Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember my room?

The one that looks vaguely like this?

Well... except that my room has four walls... and it's minus the seagulls and flies of course.
And there's no actual "garbage" in there, but there's plenty of piled-high, run-of-the-mill, I'm too lazy to tidy up the crap stuff in there?

Yep, that one.
My bedroom.
The junk room with a bed in it, room.

Well... I have a friend who is a complete and utter idiot sweetheart, and she's offered to clean/ tidy it for me.

Probably for money, and copious amounts of it to boot... but to tell you the truth, who cares?
Just so long as it's done.

See the thing is, this is the friend who's going to America with me.
And the night before we have to be at the airport, she's staying here for the night since we have to get up way before it's daylight, just to catch the shuttle bus to the airport.

So we've decided to stay up all night, and hopefully, we'll have the bonus of being so damn knackered the next day, that we'll sleep through most of the 14 hour flight.
That's the plan anyway.

And we decided that since we're gonna be staying up all night, we're gonna play the same Nintendo game - Super Mario Brothers, or some such - that we played years and years ago, when her now "big girl" was just a baby.

Now, she had to do some serious searching of her own, to find that old game and console and a couple of controllers that were hidden in the murky depths of her kids rooms.
So she must be getting pretty good at this sorting through crap stuff thing.
(lucky me, eh?)

Anyway, yesterday she showed up with everything we'll need for the "big night", tied up in a plastic bag.

And she says : "I'll just put this in your room, so we'll know where to find it, okay?"
My response?
A resounding "NOOOOOO! We'll never find it again, if you put it in there!!"

Which is when she said, "Don't worry, I'll come around next week and clean your room for you."
Yeah... right.
"No, really. I'll clean the room up for you. I promise."

So we'll just see what we see, eh?

Now contrary to popular opinion, it was actually David Hannum - and not P.T. Barnum who said: "There's a sucker born every minute."

But I just wonder which one of us is the sucker?
Time will tell, I guess...
I'll post pics... I promise.


Homestay Mama said...

My room was like yours before Josh, Bridget and Lacie came to visit. Since that is the only room with a queen sized bed, that was the only room they could stay in, and I was forced to clean it up before they got here! AND, since Josh was going to be doing some repairs in my office, I was forced to clean that room as well! So where did I put all the piles of stuff? In the garage of course!
Oy vey! I need a friend like yours to actually help me throw the stuff away! Or at least organize it. I'm looking forward to your pictures. Maybe they will inspire me!

Kurichan said...

The night before party sounds like a lot of fun!!
And...if the room doesn't get cleaned and you want it to be cleaned, I am more than happy to help---I am weird that way ;-)

Becky said...

I think you will be worn out enough to sleep. A margarita may be in order!

Nancy M. said...

Sounds like a great plan staying up all night before the big trip! I wish I could talk someone into cleaning up my room, lol!

Marjie said...

Good luck. If it's clean, great. If not, well, what's different from now?

Karen Deborah said...

Awh she loves you! Devise a good system of storage so you can stay more organized after you both finish. and there is nothing like throwing stuff away! Big black bags to the good will! I hope ya'll do sleep on the plane! Sounds like it's going to be fun!
I'm too old to stay up all night anymore it makes me feel like a big bad hang over, without drinking anything!

Libby's Library said...

I want to see before and afters...please!
Any can's of Crisco in there?

早餐 said...


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Will she come clean my house? ;-) Have fun on your trip!!! Thoroughly enjoyed this post!!! You are so witty! ~Janine XO

Roslyn said...

Is it tidy yet? And when do you leave for US?

jen1412 said...

With a resounding "NOOOOO" ringing in my ears i opened tatie's bedroom door anyhow...... there's a clean patch of floor so she can make a beeline to her her working so hard i told her i would clean it for her for "NOTHING" but only coz i love her.... with only 19 days to go i better hurry up and do it. only problems is where the hell do i, as for the night before game i will kick her butt like i did all those years ago

Tatersmama said...

Homestay Mama... If your room was anything like mine, I'm pleading with you to share pics. Both before and after! It might give me the gumption to share mine. But then again, maybe not! ;-)
Kurichan... When are you available? LOL!
Becky... I think a whole pitcher of margaritas might be in order... what do you think? ;-)
Nancy... We'll see how my frind does... and maybe she can start a business cleaning rooms for us, eh?
Marjie... You know what? I think I love ya! No, honestly, it HAS to be done, if I ever want to see my closet again! That's why it's in the shape it's in in the first place. The closet got blocked by suitcases, so clothes ended up getting stacked on the floor, and then it just GREW!
Karen Deborah... Yeah, I think she must love me! I plan on throwing heaps and heaps of stuff out, but it all needs to be sorted thru first - and that's the hard part!
Libby... I've seen your pantry, remember? As tidy as you are, I don't want you to see anything! But Crisco? Hey, that might just be the incentive I need! Let's see if there's any Crisco in there!! ;-)
早餐 ... I'm not exactly sure of what you said ( I used bablefish to translate) but it sure looks pretty, anyway!
Sniffles and Smiles... We'll see, once we get over to the US, eh? ;-)
Maybe she can earn some pocket money, and treat me to dinner or something!
Roslyn... Not yet. I'm beginning to think she's putting it off - just like I have! LOL! We leave in another 3 weeks or so, so I guess we still have time to bring the backhoe in! ;-)
Jen1412... See comment reply above. Bilsma rents out backhoes I think. *snort*


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