Monday, August 17, 2009

We came, we saw, we conquered...

We went, We saw, We consumed...

We mass consumed anyway - which doesn't necessarily mean that we ate a lot, but I have to admit, I did my fair share of sampling as well as mass-consuming.

See, yesterday... WE WENT TO COSTCO!!!

Yep folks, it's true...
Yesterday was the grand opening of "Costco" here in Australia... and I have to admit, I was like a kid in a candy shop! I'm still walking on air...

And I'll bet you just about anything, so is Miz K !!!!!
We stayed with our friends Miz K and Mr. R Sunday night, so we could all get to Costco first thing Monday morning... and I don't know about the boys, but Miz K and I were like little kids on Christmas Eve!

She even had a cute little song and dance thing goin' on... and she would break into the "Costco dance" at the drop of a hat. Even her sweet little dog Skeeter got into the act, doing his own little doggie version of :
COSTCO COSTCO, CostcoCostcoCostco!!

The night before, we debated what time we needed to get up, and what time we wanted to get there... and finally settled on about 7am for the 8 o'clock opening.

Of course, I was up at 5am, because I just couldn't sleep anymore, and I swear... it was like being a kid again, on Christmas morning!!
I wanted to sneak into Miz K's and Mr R's room at 5am, and ask if we could please, please, please get up... and ask them:
"Has Santa been here yet????"
We finally left the house around 7am, heading towards Costco ( it's just a few minutes from Miz K's house!!!) ...and between Miz K chanting her Costco song, and me waving at total strangers and yelling out " Hey, look at us!! We're going to Costco!!!!" the poor Old Guy thought he was in the company of a couple of mad women!

Which might not have been that far from the!

So we got there, we stood in line while a bunch of guys in suits did a little ceremony thingie, with camera crews for all the news programs and then ... WE WERE IN!

We were in, and right back home at the same time... because everything about the store was just like being home again...

From the layout of the store, right down to the never-ending samples people, fantastic bargains... and even just the smell of it all.

We were like kids in a candy store, and even though we ended up getting split up and going different ways, we were constantly tracking each other down, or jumping up and down and waving at each other across the aisles, squealing stuff like:

HEY! They've got Best Foods!

OMG! They've got Monterey Jack Cheese!!

Did you see the Tide?!

LOOK! They have Bounce dryer sheets!

It was heavenly, let me tell ya!
And the bargains? OMG!!!
See, an awful lot of what I spend on food, or buy for around the house, is totally 100% tax-deductible... so I've saved every single grocery receipt, for the last seven years.

I know my prices, and I know a bargain when I see one.
I know what I use on a regular basis, and I know when I'm getting ripped off.

So I've known for years, that the damn duopoly of Coles and Safeway, has been on a mission to not only knowingly rip off the average Aussie consumer, but they've been making bigger and bigger profits for itself - at the expense of the average shopper, every single year.
And do they care?
Elderly pensioners recently got an approximate $40 a fortnight raise, and before the end of the week, grocery prices rose accordingly - leaving the poor pensioners almost right back where they started from - if not slightly worse off..

So when I saw this... knowing what we're currently charged at Safeway and Coles, of course I bought it!

The small Best Foods mayo on the left is 295 grams, which = 10.405 818 775 ounces...And for that, just last month, I paid $5.45... 52 cents an an ounce - give or take.

The large one on the right is 2 quarts, or 64 fluid ounces /1.9liters.... And for that baby, I paid a mere $10.29! Which works out to about 16 cents an oz - so quite the little savings, eh? And even if I only used half of it and threw the rest away ( like that would happen, the way we entertain and with the children around) I would still come out way ahead. I do make my own mayo when time allows (Thank you, Marjie!!) but when you've got hungry kids and they want to eat now... it's always good to have supplies on hand... ya know what I mean?

I also bought a heavy duty, rubber backed, carpet/mat for in front of the sign-in cupboard, and I honestly think it was my biggest and cheapest bargain of the day... I paid over $68 for the last one I bought, just a few months back... and the one I bought yesterday - exact same quality, exact same size, and probably the exact same manufacturer, for all I know... I only paid $31.99!LESS than half price!!!

Some of the other goodies I bought...

Bounce sheets, 250 count, $13.99 minus the $4.00 coupon...

Kirklands signature brand coffee... $13.99 for a 3 lb can

18 pack of highlighter pens...$10.99 (based on grocery store prices, I bought 3... and got 14 free!)

Nurofen tablets... 24 count for $3.99

Skippy Peanut Butter... $5.99 (48 oz/3lbs or 1.36kg)

Tide Laundry liquid $36.99, (1.31 gallons/5.2Litre) minus $8.01 with coupon

3 pack of Ritz crackers, $6.29

A huge block of genuine, authentic, oh I've longed for this moment for years, Monterey Jack cheese... for $17.99 (we divided this one several ways!)

Kirklands signature brand of toilet paper, 48 rolls for $29.99

I had a ball... let me tell you! I haven't heard that many American accents in one place, since we were in the States last year... and it was a little mind boggling to realize that there are so many of us in the Melbourne area!

Everyone was so friendly... and we literally got stopped dozens of times, by complete strangers coming up up to us, grabbing something in the cart, and saying stuff like:

"OMG...where did you find this... or that?? Oh look Helen, she's got Tide - and she says it's over on the next aisle! Have you guys checked out the cheeses yet?" It was fantastic!!

I don't like crowds at all.... but yesterday was more like a party, or even a family reunion... With everyone smiling and in a fantastic mood, and everyone laughing and talking to one another!!!

Oh... and The Old Guy and I even made "The Age" last night!!They spelled my name wrong, but who really cares? I got a cart fill of bargains, baby... and did it whilst in the company of good friends. And that's all that counts!!

The Age Article

Excuse me now, but I need to go look at my stuff some more. ;-)


Nancy M. said...

I'm so happy for you! It sounded more like going to a party for you than grocery shopping. I'm glad y'all have somewhere more reasonably priced to shop!

Homestay Mama said...

Ah, isn't it nice how Costco can unite total strangers? You had me smiling from ear to ear while I read your post! And congratulations on making the news! Now you and Ms K should do her little Costco dance for the Costco Manager. You just might end up being in a Costco commercial, too! ;-)

Sherri said...

No Crisco at Costco? :)

Katidids said...

How fun, it did sound like a party! I was so shocked at the prices when we were over there....I like to visit the grocers just to see how things compair....enjoy your haul! Just remember "Don't squeeze the Charmin!"

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Yay! You sound so happy :)
Costco will take ages to get to WA, we don't even have Aldi yet!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got such great bargains (of course Aussie great bargains, not here) how fun, now remember I'll send ya some kool aide packs for the kids if ya want. Will mayo replace crisco?

Bz said...

Had to blow the pic up to get a better gander ... Yummmmm, those cherries, LOVE 'em. And goodness me, you have been "Aussified"- my gawwwwd the size of that Vegemite tub! :-) Okay, then gotta ask ...why all the ball point pens?? Ohhh and I'm a beef jerky nit too- love the stuff, just so darn expensive (at least the good stuff is). Oh, and that cat-hamper-hole thingy doo-hickey, THAT is neat.
One more 'Oh' ...your curtains goes fabulously with the couch.
Okay.... Holy Cow! ... now I'm reading... had just (in a separate place typed my previous comments) .....OMG... the prices you pay!?! I know you are saving .. but lordy, I would have REALLY choked if I knew what you paid before. So glad y'all have more competition now!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I feel like this every time I go to SAM's Club (as we don't have a Costco any where nearby, that I know of) - but during the holidays...Woohoo. LOVE IT

Bummer about the bacon and CRISCO.
I think that I would right to them and ask for it. You never know...they may just get it!

Next time, we want videos of your shopping trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

I am so thrilled for you. Finding a bargain is so hard these days and I have certain things I only buy at Costco too. Enjoy your purchases.....

Robynn's Ravings said...

Yay Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting that you finally got to darken the doors, as it were, and fill up the pantry! I'm so glad for you. I cannot imagine the prices you have had to pay and how you make it. Hopefully, these competitive choices will contribute toward a more stable economy and opportunity for getting things you want.

I was so excited reading this I felt like I was there!!! And congrats on the fame!

Andrea said...

So happy for you that the Costco opened! The enthusiasm in your post is contagious! :) Enjoy! :)

The Wife said...

Woohoo, that's awesome!

Pam said...

I am so happy for you! Your happiness is contagious, I can feel it spreading over the internet!

Marjie said...

Oh, Katie, sounds like the best weekend EVER! Except that you don't seem to have crisco!

Marjie said...

And I went to read the article, which quotes an American expert on Costco, but the foolish TV news didn't have you on!

Sooziebelle said...

Just a great, great blog, bubbling with excitement and joy!! But you know, you should send a copy of this blog post and a picture of those two mayo jars with respective prices to every Woolies and Coles around, pirates!! Or better yet, slap up the pic on their front door.

A couple years ago Neil got a book sent over from the US and the person wrapped it up in a grocery store flyer, and I almost DIED when I saw the prices and how cheap they were compared to what we are paying here. It is scary how we can get used to the exhorbitant prices we pay here in Australia and before long we are just following all the other lemmings off the cliff! I sort of backed off from getting too upset about it as what can ya do? But I do hope, really hope, that Costco will help bring down the prices.

Good on ya!!!

Irene said...

Well done Katie you made the media.........
my word is misfan I guess that fits you.


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