Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring has sprung...

And expletives are springing from my mouth. (that's 'swear words", for those of you who aren't quite as enamored with big words as I am)

See, I don't know if I ever told you before, (Lord knows I've fed you a lot of worthless drivel over the last year, so I may have - or I may not have) but I like taking cold showers.
Well, not the 'cold showers' part, per se... but rather finishing off a nice hot shower, with a blast of cold water.
Well, I take it back... I don't actually like doing it, but the health benefits far outweigh the down-side, so I force myself to do it...

And I try and remain cheerful while screaming "Holy freakin' mother of codfishes!!!" at the top of my lungs, as icy cold water sluices over me.

(Which makes me kinda wonder about my neighbor, who's front porch is opposite my bathroom window.
He's never, ever called the cops, thinking I was being ax-murdered or something... but then again, maybe he's watched Psycho enough times, to not worry - or care - about women screaming their guts out in the shower.
Or maybe he just doesn't like me, and he stands out on his porch every morning, wishin' and hopin'...
Or even worse... maybe he thinks I'm having, ermmm... sex - and he just puts ear plugs in his ears, not wanting to know?)

But I digress...

To get back to the story... Someone sent me an article a year or two back, and it was full of the joys and benefits of cold showers, and for some dumb reason, I thought I would give it a try.

Smoother more glowing, more resilient skin... lessening of dark circles under the eyes... natural lowering of blood pressure, because the ol' arteries get a damn good workout... lessening and improvement of varicose veins... (for the same reason) and a whole host of other benefits - including lessening of depression.

And that article (<- this one here and there's more info HERE as well) and that author - found a sucker in me.

I mean, what could it hurt?
If it didn't work, at least it would be good for my hair, because we all know that cold water makes your hair silkier and shinier... and if it did work, maybe...just maybe, I could turn back the clock a little.
Or a lot.
Hopefully a lot, and I could end up looking like Goldie Hawn or Cher or something...
And omigosh, that alone, would make it so worth it. Wouldn't it?
Not that I have any great desire to look like a well-preserved/ pickled old broad, with a live-in make-up artist-slash-magician on the payroll, but well... you know what I mean.
I just want to make the best of what little I've got left.

So during the winter, I have to admit that it is a bit hard to finish off with cold water on a daily basis, but I do try to do it semi-regularly, because of all those aforementioned health benefits...

But with the first day of spring, it WILL be a daily ritual again.

I mean just look at this...
Who wouldn't want to look this happy every single morning for the next 6 months?

And, all that screaming for joy, and gasping for air, keeps the cold germs from latching on to your throat as well - so I haven't had an actual cold or flu in years!


joolzmac said...

Hey Tatersmama,

You are forgiven for not wanting to think about yucky diets in the past few days.

But the day has arrived - 1st of September, Spring! Think of this 30 day Throw Down as a LIVE-IT not a DIE-IT! I'm buggered if I'm gonna eat mung beans and tofu-faux-furkey burgers but I'm gonna give it a go!

Have a nice day,


Jan Mader said...

I couldn't do it...NO WAY! But you know what might be even worse? Standing in the shower and having someone flush the toilet in the same room and HAVING SCALDING WATER SPLASH DOWN YOUR BACK!!! Talk about screaming!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I think I'll just stick to Crisco rubdowns, for my glowing complexion!

Ha - you're already on the 1st. I've still got 2 hours and 15 minutes left, to stuff myself full of sugar, additives, preservatives, transfats, and all the rest of the oh so good to your taste buds stuff *sigh* just 2 hours and 14 minutes now...gotta run, cause times a waste'n.

Reddirt Woman said...

I take baths... I'll have to think about how I could do the cool water thing. And if you've read me very often you know how I hate cold... like cold packs on my knee when I fell. It did help my knee. But I don't know about cold after my warm bath.


Gramma 2 Many said...

I will continue to soak in my hot bath or take my hot shower. No cold water for me ever. I do not do cold at all.

Paula said...

I forgot we have opposite seasons. Here I stepped out the door in the morning and saw my breath...OMG. We have had the coolest summer on record and fall is slowly making itself known. So as we die out you get to begin to see growth again. At least we can encourage each other as the seasons end.

As for the shower I also sometimes hit myself with the cold water. I dont take hot showers anyway because of blood pressure. Cool showers are good for that and it keeps your hair follicles closed and your pores too.

Roslyn said...

Too funny but you haven't converted me, even though it's 114 degrees outside!
I tell mysELf that the shock is bad for my heart,LOL!

Marjie said...

OK, so maybe the cold showers will make you look all youthful and wonderful again, but I'm not signing on to the program. Thanks; I'll stick with soaking in a hot tub for an hour or 2! Not that I can do that every day, but with dry skin, everyday showers or baths would leave me looking like a pile of soap flakes!

Nancy M. said...

I take really hot showers, but sometimes I do turn it on cold for a few seconds at the end. It would be really hard to do it for more than that!


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