Friday, August 14, 2009

I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

The battle to have "a life" continues, but at least I can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.
It's just the tiniest of pinpricks right now, but by noon today, I should be whippin' out the sunnies and doing a bit of squinting...

I've been flat-out working my arse off for the last 10 days...
Not only with the family of 4 that I told you about, but with 3 of my regularly scheduled children, as well.
So I've had a grand total of 7 children a day, for a minimum of 9 hours a day...
And then when the 3 "regulars" go home, it's time to feed, bath, get the 4 long-term ones in their jammies, get their teeth brushed, beds ready... and all the other joys of trying to get young kids to bed.
That is, IF it can be termed "joys".
And it's been wearing me out... particularly the picking up toys part.

Not that I pick up toys...
Because it's my firm opinion that if you pulled it out or you played with it, it's up to you to put it back where it belongs when you're done.
Not me.

I'll cook for you, I'll wash your clothes for you, I'll change your nappies for you... I'll cuddle you when you hurt yourself - or sometimes ( well okay..mainly) just for the joy of it, I'll jump rope and break my back trying to do somersaults in the backyard - but when it comes to stuff that you have hauled out and left laying around...
Hey, it's not my job.

Unfortunately, in their opinions, neither is it theirs.

But Tater... I didn't play with that, so I shouldn't have to put it away.
Bobby played with it, not me.
No I didn't, you did.
No, you did. I saw you.
No I didn't, I just played with it for a little bit and then gave it to you.
No you didn't, I was playing with the Lego's and I saw you playing with the trains.
Did not.
Did too.
Did not!
And then the tears start.
Funny... but tears don't move me much anymore. Not like they used to, anyway.

Argghhhh!!! How in the world, this place can end up looking like the clearance floor of Toys R Us at the end of the day, is beyond me...
Especially since no one touched or played with a stinkin' thing!
All day long!!

And then there's been the seemingly, never-ending battles with special services (or rather the mum) over my young lad with autism...
We've had 3 meetings in 2 weeks, (the worker, the mum and myself) and at the end of each meeting, everything seems to be resolved...
And then 2 days later, the mum presents me with a schedule that in NO shape, form or fashion, resembles anything we discussed or agreed upon.
Or looks anything like the schedule we drew up.

See, I have the entire month of October off... which seems pretty clear and straight forward to me... or to just about anyone else... Right?

Yet, then why is he booked in, in October - for 5 days one week, and then 2 weeks later, it's another 6 days?
A grand total of 11 days booked in the month, when I have said it repeatedly :
I am OFF for the entire month of October.
I will not even be here.
I will hopefully, be in the US, spending time with friends and family.
Which is now completely debatable, because of the on-going financial issues. It may have to be put off until spring... which is well and truly gonna break my heart. And my son's as well.
But still... that's not the point.

So, to make a long story short (yeah right... can I dribble on, or what??) I've been run off my feet, been drowning in bills, and haven't had 2 moments to scratch my bum in a month of Sundays.

But the kids go home today at noon-ish... Tomorrow afternoon, we head to Miz K's for some much needed R&R... and then bright and early Monday morning, we all hit the 7:30am grand opening of Costco!

COSTCO, baby!!!
I can't wait!!!

But the best part?
(other than Miz K's company, of course - and I mean that from the bottom of my heart)
The best part is that I have the entire week off, next week!

A whole week of nothing-ness and peace and quiet and best of all... no toys anywhere in sight!
Time to catch up on blogs, time to spend with y'all and to just enjoy myself.
Time to scratch my ass again.

It's time to have a life again...
And to see if I can remember how to do it.


Marjie said...

COSTCO!!!!! Reckon they have Crisco? How about Best Foods Mayo (not as crucial now that you have the secret to making your own)? Hooray! Katie gets a week off and Costco is back in her life! Seriously, sweetie, I hope you can go home for October.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Yay! A whole week off that's awesome :) I hope you have a fabulous week.

Don't spend too much at Costco!!

Katidids said...

Sounds like you are more than due for the week off! Toys...UGH!! well they didn't grow legs and jump off the shelves themselves now did they?!?" My famous multi purpose saying...wheres the scissors?

jennypilgrim said...

You are on my prayer list!!! I do not know how you do it! You have more get up and go than I do. I hope you have fun fun fun on your week off! Make sure you take care of yourself during this time off and do only things you want to do!


Bz said...

You blow me away.. honesty. I think I would SLEEEEEP for who knows HOW long after what you just described. It is people like you that have a special place waiting... a SPECIAL place, because OMG, I couldn't do it myself ...and you, SUPPOSEDLY, are older than me.
Put yourself first on the list please.
Take care.

Kathy said...

Wish I could go to Costco with you. I love going there, but I can't seem to get out of there without spending at least $300. Glad you have some time off, you deserve it.

The Wife said...

Ahhh, here's to the sweet joy of ass scratching. Nothing better. Well Costco is pretty good. Enjoy your week off.

Pam said...

A WHOLE week off and Costco?? It doesn't get any better than that!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Yeah - for a week off.
Yeah - for good friends.
Yeah - for Costco.
Yeah - for BACON and CRISCO!

PS - I hate that you may have to put off your trip, but if you went at another time...maybe we could meet up somewhere!

PSS - If you come to the states and see the Raving One and not me...well, there will be some butt kicking going on!!!!

Homestay Mama said...

Sung to the tune of that famous commercial:
You deserve a break today, so get out and get away to the new Costco! ;-)

Here's hoping you have a fabulous and fun week!

P.S. If you see the Raving One and the Nutty One, but don't have time to see the Homey One, then there will definitely be some butt-kicking going on! LOL

Robynn's Ravings said...

I so hope you get to actually see your son! I hope dingbats and dipsticks don't derail you. I am nothing if not full of alliteration, or....something. If you are in California, I'm finding you, baby!!! You better let me know when you're coming. Even if we can only squeeze in a one hour coffee because I don't want to keep you from your family. But we have to connect!!


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