Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our get-together next month...

I'm still thinking about our little family and friends and bloggy friends get-together in Murphys next month, (don't forget... it's April 24th!) and man... all the thinking is doin' my head in!
I'm all a dither, and vacillating back and forth as to what to do and where to hold the BBQ...

I was/am planning on doing it at the little Murphys Park, mostly for convenience sake. Simply because the park is pretty well "centrally located", just in case anyone wants to have a little wander around town and check out the sights while we're there.

Need more chips or soda pop?
Just pop over to the grocery store.

Want to dip your tired ol' feet in the creek?
Hey, just walk 20 feet and you're there.

The kids want to play?
Let 'em roam, but you can keep them in sight from just about anywhere.

But then I talked to my son, and told him what I was planning.

And he said: "Mom, (that's what he calls me) why not do it right here at the house?
We have plenty of room, plenty of picnic tables and a barbecue... and the kids can all play right here. And Bec and I would love for you to have your friends here."
And ya know... that sounds great to me too.
Plus, he has a bathroom right there... and at my age, my bladder is just about as old as I am, so having a bathroom handy, pretty much gives that a big tick of approval as far as I'm concerned.

But that's probably because I'm comfortable at home, and I know the place like the back of my hand... and I know my son.
I know him like the back of my hand too, after all these years.
But just because I don't have any worries, doesn't mean that you wouldn't have any worries about going to a strange/unknown place.
Seeing as how some of you don't know either my son or myself at all (or my friend and the Old Guy either, for that matter)... and all that stuff.

Now do me a favor, and check this out:

For a map of Murphys, click HERE... and then scroll to the left until you find Frankie Mine Road (off French Gulch).
It's closer than it looks on the map, and it's just a few minutes from the middle of town.

Or better yet, you can also go to Google Earth if ya have it.

Simply type in "Murphys CA" and go to "street view".

When the map comes up, there will be blue boxes (click the boxes for pics) with points of interest. (Murphys Swimming Hole is in Murphys Park, and the one to the right of it is the park itself. The two pics are pretty much one and the same - only they were taken about 20 feet apart. So at least you can see how small the town is anyway.)

Then, if you look straight to the left of town, you'll see a faint road (French Gulch) leaving town. The 3rd camera over will be 1550 French Gulch, which is just about where my son lives.
Not exactly where he is, but it's in the same general-just-outside-of-town area.

So what to do... what to do... ???

Josh's place... or in town?
You decide.

No, wait!

What about meeting at the park... spending some time there, and then heading home for a proper barbecue later in the day?
By then, you'll realize that I'm not an ax murderer or anything... and after a few hours, I'll know that you aren't either!

Hopefully, anyway.

Now ... hands up again, on who's coming!?!


Pam said...

Oh, I wish I lived on the other side of the world.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

We're having Tris's birthday party on the 24th.... Hope you have a blast!

Homestay Mama said...

If only I could come! I have no fears about you or your son or the Old Guy for that matter. And I see the Robynn is coming. I'd like to be able to meet all of you face to face! But alas! This makes me really sad!


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