Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm thinking out loud here...

I've been feeling like a kid at Christmas, because I'm really starting to "count the sleeps" until we head home!

I've been makin' dozens of lists (and checking 'em twice) stocking up on extra cat food and litter, running off copies of paperwork, counting pennies and putting them aside... and just basically working myself into a state.

I've made notes for the friend who'll be staying here at the house to keep an eye on things for me - as well as feed, and 'love on' the cats.

I've made lists for food shopping while we're over there, as well as lists for new clothes to buy.
And I've got lists for things to see and do..especially since we're taking an Aussie friend over with us, and I want her to have a good time.
I'm gettin' antsy... let me tell ya!

But now... (drum roll please)
On to the thinking out loud part.

There are friends and family I want to catch up with, while we're home in Murphys, and I've gotten definite confirmations from several of them.
But what I also want to do, as far as my bloggy friends are concerned... is issue an "sort-of-semi-open-invitation" to a bit of a barbeque/ picnic/ party thang to be held near home on the 24th of April.

See, what I'm thinking is... Since I'm already gonna be meeting up with, and sharing eats with a few folks on the 24th anyway, I would just looove to meet some of you too, if you can be/will be in the neighborhood.

It won't be fancy, (because let's face it, I'm just about the least fancy person you'll ever meet) but it will be fun.
Just a simple "burgers, potato chips and soda" type of thing, with lots of laughter and yakking... you know what I mean?

But rather than just issue a straight out 'open invitation', and risk gate crashers, ax-murderers or the like, or having complete and total weirdos showing up to eat hamburgers, I'm going to ask you to invite yourselves.
That way, hopefully no one will end up on youtube, or the National news.

See, in order to keep all of us safe, what you'll need to do is send me a comment or an email, saying that you would like to meet up with us on the 24th.
And when you do, I'll contact you back... (that means I'll need your contact details) and I'll then give you the location and stuff.
(Oh... and just to put your mind at rest, it will be in a public place. Never fear. I would never ask any of you to put yourselves in a situation that I wouldn't put myself or my family in.)
How does that sound?

That way, if I know exactly who's coming, we won't have to shoot any weirdos.
My son Josh is a dead shot, and he's never missed a target yet.
The problem is, he won't shoot anything but cans.
But if you show up unannounced or univited, and you're wearing a tin-can costume, you better be prepared for some nasty-a** consequences.
That's all I'm sayin'.

Of course, this "semi-open-you-have-to-contact-me-first-and-get-approval-invitation", is only for those of you blog-world friends who have actually made the effort to make occasional or semi-regular comments on my blog... or for those of you who I actually know in person or through regular contact.
Is that fair enough?

(How the Pioneer Woman invites 8 total strangers around to spend the whole weekend, I'll never know. I would be peein' my pants, I'm telling you!
I guess that Ree's just braver than I am... or maybe some of those drop-dead gorgeous cowboys that keep dropping in, are packin' heat or something... ya think?)

So, let's get this party started!

(Well DUH.. it helps to tell you where we're actually located, doesn't it?)

"Murphys is located in the central Sierra Nevada foothills between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, in Calaveras County, California (see location map). Rich in goldrush history, Murphys today is a vibrant, thriving community of approximately 2,000 residents, alive with art galleries and live theatre, eclectic shops, fine restaurants, charming hotels and B&B's, and a multitude of outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities all just a short drive away."

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Ladybird World Mother said...

Now that I would love to do... but am on the wrong continent... dammit. Have the best time... cant wait to hear all about it. xxxx

Tatersmama said...

Ladybird World Mother... That's why I'm giving you lots of notice! Geez, it would have been grand though, wouldn't it?
*gustily sighs with disappointment*

farmlady said...

I will be there. You know i will.
we'll get in touch. I know where Murphys is but I need directions to the shooting gallery. Sounds like fun!! I put the date on the calendar.

Pam said...

Drat. It's too far away for me!

The Wife said...

Well since you limit the attendance to no weirdos, guess I'm out!

Would love to come but won't be in the CA area. Well, I've never been in the CA area!

Karen Deborah said...

awhhh gawd!!!! I KNOW where it is! I am a born Cali chicka and this is killin me. Cain't make it this time. Have a ball! one of my midgets called me today to flaunt her day at the beach, little stinker. California is just great, your going to have a great trip.

dadgummit farmlady is coming too! pouts* kicks the dog* not really haven't got one.

Nancy M. said...

I would so love to meet you! But, I'm on the other side of the US! I do hope y'all have a fantastic time! I know you will!

Homestay Mama said...

Oh, how I'd love to come! Murphys looks like my kind of town. And I would so love to meet you! But, darn it, I'll be heading in the opposite direction that weekend!! I've already made a commitment for a weekend event up in Mt. Vernon, WA! :-(


Kurichan said...

dang..I will be back in Oz by then...leaving on the 17th...maybe I will have to crash the party early! ;-)

Tatersmama said...

@farmlady, I'll email you the details, okay? And YIPPEE! I can't wait to meet you in person!!
@Pam, Dangit! But I'll be sharing pics, so hopefully you can join the fun that way!
@The Wife, I should have stipulated no "unknown weirdos" then, eh? YOU would be perfectly welcome.. and probably a better drawing card than me, to boot! ;-)
@Karen, You're telling ME that CA is great? Hun, it's us California chicks that make CA such a great place in the first place!
@Nancy, Wellll... we are gonna be in TN for 2 days,(goin' to Graceland) but won't have the time to travel to see you. I sure wish we could though. *sigh*
@Homestay Mama, NEXT time then... okay? I KNEW that I should have given you all more warning!
@Kurichan, we're heading to Memphis on the 14th and returning on the 16th, so if we hang around SF until the next day...? Hmmm? Otherwise, we'll be home - so just give me a call!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Okay. Well. You're gonna have to make an exception for weirdos cause you KNOW I'm gonna be there. Now, the only caveat I have is I get final approval on all the horrid pictures you'll take of me. You get to post ONE picture of me from my best side: the one when I'm heading out the door and it's already shut behind me.

But pictures or no, I HAVE to see you. Even if you are a floosey. You'll recognize me: I'll be the one in the stretchy pants bringing the toast and beans!

Terry said...

Howdy Sweetie
I am so thrilled you get to go visiting !
I sure wish Texas wasn't such a long ways off ,but if it were closer I sure would be there to meet and greet you and welcome you with big hugs and lots of smiles !
So enjoy those who are going to be there ,have the time of your life and take lots and lots of photos to share with us who can't be there !
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Libby's Library said...

Just send me a round trip ticket, and I'll be there with bells on...and I'll help cook and clean up too..and I'll bring Crisco. Lots and lots of Crisco. Tubs of it, and sticks of it, and it baked in cookies and stuff fried in it.

Oh Gosh - wouldn't it be great, if I really could come?

I love you my little stuffed spud:-)


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