Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm taking the challenge !

I'm taking the challenge that Robynn over at Robynn's Ravings put to us.. and I'm doin' the

I have to admit that the timing sucks a little, in view of my recent Costco experience, but hey.. when IS a good time to make some life-changing changes?
I can hem and haw all I like, but hemming and hawing doesn't get you anywhere... and I KNOW that.

It's time... and even if the timing of "the time" sucks a little bit, I'm taking up the gauntlet that Robynn has thrown down, and I'm running with it.
Okay, well to be honest, I'm shuffling fast - not exactly running.
I do have post-menopausal continence issues after all... and there's nothing worse than pi**ing in your shoes.
So running will be out of the question.

But I have been making some pretty good (or at least better) choices lately when it comes to what I buy, or what I put in my mouth... especially after reading Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle".

So I'm willing to give the 30-Day Throw Down a go, and I'll be taking the recent changes we've made around here, a step or two further.

Head over to Robynn's Ravings and read the amazing post she's done... and then tell her that you either:
A. Think she's absolutely nuts. (in the nicest way of course... because I love the girl to bits - and I would hate to have to hurt you.)
B. I'm taking the challenge!

So here ya go, Robynn....

I'm taking the Challenge!!
Besides.... toast in my room, makes for a pretty crumby bed.
So yeah...
"Let's struggle together. We'll eat bugs, and we'll eat grass, and use our hands to wipe our tears."


darsden said...

I will be right behind you cheering you on... what..oh no...that is me on the side lines waving the flags and banner for you...silly thinking I was joining.. here would you like a hoho..oh sorry I forgot..yes I have no memory retention.. want a ding dong..what you did ... when did you start that! LOL

Robynn's Ravings said...

Thank you, Incarnacion! We will be victorious. Right now, we can't win because I'm am too fat!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Uuuuuuuuuummmm Tater...We can just spread our Crisco on our thighs instead having it in our thighs. Just for 30 days, and then we can do some rethink'n!

Power to the old broads, and let's eat us some healthy food.

OMGOSH - what have we done?

Tatersmama said...

Darsden, you're a bad, bad girl, offerin' me some HoHos and DingDings and all that! Good thing I luv ya, and it's nice to know that you'll be n the sidelines cheering me on! Ummm... could you have a Coke waitin' for me??? ;-)
Robynn, We WILL be victorious... and then we won't have need for our stretchy pants anymore! WoooHooo!
Libby, I don't know what in the heck you've gotten us into, but I DO know that we can DO IT!!
Maybe we "are" old broads... but stand back world, and hear us (coughcough) ROAR!

Wv: conersur
We will be conersur's of healthy food!!!!

Tatersmama said...

And Robynn? We's not fat.... We's just "fluffy", that's all!

joolzmac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joolzmac said...

Hi Tatersmama

I'm up for the challenge too. The reason I'm doing it is that my stretchy pants are stretched to the limit and I refuse to buy the next size up! I am constantly uncomfortable, jeans are too tight around my waist. Uugh! So onward we go! Power to us!

Cheers - Joolz

Anonymous said...

Kate, we'll do it together!

Reddirt Woman said...

I signed up already and now I have to go finish that box of Twinkies that my brother brought to me. I've got a lot of crap to eat in the next few days.

And like I told Robynn... I've got a wedding to attend in the middle of the month. I'll feel so deprived by that time I'll probably make at least 14 trips to the wedding cake table...


Neas Nuttiness said...

OMGosh - Reddirt Woman is brilliant. We can just all eat until we're pert near ready to burst...then we won't want to eat anymore dadgum junk food.

Keerap - where did that come from? I think I got plum crazed by the thought of all those HoHo's Ding Dings (and what the heck are those - some kind of Ozzy Ding Dongs) and ice cold Coky Colas.

OMGosh somebody stop me. I've done been smacked by the hokey tree.

Ok...if I keep this up long enough I'll figure out how to sneak the big C word in somehow! Oh look, I just did.

I swear, I think I'm hyper-ventilating.

Gotta go find a paper bag.

Out Back said...

Go Tatersmama, I am not sure I am up to the challenge but I will follow your progress and cheer you on too!

Keep us posted.

Anita said...

OK, I might give it a's risky for me. See, I had a TB test done the other day and the nurse told me I had great arms for the test- some people's veins and muscles are too clode to the surface, making it difficult to find a place to do the injection. I told her- no worries here! I keep mine padded with this layer so nothing happens to them:))

And no one else is gonna do it for me, that's become apparent.

Homestay Mama said...

I've already joined the challenge and part of it will be easy for me because I already gave up junk food long ago. Have been eating healthy, organic, free-range, etc. for years. But what I'm going to add is daily exercise which I've not been doing lately. So it will still be a challenge for me!

Marjie said...

I forgot to comment when I read this yesterday because I clicked over to Robynn's site. She has a good idea; too bad I don't get out enough to scarf down enough ho-hos to make me want to dump them.


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