Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm still floatin' on air!

I think somebody needs to slap me... and bring me back down to earth!

One minute, I think I'm doing okay... and then I open the fridge or cupboard and see what's inside...
And the next thing I know, I'm dancin' on air again!
Geez Louise... I haven't been this high since the dippy hippy '70's!!!

Costco costco CostCO... Costco costco CostCO!

And as far as what they had, and what they didn't have goes... well, I just don't know.
It got so crowded after the first hour, that there were parts of the store I never even got to, so they more than likely had an oil/shortening aisle or section, and I just didn't see it!
They may well have had Crisco at Costco, but I didn't get a chance to check everything out as thoroughly as I wanted to.

I know that they didn't have American-style bacon, because I looked and I asked, and I asked some more... but they did have Hormel Bacon bits in the bag... and they did have authentic bagels and a whole slew of different sized Philadelphia cream cheese's to slather on them...

Which is what I had for my birthday breakfast yesterday...
A lovely perfectly toasted Onion bagel with cream cheese, and a cup (okay... well, 4 cups) of Kirkland signature coffee... you know the one.

The one with Juan Valdez and his cute little ass on the front?

That big ol' 3 pound can full of wonderful, wonderful, Colombian coffee beans... hand-picked by Juan Valdez himself...
What a way to start the day!

Geez... I just can't quit thinking about the bargains we got!!!
You know bell peppers, right? (we call 'em capsicums over here) Well, at Safeway, the green ones usually sell for about 3-4 dollars for 2 medium sized ones - and the red and yellow ones can be so expensive that I hardly ever buy them. I just refuse to.

Not that I even shop at Safeway anymore, because I don't...
I've been actively boycotting them for almost 6 months now.
Just on general principles.
I would rather drive a few miles out of my way, rather than put a penny in the greedy bastards pockets.
Not that they miss me at all, but hey, I'm nothing, if not principled.

Even though Maxi Foods may be slightly more expensive on some items, they operate in an open, ethical mannner... and they treat their customers like valued customers... instead of like dirt under their feet.
But enuff about that...

Because on Monday, I snagged a 6 pack bag of mixed bell peppers at Costco - green yellow and red - and decent sized babies to boot... for less than I could pay for a couple of the green ones!
They were $4.99 for six!!!
And zucchini.... 6 medium sized ones for $1.99, which is about one quarter of what I paid a few months back.

So guess who's having ratatouille tonight? Even if mine isn't quite as good as the ratatouille that we had at the restaurant when we went out for dinner with Miz K and Mr R the other night.
Our celebratory " YAY!!! Australia's first Costco opens in the morning!!!!" dinner out.

See, the Old Guy sampled the ratatouille I had ordered,
( He always does that. Passes on something, and then he eats off my plate...grrr!)
and then he quite rudely and stupidly deemed it slightly better than mine...
Which means he's definitely in the dog house now... and he won't be getting any of mine tonight.
Which is fine with me, because I could eat the stuff until the cows come home, and still die a happy woman.
And if he ever disses my cooking again, he'll be the one who dies... of starvation!
Or I'll stab him repeatedly with my fork, while yelling "fork you, you ungrateful, criticizing my cooking, fool you!"

Oh oh OH... and I missed out on picking up some Russian King Crab legs ( I was hoping for Alaskan King Crab legs, but hey... If Sarah Palen can almost see Russia from her kitchen window, that's close enough for me, okay?) and some lobster - Lobster which was less than half the price we would pay for frozen over here!

Yep... we sure missed a lot, and for that reason alone, we're planning on going back before my week-long holiday is over.

Costco Costco CostCO!!!!
(feel free to slap me at any time... okay?)

I know I'm excited and I know I've been grinning from ear to ear all week - But hey...Miz K's face says it ALL...

Oh my goodness... I just LOVE this picture, don't you? It certainly gives new meaning to "Happy Snaps"!!!

(Miz K... thank you for the kind permission to use the pic.)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your peppers Kate, I won't tell you how many green bell peppers I picked in from my would lose your buzzz.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm so glad that this has made your day, week, month....

Keep on doing your happy dance, and the next time you go - CHECK FOR CRISCO AT COSCO!

Reddirt Woman said...

Let me reach out and pat you on the back for having a great day at COSCO. I've never been to one but I hear they are really full of good bargains.


Jan Mader said... had a birthday bagel? Happy Birthday to you!!!! I've missed you!

Robynn's Ravings said...

I'm havin' fun watchin' YOU have fun! Did they have corn?

Gramma 2 Many said...

I love Costco. Do be sure to check for Crisco there. I know here they sell it in huge cans.
You know they do not bag for you, so you may have to take a plain brown bag to carry it out in so no one sees. Do not want anyone to get the wrong idea when they see you with it.

Bz said...

A birthday?!? you had a BIRTHDAY??? ....welllllll, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! I hope the Ole guy did SOMEthing special for you. Well, maybe now you're a little closer in age to the ole guy, so it won't technically be so much "robbin' of the cradle" going on... but, you've got you looks (DESPITE what you say), so on face value, he's STILL robbing it.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Happy Birthday! I did send you an email but you're probably too busy dreaming about costco to be reading emails !!

Hope yesterday was fabulous?

Sherri said...

You paid 4.99 for red bell peppers?! I paid a dollar more for a six pack of red bell peppers. I do pay less for the same size and brand of TP, but maybe it's more there cause your toilets flush backwards haha

Kurichan said...

ok, now---I gave you permission to use the pic before I SAW IT!! Yikes, that is scary...

Re; the ratatouille---Ralph tried to warn Colin of the right answer about how it compared to yours...but Colin just didn't listen, did he???

Oh, well!

Hey--if you are coming back let me know! I plan to go again on Saturday!

Nancy M. said...

It really must have been something if you're still all excited over it!

Marjie said...

That's a funny picture of Miz K right there. And you should do the happy dance just as long as you want!

Sooziebelle said...

Funny you should mention green peppers, as last time I was home in Maine, I picked up a BAG of them, about 20 smallish-sized ones for $1.99 and just couldn't believe it. Anyway, I have not even looked at your previous post yet with your booty all spread out on the couch! How excitement!! LOL.

I just had this really cool idea though (thinking of how you could not locate the Crisco)...we should get the Google Earth folks in to do a regular video scan of the inside of the place so you could just get on the computer and scout everything out ahead of time!! Less hunting, more pouncing!!!

And yeah, GREAT pick of Miz K!!!

And my word verication word for this post is ...cowth!!! STREWTH!

Sounds like I have a lisp, how many cowth do you see over there in yonder paddock?

Homestay Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! You're pretty sly for sneaking that in your post like that! Testing us to see whether we're reading or just skimming, eh?

Tatersmama, you crack me up with your excitement over a simple Costco store! But, hey, I can certainly understand your elation with saving money, and eating foods you've gone without for so long because they're too expensive!

Have fun doing your happy dance and tell Mz. K she looks downright cute in that picture! LOL

Robynn's Ravings said...

Okay, Incarnacion. I was wondering why you seemed allergic to my place. I just saw your comment on Libby's blog and for CORNSSAKE gf, I was THINKING about you and your new Costco adventures and I KNEW you had to be lovin' that food court after all your depravation!! Receive NO MONKEYS on your back from my direction. Party on, Garth!

You MUST know by now, our relationship is not built on food - unless it's corn and toast - but couldn't we just have a salad once in awhile?

I LOVE YOU. Just come over and cheer us on. You don't have to do it. Maybe you could post about it so others who aren't newly Costco-ized might find out about it? And it's perfectly okay if you don't do that either. I will still slip your toast under the door.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Yay for YOU!!! Let's struggle together. We'll eat bugs, and we'll eat grass, and use our hands to wipe our tears.

Irene said...

I thought you were down in Melbourne I came past friday arvo to wish you a happy birthday but you were not home.


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