costco on the 17th of August, I bought a very large, very good looking "beef rib-eye roast", which was around the $40. mark.
(Well worth it, in my opinion, because of the size and quality of the meat)
At the register, we got $4.00 off, which brought it down to $36 - and I was quite happy.

But in yesterdays mail, I got a letter of apology from Patrick Noone from Costco, saying:

"Due to a system error, our records indicate that on the 17th of August, you were incorrectly charged at the register for your purchase of Kirkland Signature'Beef Rib Eye Bone-in Roast. (item # 11907)'
Your refund for the amount overcharged, plus an additional $5 is enclosed.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused"...
yada yada yada...

So I figured the check would be for 5 or 6 dollars or something... ya know? But when I checked the envelope, there was a check enclosed for $12.13!
Actually hand written, and hand signed by Partrick Noone (Managing Director, Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd) himself.

I'm impressed as hell.. and happy as a clam, for a number of reasons - the main one being that I haven't experienced customer service like this is 14 years!
How sad is that?

In the past, I've taken strawberries back to Safeway, after discovering that the bottom ones were moldy...
I've gone back to the store within 30 minutes of purchasing them...literally leaving the rest of the groceries on the table, only to be told by a "I've got a bad attitude because my husband left me for someone much nicer than me" check-out chick, that they weren't that way when they left the store.

So I asked for the manager.
And the manager told me that she was sorry, but it was my responsibility to check them before purchasing them - not theirs!
She even questioned if these were the same strawberries that were on my receipt, basically accusing me of bringing back old strawberries now that I had new ones.

I walked out of that store with no refund, and no exchange... just a bad taste in my mouth from my dealings with the so-called "The Fresh Food People".

And I haven't been back for a full grocery shop since.

Oh, I go in occasionally if there is something small I need, or something that I can't find at the other stores, but as far as I'm concerned, I will never do my weekly shopping there ever again.

I spend my "$200 a week on average" grocery shopping money elsewhere.

Anywhere but Safeway.

Not that they miss me or anything, and my piddly little amount of shopping money is just a drop in the bucket to them.

But it's a matter of principle with me... you know what I mean?

And the phone companies? Don't get me started there!

On second thought... too bad. lol !

Our national phone company, Telstra, decided last month that they would be adding a further $2 to every bill.... An additional charge, simply to PAY your phone bill.

I was less than impressed, let me tell you, and I got busy patting myself on the back, for opting years ago to use another company... AAPT.

The Old Guy's with Telstra though, so he decided that he would call up Telstra, ask why this was happening and then tell them that he would be switching phone companies.
To be honest, for a whole myriad of reasons... but basically because of their stand-over, rip-off, "we are never wrong, the customer is always wrong", tactics.

But then yesterday, I got my phone bill in the mail. I looked at the total and I was quite happy with it, considering the long phone calls I sometimes make... mobile (cell phone) calls, the bundling with my Internet connection and everything else.

I thought it was a pretty good phone bill at $105.00... and I was happy, ya know what I mean?
But when I read through it, down at the bottom were two new additional charges!!!

Non direct debit admin fee: $2.00
Printing of your monthly bill: $2.00
Rounding adjustments: -$0.02
This months charges: $3.98

Not happy Jan... Not happy at all.
But now that other phone company's are now following suit with Telstra, it's just a matter of time before the electricity and gas companies start doing the same thing.

The customer service here in Australia sucks... from the bad-attitude check-out chicks and managers in the grocery store, right down to major companies now charging you fees for the right to pay your bill.

This country could learn a thing or two about customer service from Costco ... let me tell you!

Okay, rant over.

At least we now have Costco!!
It's a start, eh'?


darsden said...

That is awesome about Costco, never heard of a store checking themselves and giving money back..WOW, we need one of those down here.

I am watching Oprah, right now on rude people!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Hurray for Costco! When you went back, did you find any CRISCO?

Just ask'n.

Marjie said...

Oh, don't even get me started on big companies screwing us over! You'll think you need to call my state and have me committed!

Non direct debit charge my ass. All checks get changed to direct debit here, and there's no way in hell I'll let anyone just help themselves to money in my checking account. I'm not even kidding here.

And the phone companies? Well, here in PA, we pay a surcharge to help pay for rebuilding the city of Johnstown after the great flood. Oh, I forgot to mention that the flood occurred over 100 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Kate, your right customer service just ain't what it used to be! Way to go Costco, great job!

Nancy M. said...

I can't blame you for being so excited over Costco! It sounds like they are the only decent ones over there! I can't believe they realized and error and actually sent you money. Awesome of them! I can't believe they charge you for paying your phone bill! That is totally insane!!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Katie! That's the thing I LOVE about Costco is the customer service. It's that way here, too. We will buy at Costco before ANYwhere else because of this. It's about TIME you guys got a taste of it. Maybe it will whip the rest of those businesses into shape!

Bz said...

Wow... yay for such GREAT service from Costco. I love to hear that. I'm that kind that picks up those surveys and writes what I think: bad and good. And heck, it sound like $12.+ bucks over there is a lot more than what it is here! Hopefully Costco isn't to far a drive for you to do on a somewhat regular basis.
Hope you are well.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Crikey. That is one good place to shop. And do we have one??! NO!!! Oh, well. Oh, and grrrrr to your tel company. Maddening, to have charges like that. But thanks for making us laugh anyway!!x

Pam said...

Two dollars to print your bill!!!

Roslyn said...

Omigosh you are too funny! But yes we love Costco & here in Phx, ours is less than a mile away, in fact I walk the dog in the park next to Costco ! When it isn't 113 degrees like today & I am in the CO. mountains!
I thought there was one coming to Sydney too....?

Becky said...

Here our Teco Peoples Gas Co sends out a man, wasting gas by driving all over creation to deliver notices that your bill is late and they charge you $20 to leave this coutesy note on you front door. It is on your next bill. I am not stupid, I don't someone to tell me my bill is past due. I know when I look at my checking balance! That was super nice of Costco to do that! That roast probably even tasted better! Love YA!!!


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