Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Blob(s) is (are?) taking over my kitchen!

Yes it's true... the starters are both thriving, and I didn't kill the first one after all !!

What I have now, are two containers of infant starters... and those babies are healthy, happy, and growing like the proverbial weeds... and they're threatening to take over the kitchen!
Which wouldn't be half bad, if they would do the dishes or even whip up a simple meal now and then.
I wouldn't complain anyway.

I even had to move the first one into a much larger container last night, because it was beginning to lift the lid on the tiny little container I started out with.
Which is now why I'm so glad that I bought those 2 large tubs of yummy berry and mango yogurt at Costco last week!
The containers are the perfect size, and not only do I not regret buying them, I don't regret eating them either!!
Anything for the cause...

I know that yesterday, I said they smelled like baby sick... but when I smelled them an hour or so later, they had a very distinctive sweet beer-y smell to them.
First thing this morning, I could have sworn that they smelled like a tin of paint, so I'm sure it's just because my nose hadn't woken up yet.
Because when I smelled them later, they just smelled rich and yeasty.
Which is right... right?
Yeasty is what we're going for?

Now... can anyone tell me something?
Are they supposed to be all stringy and gooey when I stir them?


farmlady said...

I don't know anything about yeast. I only tried dried yeast once for a cookie and it didn't work very well.

"Are they supposed to be all stringy and gooey when I stir them?"
I just don't know. Sounds like a bad cold to me.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

They can def. be goopy & stringy when stirred. Yes I know you said gooey, I said gooPy!

I feel a tune coming on.....

STAYING ALIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!! Oh oh oh Staying alive!

Caroline said...

yep, gooey and stringy is normal :) glad to hear they're thriving!

Treehouse Chef said...

Can't wait to see how these blobs turn out. Your going to USA? For a visit or moving? Glad to see you are posting again. Blessings!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Get out the Crisco, cause you're gonna have to grease up some loaf pans. Make sure you take photo's of the finished product!

Homestay Mama said...

You sure are braver than I am, or ever will be, about starting a starter! I have no clue as to how, what, when where or why! :-D

Roslyn said...

I used to have starters but they got out of hand tried to take over my fridge. I made all sorts of things even pancakes with them!


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